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Welcome to the official FAQ about Elfpack. Here, we hope to answer any questions new members, or possibly even older members, may have about Elfpack and its functions.

Question: What is a "FAQ"?
Answer: A FAQ stands for "Frequently Asked Questions". It is where questions that tend to get asked a lot are posted so that members can look them up on their own. You should check the FAQ before asking crew members questions about Elfpack.


Question: I see a question asked often around Elfpack, is it OK if I edit this FAQ and add the question?
Answer: Yes, it is OK. As long as you follow the question and answer format, and make sure to add an answer, go for it. In fact, we hope members will keep this updated with newer questions.


Question: My question isn't listed in this FAQ, or the answers given aren't clear enough for me. Is there a place where I can get more help?
Answer: Yes, there are a few places. You can try reading the help pages for comprehensive information about how to do things on Elfpack. You can also ask in the <forum:Elfpack, newbie questions>. In addition, you can ask on the Council page, or ask one of the members of the Council directly.


Question: What is Elfpack? What's the idea and goal of this site?
Answer: Elfpack was originally created to be a place for banned member of Elftown to go. Since then, Elfpack has grown to be a much more independent site; we have all kinds of different members, and very few of them are actually members who have been banned from Elftown. Elfpack is a place where people of any ideas or beliefs can hang out, chat, and enjoy themselves.


Question: What's the difference between Elfpack and a site like Facebook or Myspace?
Answer: Well, to begin with, Elfpack is much smaller than those sites. Which in turn means, the Staff (Council) can pay attention to individual members and focus more on the desires of those members. Elfpack is also non-profit, so we don't try to find ways to get members to give us money. In addition, we have more group activities than sites like Facebook, and they don't produce annoying pop-ups every time you do something. It's also much easier to get in touch with staff members on Elfpack.


Question: Who are the staff on Elfpack? How do I get in touch with them?
Answer: The Council are the staff of Elfpack. Each member of the Council does something different to help maintain the site as a whole. The Guards are the moderators of the site, with the ability to ban people and keep the peace. The Warden is the leader of Elfpack and in charge of the Council and the Guards, and the Deputy Warden is the person who is second in charge. [Hedda] is the person who runs and programs the site, but he's generally not very involved in things.


Question: Can I help out at Elfpack too?
Answer: Yes, you can. Many of the official pages on Elfpack can be edited by anyone, even if they are not on the Council. You can help out by doing things like editing those pages to fixing typing errors, or adding more information to them. You can also assist by answering questions in the forums, and by filing a report about members who break the rules. Members who are very vigilant about helping out can become one of the Volunteers, and if they keep up the work, they become one of the Council members themselves.


Question: I think I've done enough to be on the Council, or even one of the Guards. Is there a way for me to tell the Council what I've done without annoying them?
Answer: Yes, in fact you can apply to the crew. Just go to that page and do what it says to do. We ask that you don't private message your application to the Council though. We'll see it when you add it to the page. Also, the Guards are handpicked from among the Council members by the Warden and the Deputy Warden, so there is no way for someone not on the Council to become one.


Question: What are those "badge" things in people's profiles? They're cool and I want one. How do I get one?
Answer: There's many different ways to earn a badge on Elfpack. If you look at how to gain an EP title, it lists all the badges and ways that you can earn them.


Question: What are the rules on Elfpack? How do I find them?
Answer: You can find all our rules on Elfpack Rules. If you find someone who is breaking the rules, then file a report.


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2011-08-01 [Stephen]: I updated this a little bit, but it needs a lot more. Things need to be linked in correctly, terms need to be updated, etc etc.
More questions would be nice, too.

I'm too tired to do this right now, so either I'll get to it later (if I remember..) or someone else can update it and I'll love on them for it. lol

2011-08-02 [Stephen]: Okay, I updated the FAQ. x)

Feel free to add more questions and answers to it, if you happen to think of any. I'm sure I missed a lot. =)

2011-09-01 Maralynn: I am foerevr indebted to you for this information.

2011-09-01 [Stephen]: o3o

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