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The current Elfpack Logo was made by [Tylord].
It can be seen in the upper left corner of all screens, above the side border.

As of now, we have not yet had any previous logos, but once we change the logo old logo's and their creators will be archived here.

Elfpack will change its logo from time to time by choosing among user-submitted content. Users who have their logo's chosen for use, will receive the ability to use donor colors in their house, and have the 10-image restriction in their description removed.


If you've created a logo, submit it on

Elfpack Logo Submissions


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2004-10-16 [Sheona]: It's not that difficult. Once you've made your logo, come here and click the edit button just above the comments box. Also take a look at The wiki_intro :)

2004-10-16 [randomnicity]: :/ I posted one, not sure if Im allowed to, but if I shouldnt have, please take it away :/ It's not very good, I might do something better a lil later. (That green thing is some random cartoon fantasy character :P)

2004-10-16 [De'ladrei]: *cries* i cant get my iamges to appear with the code! i cant get the codes to work on here

2004-10-16 [1st Font]: <img:URL>

2004-10-16 [De'ladrei]: i been trying that but i cant get it to appear.

2004-10-16 [De'ladrei]: ahh amazing got it to work at last, stupid missing number!!

2004-10-16 [randomnicity]: is it ok to submit two logos?

2004-10-16 [De'ladrei]: no idea, i think it is, aslong as you put it next to your other one

2004-10-16 [Sunrose]: Submit as many as you like ^^ . Of course the ones you submit should be good ones...not just any logo...*wink*

2004-10-16 [Sheona]: I love your logo, [De'ladrei]!

2004-10-17 [Mildred Hubble]: So do I! Great job, [De'ladrei]. :)

2004-10-17 [alexs_lover]: I like [De'ladrei]'s of all of them

2004-10-17 [alexs_lover]: and [Sheona]'s is good also

2004-10-19 [~Mysterious Wonderer~]: Dudes I'm new to this place.....what's the point of it? Elftown but...not?

2004-10-19 [joe64]: yes its elftown but with less rules you can do almost n e thing just chel [Hedda] for the general idea^^

2004-10-19 [De'ladrei]: oh thanks guys! but i have to say i like [Sheona]'s best lol

2004-10-19 [joe64]: yeah me too^^

2004-10-19 [De'ladrei]: ahhh Joe!! last time i spoke to you you were on et academy with your gaming class

2004-10-19 [joe64]: yes^^ iwish i was still there^^

2004-10-19 [De'ladrei]: me too! its not as funny anymore!

2004-10-19 [joe64]: whats not so funny elftown? i bet... well many people know the wiki to try and get me bak its save joe64@wiki on elfotnw go there sign up and then show the page to the mayor^^

2004-10-19 [1st Font]: You didn't obey the rules there and you were given a lot of chances... i really doubt anything done will get you back on. 

2004-10-19 [joe64]: i know but i can allways hope and it realy was an accident! well most of the pics were i just didnt know most of them were copyrighted

2004-10-19 [De'ladrei]: thats true, that campaigns been going on for ages now.

2004-10-19 [joe64]: still goign? even when my friend who ran it got banned? :: remeber him?

2004-10-19 [De'ladrei]: dunno ill go chek

2004-10-19 [1st Font]: All images are copyrighted to the owner upon creation, it just depends if the owner allows others to use them or not.

2004-10-19 [joe64]: sorry i didnt reraly understand that you couldnt have anything atl all in your house thats not yours, sorry :(

2004-10-19 [1st Font]: well EP is a second chance :P have fun

2004-10-19 [joe64]: ^^ thanx

2004-10-19 [De'ladrei]: yay for second chances

2004-10-19 [joe64]: ^^

2004-11-12 [DenDen]: I hope you guys like this logo I made it took me a lonoooong time o.o

2004-11-12 [1st Font]: mmm sexible

2004-11-12 [De'ladrei]: wow thats bloody amazing!

2004-11-12 [DenDen]: Thank You :D!!!!

2004-11-12 [De'ladrei]: you are very much welcome my dear, very much welcome indeed

2004-11-12 [De'ladrei]: im not surprised it took you a long time, id have been at if for YEARS trying to make it look like that lol

2004-11-12 [DenDen]: lol I love photoshop much much much! But it is hard making pictures like that takes me a good 30 or 40 mintues

2004-11-12 [De'ladrei]: photoshops amazing ^_^ when i can get it to work lol *has a crappy computer* are kidding? thats ALL?

2004-11-12 [fbwh8fh8w4]: arggg me maties wot be up 'ere then

2004-11-12 [De'ladrei]: other than being invaded by pirates? lol

2004-11-14 [De'ladrei]: can we submit more than one?

