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This week's top 10: Internet Games!
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EP Independent's Top 10: Internet Games

We have a special treat for you this week! please, take a look at the..

EPI's Top 10: Songs To Lose Your Street Cred!

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2008-09-27 [ladynightengale]: Maybe...

2008-09-27 [DeeJay™]: you know you wiiilll :p

2008-09-27 [ladynightengale]: We will see...

2008-09-29 [ladynightengale]: So I definitely used 'simmer down cabbage' yesterday at Bible study. But so did one of my friends. It was hilarious!!

2008-09-29 [DeeJay™]: haha
i thought you wernt gonna use it, hmm? :p

2008-09-30 [ladynightengale]: I never said that I wouldn't... I simply said, "we will see..."

2008-10-04 [ladynightengale]: So what's on the menu this week for the top 10?

2008-10-04 [DeeJay™]: lol, i have no idea.. x]
but it's bi-weekly, so i gots another week to think about it :3

2008-10-04 [ladynightengale]: Oh! I thought it was every week.. Methinks you should make that more clear in the future^^

2008-10-04 [DeeJay™]: haha i was thinking about that. but i didnt think "we have a special treat for you this bi-weekly" had the same ring to it x]

2008-10-04 [ladynightengale]: Lol that is true.. It does kinda sound of key doesn't it? :P

2008-10-05 [DeeJay™]: haha, just a little x]

2008-10-05 [ladynightengale]: Lol

2008-10-07 [ladynightengale]: So did you think of something for the new top 10 yet? I'm getting really curious..

2008-10-07 [DeeJay™]: i have no idea :\
im sure i'll find something, though ^^

2008-10-07 [ladynightengale]: lol, I'm sure that you will find something but isn't it this week that you're supposed to have it up buddy?

2008-10-07 [DeeJay™]: next week, actually :]
i think O.o

2008-10-07 [ladynightengale]: Hun.. I'm pretty sure that its supposed to be this week. Last week you told me about the every other week thing.

2008-10-07 [DeeJay™]: damnit >_<
well, it can be a three-weekly thing xD

2008-10-08 [ladynightengale]: *gasp!* procrastination is the other deadly sins that we don't talk about, lol!!
Get a move on Matthew!!
If you need help, I'd be glad to be of assistance^^

::EDIT:: Wouldn't it be 'tri-weekly' not 'three-weekly'?

2008-10-18 [ladynightengale]: So... still no new top ten I see... I think it could be something to do with procrastination... what do you think Matthew?

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