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2009-08-02 00:12:58
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Requests Page

Welcome to the Elfpack House Accessories Requests Page.

Don't like any page dividers or images I've created?
Then, just send me a request of what you want, and I'll try my best to meet your needs.
I can also personalize banners and page dividers. :)
So, tell me what you'd like to have via wiki comments, and I'll get right on it!

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2009-08-03 [d o n e]: I'm not sure if it's a 'request' or a 'suggest' but it'd be pretty rad if you also made dividers for Wiki pages as well. (As in the different shade of gray there is compared to what's on the EP house) :'D I'm sure they'd be useful!

2009-08-03 [KillChasityDead]: :)
I didn't even think of that!
Thank you, Ali.
Will do!

2009-08-03 [d o n e]: You're welcome Chas! <3 :D

2009-08-12 [cheater]: you should get some diamond and octopus images!

2009-08-13 [KillChasityDead]: :)
I'll get to work on that right now.

2009-08-13 [Jason K]: i think some guy dividers would be cool please =)

2009-08-13 [KillChasityDead]: Haha.
I'll get on that too.
What kind of things are you into?

2009-08-14 [Jason K]: umm war and shit and a dude that looks high ahah

2009-08-14 [KillChasityDead]: Hmm, well find me a picture and I'll try my best, yeah?

2009-08-14 [Jason K]: ok

2009-08-14 [KillChasityDead]: :)

2009-08-15 [d o n e]: Maybe stuffs like grenades or bombs?
Or cool little army trucks? And bob wire? >,>;

2009-08-15 [KillChasityDead]: Haha.
I was like "I'm not a boy. D: I don't know what they likeee! D:"

2009-08-15 [d o n e]: Well, as you can see. I am all man. ;DD

rofl jk
you're welcome! <333

2009-08-15 [KillChasityDead]: Hahaha.
Ohhhh Ali.
How I love you so.

2009-08-15 [d o n e]: rofl, right back at cha girlfrann. xD; -fails-

ohh any btw, I've been working on new cosplay and I'ma need you to do a photoshoot for me, and possibly add in Jade too. (Together, with the same series n'such)
it's not til later tho, me. <<;' I'll pay ;D

2009-08-15 [KillChasityDead]: Haha.
You don't have to pay.
And I wouldn't mind to.
It just depends on if i get my camera fixed or not.
Unless I can use yours.
So you wouldn't have to pay me if you let me use your camera.
Would you care if i used it for nikis pictures too?
because i really need to do those.

allison sat on my camera and it broke so now the lense wont pop out.
i need to get it fixed.

2009-08-15 [d o n e]: Dude notta problem! You can use mine!
I'd still pay you, cause you edit them n'all as well and I know that takes time, so I'll pay you!
And it'll have to be on a day off of mine, most likely a Tuesday or Sunday xD;

and I know, Niki'll be due soon! I'll text her today and ask her about the pictures. And if you do them before I'm not back she or mom has a camera for you to use!

rofl punch Allison D:< jkjk!

2009-08-16 [KillChasityDead]: Awh.
No need to pay me, really.
We've been over this before.
You gave me gas money those 2 times.
So, you're good for life.

And a Tuesday or Sunday is fine with me.

And I know!! I can't wait to see the little guy.
I bet he's going to be adorable!

And I hope she doesn't think that I have forgotten about those pictures, because I haven't.
It's just I haven't driven my car but 1 time in the past 4 weeks, and I'm afraid to because of my dead tag and license.

If she could pick me up or mom could take me, I can do it as soon as possible. :)

And I really wanted to punch the crap out of her that day!

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