2004-11-14 [Sunrose]: yes.. :)

2004-11-14 [De'ladrei]: wayhay, otherwise by little logos would have went to waste. i had a night of insomnia last night so i just made lots of graphics at random lol

2004-11-14 [De'ladrei]: i have another but im not sure if it would be allowed. the graphic being used was given to me by a friend who says the image isnt copyrighted but i cant find any actual proof of that...hmm

2004-11-14 [De'ladrei]: tell you what ill stick it here and if its agiasnt the uploading art rules tell me and ill get rid of it its just a shame if it is cuz i rather like this one lol <img:>

2004-11-14 [Sunrose]: Where did the image come from?

2004-11-14 [De'ladrei]: one of my friends from college sent me it the other day. so i dont know hence why i thought id ask before i posted it officially sort of thing, jackie (my friend) says the image was a freebie thing on a website

2004-11-14 [Sunrose]:'s probably copyrighted and therefore against the rules :/

2004-11-14 [De'ladrei]: bugger...oh well *takes it down and out of her image history* shame, i liked that one

2004-11-14 [1st Font]:

JOIN #elfpack on azzurra network for live sex

2004-11-14 [De'ladrei]: wtf?

2004-11-15 [DenDen]: [De'ladrei] makes good logos :) I think she's my other half :O

2004-11-16 [EmJ Taylor]: I like the one submitted by [De'ladrei]; the smaller one. 

2004-11-16 [De'ladrei]: thank you ^_^, i have quite a few actually lol, but i dont want to completely bombard the place. hehe maybe i am HaL0V1xx3n, you never know

2004-11-16 [DenDen]: :o U could be!

2004-11-16 [De'ladrei]: anything is possible i supose

2004-11-17 [DenDen]: :o new picture by meh!

2004-11-18 [De'ladrei]: ooh i like that one !

2004-11-18 [DenDen]: ehehe why thank yo uma lady :D

2004-11-18 [De'ladrei]: you are more than welcome ^^

2004-11-18 [De'ladrei]: i really like your work i realy really do, just thought id tell you that ^.^

2004-11-18 [DenDen]: aww thanks I like urs to!!!! *hoog*

2004-11-19 [De'ladrei]: *hugs* yours are so prettyfull, itd take me forever to do somethink like that

2004-11-19 [DenDen]: ehehe I kinda start on them then I just decide Im gonna make em a logo :D cause i looves elfpack so murch!!!!!!!! I like ur logos to their like 3d lookin o.o <3!!

2004-11-19 [De'ladrei]: i just like making pretty things lol! thank you! thats cuz i use a 3d tool thingamajig lol

2004-11-19 [DenDen]: ehehe Im gonna see if I can make a elfpack gif and if they'll let me put it up :o

2004-11-19 [De'ladrei]: yay go for it!

2004-11-20 [EmJ Taylor]: WOW. I LOVE THE RUN WITH THE PACK ONE.

2004-11-21 [De'ladrei]: eee! thank you ^_^

2004-11-30 [You deserve each tear that falls.]: rawr!!!!! *turns around and runs*

2004-11-30 [De'ladrei]: random

2004-12-01 [Sunrose]: at least make it an amusing random!

2004-12-01 [De'ladrei]: exactly, that was just "random" random

2004-12-05 [De'ladrei]: *haunts*

2004-12-06 [De'ladrei]: ooh that ones cool!

2004-12-06 [Alexander The Great]: mmm?

2004-12-07 [De'ladrei]: your banner is very cool, i like it

2004-12-07 [Alexander The Great]: ohh thanks i'm trying to make the quality better...

2004-12-08 [De'ladrei]: looks good to me as it is just now ^_^

2004-12-08 [Alexander The Great]: Ohh thanks ^.^ I like the 2 one by [DenDen] it seems to suit elfpack lol

2004-12-08 [De'ladrei]: all of [DenDen]s work is spiffy lol

2004-12-15 [DenDen]: HUH?!?!?!?!?!?! o_O whatd i do *hides* ?

2004-12-15 [De'ladrei]: lol nothing except your wonderful work :P

2004-12-15 [sotalean]: O.o must try this!

2004-12-16 [De'ladrei]: aahh my thing is the logo on the

2004-12-16 [Alexander The Great]: Congadulations!

2004-12-18 [De'ladrei]: thank you!!

2004-12-25 [DenDen]: congrats [De'ladrei]

2004-12-25 [De'ladrei]: thank you [DenDen] ^_^

2004-12-25 [DenDen]: *nods*

2004-12-25 [De'ladrei]: :D

2004-12-25 [DenDen]: merry christmas ladie

2004-12-25 [De'ladrei]: you too ^_^ hope you had/have a good christmas

2004-12-31 [MarieFair]: whee...I might put in something...these are really cool!!

2004-12-31 [De'ladrei]: ooh very nice

2004-12-31 [MarieFair]: thankies, I've decided to put in one more while I had the chance!^_^

2004-12-31 [De'ladrei]: who that ones amazing

2004-12-31 [MarieFair]: ^_^, glad you like. I did it on photoshop a while back.

