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Elfpack Singles

This Wiki is for guys who are looking for girlfriends or girls who are looking for boyfriends



2)This wiki is not homophobic and there for open to EVERYONE
3)This wiki is for friendly people looking for an honest relationship
4)Don't remove other peoples names
5)Please put your name under the right catagory


[deletedguy2006] Owner/Fun Loving (Married, DON"T MOVE MY NAME)  Dave's Bio
[dogbad fun]
[Dorkmuncher] Fun  David's Bio
[Lord of your demise69] Honest and Fun   Marshall's Bio
[chick_magnet4960] Honest and Easy Going   Brian's Bio 
[*~*the emo prince*~*] (No Comment)   Matthew's Bio    
[The One]Honest, willing to talk, fun to talk to  Craig's bio
[The Great Shagnasty] Your average lovable guy, honest and sweet and really fun to talk to  Braedon's Bio
[crazzymanout]cool to talk to   Gus's bio
[Guardian Devil22]   Casey's Bio
[Odin] mr nice guy. no, imean it   scott's bio
[R_A_B_B_I_T;;]...Talen's Bio <- - Taken :D
[kelvinyc]...if only...
[B1ackE1mo] - talk to me and get to know me chances r u'll like me


[Vampyr Kisses] Cutie  Nikki's Bio
[Happy happy] Flirty   Lindsey's Bio
[Ethereal Blue] Loving   Kyoko's Bio
[ad astra] Crazy and Fun   Courtney's Bio
[berbear ice cold1384] independant and lovefilled   Ber's Bio
[redneck_chick] Horny lil fucka   Blayke's Bio
[Yummy girl] Fun, Honest and a Lil' Crazy   Katie's Bio
[country69xoxo]I need to be loved   Nicky's Bio
[blueplayboytiger] Loveable Samantha's Bio
[mtngirl] I'll take anyone who is hott, or at least nice. ;)   Rachel's Bio
[I'M DONE WITH THIS SITE] I luv a guy with muscles, a sense of humor, and is nice.   Tia's bio
[It takes a disaster to learn a lesson]i want a guy that is smart and will love me 4 who i am   Stephany's bio
[tears of blood]i want a guy that knos how to treat a gal and wont be a dog   Maci's bio
[x shez x] i want a guy that will keep me warm in winter and treat me right   Sheryl's bio
[footie chick]  want a guy that will look afta me nd be there wen i need um
[Angel_cheeks] hey i like rockers and hot guys Angel's Bio
[Finding Myself18] independent and trustworthy   Felishas bio
[sexy-slut] single, trustworth, flirty, horny, good listener.   Tina's bio
[x-x- Disaster -x-x in the dark] fun, loveable and krazy loves emo boys
[Lissa] Not really looking, just wishing.   Lissa's Bio
[goldie] Looking, dreaming, wishing...
[Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♫Im a poptartƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♫]Outgoing. has a big heart to give. i want true honest i dont lie.i want someone to love me for me <3 andill love u right back
[tears of blood]outgoing loving and im a really sweet person looking for a sweet "real" guy who doesnt cheat.if thats you message me


Inform me when you fall under this catagory or do it ur self but remeber to move you name from single to couple
[silver orrange]+[Brit_22]
[R_A_B_B_I_T;;] + [ILY;;]

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2007-07-16 [berbear ice cold1384]: Just the usual... bored

2007-07-24 [silver orrange]: lol

2007-12-27 [deletedguy2006]: I am here for little while, i hope everyone is doing good, (owner, Dave)

2008-01-02 [deletedguy2006]: I am back from the Gulf. The tour took 6 months and i got back 2 days before Christmas. Everything is going good, and i hope everyone is having a happy holiday

2008-01-28 [THE CRIP FATHER]: how do u put ur name on diz damn list

2008-01-28 [goldie]: Click on edit page and scroll down to add your name.

2008-03-22 [Box]: ohhh this is exiting!

2008-03-22 [itweetinHEELS]: not really/

2008-04-22 [berbear ice cold1384]: haha yeah not really

2008-04-22 [itweetinHEELS]: -sighs-

2008-05-15 [goldie]: Lol.

Yeh that's basically all i can think of to say.

2008-05-23 [deletedguy2006]: I just moved to arkansas how is everyone doing?  im still in the military

2008-05-31 [tears of blood]: can i join?

2008-06-06 [deletedguy2006]: sure add your self

2008-09-28 [aditpoddar]: hello to all those single gurls who r in hunt of a lover. so is anyone interested in talking to me??

2009-01-16 [deletedguy2006]: i will talk to you, how ever i am not a girl or single

2010-03-16 [-Steffyxxo;]: Lol, hello

2010-03-16 [-Steffyxxo;]: Erm How do you add your self?

2010-03-16 [Mr. smiley bastard]: can i join?

2010-04-16 [Odin]: i want in too lol

2010-04-19 [Mr. smiley bastard]: im not in the mood for hunting, i wanna be single until i die

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