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If you are a Vegetarian or Vegan, feel free to join.
If you currently aren't a vegan or vegetarian but are planning to become one or are just an animal lover and respect the choice a vegetarian or vegan has made, you may join, just please note that after your name on the members list.

If you are not.. check this out, and maybe you'll change your mind.

Go Vegetarian!

It's never too late!!

Feel free to use one on your page.


[Master Of Duct Tape]
[~*~American Honey~*~]
[Love like Winter.]
[chicken breast to the iron]
[~*~Anna~*~] - vegan!!
[school yard hero.]
[the very hurt you sold.]
[Love . Riot] -very new veg, enjoying it!! =]

I am asking you please do not come on here just to say how you like meat, and how you know it's good for you, blah, blah, because it's a waste of yours and our time. You will argue, but so will we, and we will win. Respect our views, do not challenge us.




A NOTE FROM [Master Of Duct Tape]

If you arent vegetarian or vegan yet, it's never too late.

People think it's hard to become vegetarian, but with a little willpower, it really is easy.

It may seem difficult, but if you really like meat that much, there are so many subsitutes that taste extremely similar. My mom wasn't a huge fan of me becoming vegetarian, but she's tried to support me a little at least. 

Occasionally, instead of making me making a meal for myself while the rest of my family eats meat, my mom will buy the substitues and work them into her recipies.
My brother loves bicuits and gravy (I know, so unhealthy) but we bought imitation sausage crumbles (I think by Morningstar Farms) and it tasted AMAZING. I loved it so much.  I make Hamburger Helper with "Smart Ground" and don't get me started on Chik'N nuggets!!! they're so yummy!

Boca burgers, as well, are also very good, just like morningstar farm's veggie burgers. The veggie bites by morningstar farms are great as well. 

yeah, there are some things by boca and such that I find disgusting (I think "smart dogs" are horrid) but you just have to try it all out and find somehing you like (and trust me, there's SOMETHING out there that you'll like)

Also, instead of finding substitutes for meat, think of a nation that has a vary large vegetarian population such as India or China. Good Indian or Chinese food takeout is cheap and really really tasty if you go to the right place. Or you can go to an Indian or Chinese Grocery store and learn how to cook it! hope that gave you some ideas. =]

and remember, you don't HAVE to go with soy substitutes, you can make a really good "burger" by replacing the meat with portebella mushrooms. just a thought. portebella mushrooms are also really good just thrown on the grill!


Cute Animal Photos:

How could you eat these little guys?






How could you test on these little guys?



MORE TO COME!! Feel free to contribute as you wish!

Also Visit:
Viva Vegetarianism!

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2007-12-27 [school yard hero.]: Lol.

2007-12-27 [Love like Winter.]: I'll have been vegi for 3 years on the 29th. Two more days hehe ^_^

2007-12-27 [school yard hero.]: Cool!

2008-01-03 [Master Of Duct Tape]: wow. mucho kudos!  it was 6 months for me on the 23rd

2008-01-04 [the very hurt you sold.]: sweeeetness.

2008-02-16 [WHIPSTICKAGOSTOP]: I've been a veggie all my life...I've tried meat but I don't like the thought of eating it..or the taste.
About thanksgiving? I'm from England so I don't know alot about that but I guess you need a big fancy meal kinda like christmas?
Well I really like making veggie lasagne with roast potatoes and xmas veg, it's really good. Instead of meat I use veggie mince and all you need to do is heat it up. It's delish. xD
How come all of you went veggie in the first place?

2008-02-18 [Hallow Roads]: I'm really turning away from meat such as pig meat and cow meat. But jesus fed people fish so I will stop eating meat except fish..o_O

2008-02-20 [Master Of Duct Tape]: Heartcore- I just was tired of faking being okay with it. My parents made me eat meat when i was growing up and I finally just said i'm done with it- no more meat, it's sick

2008-02-20 [WHIPSTICKAGOSTOP]: yeah. It's a bit has blodd n shit in it. It's corpse lmao. Well that's what i think xD haha I'm prolly wrong but it feels liek that when i see people eat it

2008-02-20 [Master Of Duct Tape]: yeah, It took awhile for it to seriously set in, but it's been 9months now and I get sick smelling or seeing meat. ick

2008-02-20 [~*~American Honey~*~]: hey i totally agree with [Master Of Duct Tape] lol... it did take a while but after a year or so you can't stand the smell of the meat EWWW!!!

2008-02-21 [WHIPSTICKAGOSTOP]: really?
I kinda like the smell of bacon....*thinks about it*
sometimes i kinda want a bite of my brothers sandwich...but then i's like corpse...*tilts head* so I don't ^_^

2008-02-22 [elemnopeee]: ohh goshh. i absolutly LOVE the smell of bacon :]

2008-02-24 [chugnut]: Meat just doesn't appeal to me either. It doesn't smell bad, but before I went vegetarian, the smell of meat would make my mouth water.

2008-03-07 [Still Waiting]: how do you join this page???

2008-03-11 [Master Of Duct Tape]: i can add you or yourself =]

2008-05-27 [Love . Riot]: Well, to answer the question why...
It hurt my tummy.
I don't like what happens to the animals so I'm not going to support it by buying the product.
Plus, they're so cute!!

2008-06-04 [Master Of Duct Tape]: thanks for joining!

My 1-year being veg is coming up on June 23, pretty cool :)

2008-06-04 [WHIPSTICKAGOSTOP]: Awesome, well done for youuuu!
Must be hard going cold turkey from meat? :P

2008-06-13 [Master Of Duct Tape]: nope. it was actually really easy. I dont even think about it.

2008-06-24 [Master Of Duct Tape]: Yep. One year today :)

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