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2009-01-07 00:29:48
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A place to express yourself.

no need to ask before joining, or to post anything, go ahead and do it ^_^

if there is a type of art which has not had a wiki for it, message [Boomnesss] and it shall be done

Expressions: Animal Art

Expressions: Animation

Expressions: Anime

Expressions: Doodles

Expressions: Fan Art

Expressions: Image Editing

Expressions: The Lounge

Expressions: Painting

Expressions: Photography

Expressions: Poetry

Expressions: Realistic

Expressions: Short Stories

Expressions: Still Life






[Looni Commanda]

[Silverline]The Resident Poet^^


[La Fleur de La Croix]


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2008-12-20 [Byezzzzzzzzz]: Lol.

2008-12-20 [garbageman82]: ^_^

2008-12-20 [Byezzzzzzzzz]: ^.^

2008-12-20 [Boomnesss]: oooooo!!!!!!!!!!! I embarrassed Kristena so much at walmart today XD

I was really hyper and rating the guys we walked past
and I walked past these 2 Japanese guys four times
purposely XD

t'was funny

and for those who dont know what I mean by rating...
I go around rating guys hotness on a scale of 1-10

2008-12-20 [Byezzzzzzzzz]: Nice.

2008-12-20 [Boomnesss]: lol, twas funneh, lol, poor Teena
was being no fun......she went
about her rating quietly....
hahaha....she did not like my
hyper craziness

2008-12-20 [Byezzzzzzzzz]: Lol.

2008-12-20 [Boomnesss]: it would have been funner with Ema there .... *looks down sadly*

2008-12-20 [Byezzzzzzzzz]: o.0 watz worng?

2008-12-20 [Boomnesss]: Ema was not there.... *sigh*
she ish uber uber fun

2008-12-20 [Byezzzzzzzzz]: Sowie.

2008-12-20 [Boomnesss]: lol....tis ok ^_^

2008-12-20 [Byezzzzzzzzz]: Ok. ^.^

2008-12-20 [Boomnesss]: hehehe, i'll get to see her Sunday...and Monday...oh, dont have ballet monday because of
Christmas will be seeing her on the
23rd...cause we will be going Christmas Caroling, lol

2008-12-20 [Byezzzzzzzzz]: Lol, Funn.

2008-12-20 [garbageman82]: ...>.>

2008-12-20 [Byezzzzzzzzz]: Hello.

2008-12-20 [Boomnesss]: ^_^

2008-12-20 [Byezzzzzzzzz]: <img:mood22-gif.gif>

2008-12-20 [Boomnesss]: <img:shadN-gif.gif>

2008-12-20 [Byezzzzzzzzz]: <img:mood10_gif.gif>

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