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The Warden is the leader of the Elfpack Prison. He's the boss of the Guards and Council. As such, the Warden takes care of picking, training, instructing, and guiding new Crew Members and Guards. He also generally makes sure everything on Elfpack is running smoothly. Additionally he does many other secret, sneaky things (like appoint new Stalkers)!

The Deputy Warden acts cooperatively with the Warden, aiding in decision-making and otherwise doing various dirty work. When the Warden is absent, she is acting Warden until the Warden returns.

Do not ask the Warden or Deputy Warden for a job or badge, apply to the crew instead!


Deputy Warden

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Malevolent [Stephen]Roaring [kittykittykitty]


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2013-03-21 [sammie h!]: I see we will be going down to one Deputy Warden soon if [Orestez] doesn't get back lol, the [kittykittykitty] will Rule Elfpack..... as a deputy lol. :)

2013-03-21 [kittykittykitty]: The power... the power! YeeeESSSS *rubs hands together in glee*

2013-03-21 [sammie h!]: Sings, she's got the power. Lol

2013-03-24 [Stephen]: =P

2013-03-24 [sammie h!]: Let michelle be another deputy warden, she would be good. :)

2013-03-24 [Stephen]: I really don't need two Deputy's, to be honest.. we're not that busy. :P

2013-03-24 [sammie h!]: Slackers. Lol

2013-04-21 [---Blind Spot---]: im a stoner

2013-04-21 [---Blind Spot---]: i dont slack when i smoke a spliff

2013-04-21 [kittykittykitty]: Tokers Unite knock yourself out. Please.

2013-04-22 [Stephen]: lol.
Kitty, I totally love you.

2013-04-30 [Dead Inside.]: Okay. I lost my elftown password and I tried to have it emailed to me but it wont send it. My elftown user name on ET is [dorkfish69]. If anyone can help me or knows anyone that can help? Thanks

2013-04-30 [Stephen]: I would directly message [Hedda], were I you. :P

2013-04-30 [Dead Inside.]: Yeah. I dont want to bother him with my bullsh*t. Aka piss him off again >>

2013-04-30 [kittykittykitty]: Unless you were really naughty, I'd hazard a guess that he wouldn't actually remember being pissed off at you (unless you decide to bring it up) :P Finding the password/email would only take him a few seconds. Don't be scared :D

2013-04-30 [sammie h!]: Lol, [Hedda]'s a nice guy, but I will try and ask someone on there, do you remember which email you used, if so, pm me it. ~:)

2013-05-01 [Stephen]: @[Dead Inside.]: All account issues are always handled by [Hedda] and no one else. By rights, the general staff isn't allowed to mess with that, and only a Guard Captain even has the ability to help with password problems.

Hedda is a really easygoing guy, overall. He just doesn't like bullshit, long messages, or idle chatter. Message him with the problem, all related information, and he'll help you.

And do not ask him if you can ask him a question. :P

2013-05-08 [sammie h!]: Can anyone tell me the RSS feed for ELfpack? :)

2013-05-11 [Stephen]: Never pushed that button before.

If anyone, other than [Hedda], knows it offhand I'd be amazed. (;

2013-05-11 [Morgoth]: For Elfpack? What part of Elfpack? Are you looking for the feed from a wiki in specific?

2013-05-11 [sammie h!]: No Hun, for the actual site, it's so then I can design an app for me.

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