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This interview was requested, was done by I-America I think. I typed up a transcript of it for a friend.

Also, the translator said "or something like that" "uh" and other various things of that nature a lot, I tried to include when he'd stutter on what he'd say as much as I could.

Erika: Hello, I'm Erika and I'm hanging out with the men of Dir en grey, they're from Japan, they are huge rockstars over there. And they're here in New York City for their first New York date. How are you guys? Nice to see you all. If you could just introduce, say your name, and what you do in the band.

You are?

(Each member here introduces themselves, and says what they play)

Erika: So this is your first time in New York City?

(Something in Japanese that wasn't translated)

Erika: Mmhmm, so what's your favorite part about New York City so far?

Translator: Kaoru said: This is a very time for me to be in New York, and it's kind of exciting to see this kind of (something) city.

Erika: So, have you eaten a hotdog yet? Do you know what that is? I me-, a hot dog, y'know like the New York stands, have you tried one yet?

(Japanese, not translated)

Erika: Are you ever going to? No? You tried one already? Alright, well you guys have enjoyed really um, huge success in Japan, but I was shocked when I got here today, there were so many fans outside, screaming, dressed up, it was really exciting to talk to the fans, so what does it feel like entering the American music scene?

Right now we are using a translator.

Translator: Uh, Die said this is a starting point, just a starting point for us at this moment.

Erika: Okay, alright. So, what would you say that the message of Dir en Grey is? What is, as a band, are you just another rock band, or do you really, are you trying to say something to your fans?

Translator: Through the music, right?

Erika: Through the music, yeah, what is the message?

Translator: Okay, the thing Kyo said uh, we are singing about sadness, and despair, or something like that. Something dark, something dark in our band uh, which every single person has in their mind.

Erika: Okay, so would, do you ever sing about positive things, or is it always about the negative side of life?

Translator: Kyo says he's not interested in a happy-go-lucky life, aheh.

Erika: Alright, so, have you ever felt depressed before?

Translator: Hmm?

Erika: Have you ever depressed, y'know, the things of depression, cause that's something a lot of kids feel.

Translator: Yes, always.

Erika: Yes, alright. And that inspires a lot of the songs?

Translator: Right.

Erika: Did you know that you have such a big fan base in America? Is that something that you're aware of?

Translator: Actually, we have heard things about it, through the (something, probably record label or something, not sure, sorry) company, or some (something) or something like that. But nobody can understand, um, we didn't expect anything before we came here so, we are kind of shocked, a little bit.

Erika: Right, are you going to spend any time with the fans? It'd be so nice if you could go out and talk with them. Because some of them said that they were waiting outside for hours to see you guys, they were really excited.

Translator: Okay, uh, Kyo, the thing he said, he said uh, we are not interested in communicating with fans without music.

Erika: Okay.

Translator: We're just, just trying to communicate with music and live show itself. And, if you do, uh, if you treat somebody special he, sh-, he, she or he might feel different from others, so we don't want treat somebody special.

Erika: Alright, that makes sense. Um, so what did you guys want to be when you grew up? When you were younger, what did you say I want to be? Did you always want to be in a band, or what?


Erika: Um, yeah, yeah, they can do that. (I assume the translator indicated to her if they could each answer seperately, though I'm not sure.)

Translator: Kaoru said that, if, he uh, I wanted to be a soccer player. Uh, when, uh, when I was in childhood. But, uh, wh, when I was in highschool, I want to be, wanted to be musician, or, I would say I would like to be on stage.

Erika: Okay, so you knew that. Anybody else have a memory that they particularly remember?

Translator: Die (something) said, uh, it, uh, the music uh, it, uh, it was the first thing I find out to do, y'know, for me to do. So, uh, I've never wanted to be anything else, or something besides musician...uh, anyway.

Erika: Okay.

Translator: Musician is uh, biggest choice in my life.

Erika: Okay, so you think your music is universal? That it can really relate to people from all different countries?

Translator: Uhmm, maybe there must be something like a language barrier, like everybody says about it. But, if you see our live show, you will be, you will be very (something) by us, or you will feel something anyway, when you really (something) on stage.

Erika: Yeah, and I spoke to the english fans and they said that they, even, they love the music in Japanese, and that they would translate the songs to english, and they really related to the songs in that sense. So, it just shows you that music is y'know...

(Japanese, no response from Dir en Grey)

Erika: So how, uh, how important is, uh, style to your music, how, you, uh, how you dress? Your stage show how important is...

Translator: Outfit?

Erika: Yeah, outfit, how important is it?


Erika: Do you like wearing tight pants? Cause, that's a big thing, that's in the uh, American rock scene, I see you have, uh, tight pants on.

Translator laughs while translating it.

Erika: He finally cracks a smile!

Translator: Kyo says, uh, I always wearing tight pants, uh, even, I don't, I, I don't, I don't American bands.

Erika: Ahh.

Translator: And Die said we just, uh, want to wear, uh, what we want to wear, at that moment, so we are not recongize that, as uh, as uh, as y'know, visual. Cause, (something) we're a visual oriented band This line didn't make much sense after he said they don't recongize it as a visual, so the something I can't understand might have said "not" or something to that effect.), or something like that.

Erika: Okay.

