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2004-10-14 00:18:46
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Welcome, fellow fans, to


Where imaginations SORE!!!

Fanfic people unite! was created and is managed by [Bri-chan]


[7-21-'04 : Wed.] from [Bri-chan]
I would like to annouce that Fanfic people unite! is having a BANNER CONTEST!
Yep, that's right. You can have a chance to design a banner and compeet against others with it! See Banner contest! for further that sounded like a contest on a comercial oO.

Moshi moshi!

  Obviously you came here 'cuz you like to read and/or write fanfics or you were just bored for some reason.

  Anywho, the people who do enjoy fanfic would probably agree that fanfics are very popular. They can be the most important thing in peoples' lives, or just a side-dish. But sometimes we can't find someone to appriciate our fanfics. Well, have no fear, for this is the reason for why i designed this wiki, for fanfic people to unite!

  And remember, you can do almost anything you want to an anime, show, movie, ANYTHING!

And i say for fanfic people to unite! *lighting crash*

How to Join

  So, if you would like to be a member, just message [Bri-chan] (that's me) with either a little bit of one of yer fanfics or say why you would like to join. If i like it, i'll reply, telling you the passwords to the fanfic pages and i'll add yer name!! very simple ne? ^_^

How to post stories

well, all ya gotta do is know what category yer story's in (Anime, movie, videogame, etc.). once ya know, you need to create a separate wiki for the first chappie or if it's one chapter only, make a wiki for it anyway. then go into the wiki w/ the category yer story is in, and follow the instructions on that page. any more ?'s, just ask ^ ^ you can also look on the stories i've made for an example

repeat the process for a second chapter as well.


1.) You are to state if your fanfic is either G, PG, PG-13, or R rated. NC-17 fics are NOT allowed. If you do not rate it, you will get a warning twice and if it is still not rated, you will be kicked out.

2.) You are not to harrass, insult, or threaten any member here. That will get you reported anyway.

3.) You are to put your fanfic in the right section.

4.) Please do not curse every second. ^_^ it makes the wiki uncomfortable for some people.

5.) Please do not say you are the greatest writer in the entire world. No one is. And please refrain from flaming everything in sight. I shall use that to light the flames in my Yu-Gi-Oh! shrine and you will get kicked out.

6.) You are NOT to copy ANYONE'S fanfic if it is not yours. You will be kicked out if you do. If you would like to put up a fanfic that you like but is not yours, you must ask me AND them first and then you must state in the begining of the fanfic that you do not own it.

8.) Do not state in your story about how bad someone else's story is horrible.

9.) Don't try to get back into the wiki when you are kicked out 'cuz ya know the passwords. I change the passwords every time a person is thrown out. Who's smart now?

10.) Don't like Fanfics?? There is an exit on your left and right.

11.) Yaoi, Cyoa's, Insert you, and 'you' fics are allowed. Just remember to state that it in your summary and/or title.

Please join!

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