2004-12-31 [De'ladrei]: its really good

2004-12-31 [MarieFair]: *turns red* lol

2004-12-31 [De'ladrei]: lol dont be embarased its really good and credit deserves to be given where its due

2005-01-01 [MarieFair]: awww...thankies.^_^

2005-01-02 [EmJ Taylor]: WOW. DARKMISTRESS. I like the last one of yours.

2005-01-02 [MarieFair]: thankyou...^_^!

2005-01-03 [1st Font]: I like the second, although with the font it looks like Elfpark.

2005-01-03 [MarieFair]: yeah it does hugh....sorry. Its actually a 'c'.

2005-01-06 [Sunrose]: Add entries at Front Page Image Contest :)

2005-01-06 [De'ladrei]: ok sure thing sunrose ^_^

2005-02-03 [bigdivo61]: hi all

2005-02-20 [Ajsinnott]: can you put your own here?

2005-02-23 [DenDen]: FWACK!

2005-03-01 [thehottie16]: go to my home

2005-03-01 [DenDen]: PIMPNESSS O.O

2005-03-03 [jun]: hello

2005-03-09 [~*spawn*~]: Should there be an apostrophe in "Logos"?

2005-03-09 [1st Font]: no

2005-03-09 [~*spawn*~]: thought not :oP

2005-03-11 [Peachirach]: hello I don't know how to contact the guards i have had someone be mean to me and i don't know what to do

2005-03-12 [~*spawn*~]: go to their house and click on "report to guards". simple as that

2005-03-24 [kirbi]: will lk them

2005-04-25 [Dark-Hunter]: wow............... why dont we use some of the more unique symbols for ep such as 1ns submited by [4t45g56h56h] or [DenDen]

2005-04-25 [Dark-Hunter]: dont get me wrong but that small outline of a kangaroo kinda makes ep too plain.

2005-05-07 [shardae le fae]: OMG!! I DISAPEERED!

2005-05-18 [Kam_05!]: ORITE SADOS!!!!!

2005-05-18 [DenDen]: mine is very crappy and it doesn't match the background of ep >_< but I intend to make more :D

2005-05-22 [sweetie31]: on these pics of elf pack can we use them on our pages

2005-05-22 [sweetie31]: how do i change my background on here

2005-05-22 [DenDen]: probably not the wiki was for the entrance logo but I don't know ask [De'ladrei] or [Sunrose]

2005-05-29 [WOAHH]: i love........................... no one

2005-07-18 [Lisa loves Mark]: aryt ppl

2005-07-23 [Cereberus 09]: helo

2005-08-19 [DrKWind]: o shitttt

2005-08-19 [De'ladrei]: ...ask me what? o.O

2005-08-31 [Dr.Who]: to bad we cant change the background color of our houses.8P

2005-09-03 [sugarbaby]: i figured that we could on ur change personal data but i guess i was wrong

2005-09-20 [GoMouah]: ...

2005-09-23 [sugarbaby]: i thought that u could change the bakground like u could on elftown...u should go there by the way!!...but i guess that u cant

2005-09-24 [Hedda]: [that one guy] just didn't work and was done in the wrong place so I just removed it.

2005-10-02 [element!!!]: hey sup!!!

2005-10-05 [Thads]: Why does Elfpack have like an aussie theme to it, when the people running it arent aussie?

2005-10-05 [De'ladrei]: Because Britain used to send all of its convicts to Austrailia. Elftown is like Britain, and Elfpack is its Austrailia, Elfpack was meant for those who got chucked off of elftown for failure to abide by the rules.

2005-10-05 [Thads]: Does that mean the guards and creators of elfpack listen to elftown, (going back to your example... Australia was governed by the british for a while... ) so does that mean the same rules apply here as they do on elftown?

2005-10-05 [De'ladrei]: to an extent, the rules on here are slightly more lax that that of et, but yes, they are failry similar. and we do not take orders from et guards, but the fact that most of the people on here are guards on there and are either running the place or are guards themselves makes it all fairly similar

2005-10-06 [Thads]: But on the welcome sign its elpack for those who are tired of elftown guards telling them what to do... this is confusing... ARGH!... hmmm SO if people get banned from Elftown, will they get banned from here?

2005-10-06 [De'ladrei]: Eh well its also a place for those people as well. But yes, you can get banned from here, it takes a little bit more bad behavoir than on et, but you can get banned, but it is not limited to those who have been banned from elftown.

2005-10-06 [Thads]: OH phew.. well dont worry.. im all good mate heheh

2005-10-06 [De'ladrei]: hehe glad to hear it ;)

2005-11-10 [EmO GuRl]: hey ppl

2005-11-15 [Thads]: Gday

2005-11-17 [EmO GuRl]: kolio howz you

2005-12-10 [Dark Lord]: wuts up ppl!