Translator: Yeah.

Erika: So, is there, um, is there an, there's this thing in America with rock bands called groupies. I don't know if they've ever heard of that before. Is that also exist in Japan, where there's girls that'll follow you, not that they just want to be there, but they actually want to, wanna like hook up with you, and stuff. Does that exist there too?

Translator: Um, there are some.

Erika: What, uh, what stereotypes do have of, uh, of America? Like, in Japan. What do people think of Americans when they think of it? Okay, what do people in Japan think of Americans? Yeah, what do they think?

Translator: In general?

Erika: Yeah, in general.

Translator: If I choose one word, it must be huge.

Erika: Okay. *laughing awkwardly* So, do you have more plans, to tour in the United States? Because these kids really want to see you, you guys just played in south-by-south west, you have an LA date, but, w-what's the future of American touring with you guys?

Translator: Um, actually, at this moment, we have any concrete plan, but we really wish to come back, um because, but, uh, if, uh, we wish, y'know, without, uh, your help, y'know, w-wi-w-wit-with out American people's help, we can't make it happen, y'know in the future. Maybe with the result of tonights show maybe, there, maybe there must be some key to out future, we think.

Erika: Yeah, I think you guys should definitely play again. I mean, the response is overwhelming. And, like I said. So, uh, who, who is like, the funny one of the group? Who is like, like the annoying one? Who's the smart one? Do you guys have, kinda like, roles? Do you guys hang out outside playing in the band?

Translator: You can imagine.

Erika: Okay. *laughs* Alright, so do you try to shock people with your stage, with uh, your stage show? Is that something that you try to do, or is it you just try to be yourselves?

Translator: We never tried to shock people, because, uh, I, only have that feeling in my mind on stage. So, uh, my stage performance, is part of my, y'know, performing art. So maybe someday, there must be some people who have been shocked by my performance, but, I've never tried to.

Erika: You were never trying to.

Translator: And there must be so many shocking, much more shocking things, around us in the world.

Erika: Okay, is there anyone that's like, biting off of your style? That is like copying you? Have you found anybody doing that?

Translator: In Japan?

Erika: Yeah, in Japan, or anywhere. Have you encountered that at all?

Translator: You mean younger bands trying to be like us?

Erika: Yeah, like that.

And, how do you feel about that?

Are you flattered? Or annoyed?

Translator: Uh, Kaoru said, that, maybe, nobody can copy us, or try or maybe no one can imitate us. My opinion for myself, there must be young bands trying to be like them, but but there is a huge wall between them.

Erika: Oh wow.

Translator: Yeah.

Erika: Okay, do you consider yourself role models to the kids who listen to your music?

Translator: Everyone says, we, uh, (something) we are just ourselves, maybe roles models or something.

Erika: Alright, so you're just trying to be yourselves?

Translator: Right.

Erika: Um, what are you guys really afraid of? Is there anything that, y'know, you perform in front of thousands of people, you're here in America, is there something that makes you like really scared?

Translator: He (I think it was Kyo, not sure though.) said that uh, I'm afraid of human beings.

Erika: That's a good thing. So, you're kind of anti-social, uh, afraid of human interaction I'm guessing?

Translator: Yeah, there must be so many different kinds of people around the world, so nobody can expect me who to do something, or who does something y'know, who will do what next, y'know.

Erika: Alright.

Translator: Nobody can expect who is gonna do...

Erika: So you guys have a lot of tattoos, right? Well, what do you get inspired by the, what is the source of inspiration for these tattoos?

Translator: Actually, those three members have tattoos.

Erika: Mmhmm.

Do they mean things?

Translator: Koaru (something) said uh, I have, some things with meanings, and some things without meanings. But, uh, some say, some have very special message just to myself and some might be just, uh, could be understood as by myself.

Erika: Okay.

Translator: Yeah, yeah, no one would understand it.

Erika: Okay. So, is, do you guys want to be American rock stars? Like, do you want to be, y'know, selling out huge stadiums, and be like, y'know uh, Green Day, or this, that kind of thing.

Translator: Okay, we never tried, uh, we don't think we are trying to be like that. Because, uh, if we can make it, uh, naturally, we might be, we will welcome that situation. We will, we never try, we never tried to be like that. We never try this way, that way.

Erika: Mmhmm.

Translator: Anyway.

Erika: Would you guys ever date an American? Would that ever be something that you would do?

Translator: Wha?

Erika: Would they ever date an American person, or will they only date Japanese people?

Translator: Having a date?

Erika: Yeah, like having a date.

(Dir en Grey laughs)

Erika: They're all laughing at that question.

Translator: It must be top secret, is that right?

Erika: Top secret? Their personal life?

Okay, in Japan is it accepted that like by your parents to be a being a rock star? OOr is that like something that's look down upon, or is it supported? Are your parents supporting of you?

Translator: Uh, actually, my parents, don't care. My parents don't care about me, and I don't care about them at this, at this moment.

Erika: Okay, well even if they're not accepting, they have to accept the fact that you're successful.

Translator: Mmhmm.

Erika: That you've really done a lot with your career. And I just want to thank you guys so much for coming to visit and even if you can't communicate, your music definitely does. So thank you guys for spending time with me. I appreciate it.

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