2005-12-12 [EmO GuRl]: not much reli you?

2005-12-16 [Nessa]: These are great,I want to post them to advertise the site....can I?

2005-12-17 [EmO GuRl]: .........

2006-01-20 [Mental Terrorist]: *wish i knew how to make one, or has photoshop*

2006-03-25 [X2]: no 88*31?

2006-04-04 [DenDen]: I like [Monster masher]'s logo!

2006-04-04 [tears of blood]: me too its awesome and better than the 1 we have now

2006-04-07 [Monster Master]: i can make a better one.... but i don't think Elfpack wants anything to fancy..

2006-04-08 [X2]: its bit to hightech... would make a great revolotion logo...

2006-04-20 [Yvonniaaah]: I'm gonna make one too! just for fun!

2006-04-30 [Opal]: hm. I like [Monster Master]'s too.

2006-05-07 [elementkid3605]: hey ppl, whats up

2006-05-07 [Sweetie#1]: nothin much, and yourself?

2006-05-13 [Hedda]: Please don't inline images from other sites here, because then this page will be broken when the images are removed from that site. Ask [Hedda] if you need to upload an image directly to the wiki-page (instead of getting is resized by uploading it to your house). You can also upload it by using the button on top of your house where it says "Upload a folder of images" and it will not be resized.

2006-05-13 [Yvonniaaah]: what does that mean?

2006-05-13 [kittykittykitty]: it means if you are to submit some graphics here, make sure you upload it using a wiki. You need to be given a permission to do so, but ask and the privs will be granted :) Or try using the button that says 'upload a folder of images'. Some images might be resized if you upload them to your house than to somewhere else (like photobucket)

2006-05-13 [Yvonniaaah]: ok....

2006-06-08 [kittykittykitty]: [SarahToxic™] can't you read the last few comments..?

2006-06-08 [SarahToxic™]: wtf

2006-06-08 [kittykittykitty]: *sigh* if you are to submit some graphics here, make sure you upload it using a wiki. You need to be given a permission to do so, but ask and the privs will be granted :) Or try using the button that says 'upload a folder of images'. Some images might be resized if you upload them to your house so it's best to do it this way, but it's better to upload them to your house than to somewhere else (like photobucket)

2006-06-08 [SarahToxic™]: ?

2006-06-08 [kittykittykitty]: Are you reading my comments? How about I do it for you? It would mean less effort than trying to explain

2006-06-08 [SarahToxic™]: eh. its not worth it.

2006-06-08 [kittykittykitty]: Too late, I uploaded it already :P

2006-06-08 [SarahToxic™]: okay. thankyou.

2006-07-14 [i luv u all]: hio

2006-08-16 [DC]: Cheeky ;)

2006-08-21 [Sweetie#1]: sup ppl? :P

2006-09-06 [sobuggoo2000]: hey guys

2006-09-09 [sobuggoo2000]: hi peps

2006-10-29 [Enneigard Rebirth]: how the fuck did i get here!? i was just on the flyleaf wiki & all of the sudden i was redirected...

2006-11-01 [Kiss the Dark]: XDDDDD

2006-11-01 [Enneigard Rebirth]: again....i was on the anything rp and i got redirected this purgatory or something?

2007-01-26 [ღ☆BeL☆ღ]: <img:mood-gif.gif><img:mood-gif.gif><img:mood-gif.gif><img:mood-gif.gif><img:mood-gif.gif><img:mood-gif.gif><img:mood-gif.gif><img:mood-gif.gif><img:mood-gif.gif><img:mood-gif.gif>

2007-01-31 [kittykittykitty]: ER: every time you click that little kangaroo picture on the top left of each screen you are sent here. Maybe you were pressing it by mistake :P

And I know that it was a late answer but it's better than none at all... this wiki needs some sensible comments every now and then ;D

2007-02-01 [Enneigard Rebirth]: yesh.

2007-05-16 [truck10speed]: hello people

2007-08-31 [Enneigard Rebirth]: hello truck driver dude.

2009-01-14 [poopbucket]: what would happened if i commented this wiki?
no one has in ages. O.O

2009-01-19 [Hedda]: It's not a wiki made for comments really...

2009-01-19 [poopbucket]: it isn't? i saw
other people did so
i did out of curiousity.

2009-01-19 [Hedda]: It's Elfpack... Everyone is commenting everywhere... <img:zabuN-gif.gif>

2009-02-15 [Wolf56]: <img500*0:stuff/aj/43631/1234683191.jpg>

2009-02-15 [Hedda]: Oh! Fancy!

2014-06-28 [caxjoe]: Waagwan

2014-07-24 [Stephen]: Waawaaga?

2020-03-05 [Wolf_Man]: Well it's weird being back here but good too

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