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2008-09-09 [Zenolia Rose]: *Walks into the movie theater. Then finds seats for us*

2008-09-09 [wolvie]: *sits next to you and yawns, getting comfy, hands you my wallet* if you want some popcorn you can go get some k

2008-09-09 [Zenolia Rose]: *Smiles and takes the wallet.* Thanks. I'll let you know when I want some. k?

2008-09-09 [bronze dragon]: *sits silently in the back row watching the room*

2008-09-09 [wolvie]: *smiles back* alright *the lights go out and I yawn and start falling asleep*

2008-09-09 [Zenolia Rose]: *My eyes are stuck on watching the movie. Not even noticing Jamie almost asleep*

2008-09-09 [wolvie]: *ends up falling deep asleep*

2008-09-09 [bronze dragon]: *squirts jamie in the ear with a squirt gun*

2008-09-09 [Zenolia Rose]: *I stand up instantly as Matt squirts Jamie with the water. I run to his side and hits him with the back of my hand.*

2008-09-09 [wolvie]: *wakes up and cries out loudly*

2008-09-09 [bronze dragon]: *ducks dodging jo jo's hand*hey I was just waking her up no need to try and hit me.

2008-09-10 [Zenolia Rose]: It was fine. *Glares at Matt*

2008-09-10 [wolvie]: *starts falling back asleep*

2008-09-10 [Zenolia Rose]: *Smiles sweetly* Sorry. *I go back to my seat and starts watching the movie again.*

2008-09-11 [wolvie]: *keeps sleeping through the whole movie*

2008-09-11 [Zenolia Rose]: *I just pay attention to the whole move. not careing if your alseep*

2008-09-11 [wolvie]: *I keep sleeping then the lights come on and wake me up*

2008-09-11 [Zenolia Rose]: *I look at you and smile* Have a nice long nap???

2008-09-13 [Dead_Man_Walking]: hows everyone?

2008-09-13 [wolvie]: pretty good, im working on making this even more of a kick ass wiki woot!

2008-09-13 [Dead_Man_Walking]: sweet

2008-09-13 [wolvie]: i know tis uber exciting as well as tiring

2008-09-13 [Dead_Man_Walking]: sounds fun

2008-09-13 [wolvie]: oh yeah it totally is

2008-09-13 [Dead_Man_Walking]: cools

2008-09-13 [wolvie]: yeah, I hope that peoples appreciate all the work I've put into this damn wiki, I've been working on it for about 3 months now and I think it's pretty impressive

2008-09-13 [Dead_Man_Walking]: i hope so too

2008-09-13 [Zenolia Rose]: ^_^

2008-09-13 [wolvie]: JO JO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Huggles Jo Jo*

2008-09-13 [Zenolia Rose]: JAY JAY!!!!!! *Huggles Jay Jay back*

2008-09-13 [wolvie]: *Smiles* I missed you

2008-09-13 [Zenolia Rose]: I missed you too! *smiles back*

2008-09-13 [wolvie]: *hugs you close* you are so amazing

2008-09-13 [Zenolia Rose]: I know. You are too. *Hugs u back*

2008-09-13 [wolvie]: *Smiles* What would you like to do today?

2008-09-13 [Zenolia Rose]: *Shrugs* I dont know. What you wanna do?

2008-09-13 [wolvie]: *Thinks* Hmmmmmm we could drive around or something

2008-09-13 [Zenolia Rose]: Yeah. Good idea.

2008-09-13 [wolvie]: *smiles and hugs you* Ok come on baby *grabs your hand and leads you to my car*

2008-09-13 [Zenolia Rose]: *Hugs u back then fallows you.*

2008-09-13 [wolvie]: *opens the passenger door and bows to you*

2008-09-14 [Zenolia Rose]: *Smiles more and blushes* Thank you hunni. *Gets into the car*

2008-09-14 [wolvie]: *Smiles back* your welcome *closes the door and gets in behind the wheel*

2008-09-14 [Zenolia Rose]: *Smiles and puts on my seatbelt*

2008-09-14 [wolvie]: *puts mine on two* hold on Josie

2008-09-14 [Zenolia Rose]: *Holds onto the car for dear life.*

2008-09-14 [wolvie]: *Smiles and hits the accelerator weaving in and out of traffic dangerously, turns Metallica up uber loudly on the radio*

2008-09-14 [Zenolia Rose]: *smiles and laughs*

2008-09-14 [wolvie]: *Smiles back and laughs two* You having fun?

2008-09-14 [Zenolia Rose]: *nods* Hell yeah!

2008-09-14 [wolvie]: *Smiles more* Good! *goes a little faster and cuts several people off grining*

2008-09-14 [Zenolia Rose]: *Smiles and dances to the music*

2008-09-14 [wolvie]: *A cop pulls out and starts chasing me* fuck! *slows down and pulls over* play it cool Jo Jo

2008-09-14 [Zenolia Rose]: *Shakes* alright.

2008-09-14 [wolvie]: *Smiles a little* Don't worry you wont get in trouble *waits for the cop to come*

2008-09-14 [Zenolia Rose]: *Waits too.* Im not worried. Just wondering why he pulled us over

2008-09-14 [wolvie]: Well I was speeding recklessly *the cop comes over and tells me to step out of the car* ah shit

2008-09-14 [Zenolia Rose]: Yeah, but you were going fast enough, most of the people in the cars didnt even see us. *Looks at the cop* Afternoon bub!

2008-09-14 [wolvie]: *smiles a little and steps out of the car like he told me to* Is there a problem officer?

2008-09-14 [Dead_Man_Walking]: lets you two love birds have your fun.

2008-09-14 [wolvie]: *The cop arrests me for speeding so much and reclkess driving*

2008-09-15 [Zenolia Rose]: *gets out of the car. then blocks the cops way to his car* Where do you think your putting her?

2008-09-15 [wolvie]: *the cop glares at you* She is under arrest we're talking her to jail *he tells you*

2008-09-15 [Zenolia Rose]: Over my dead BODY! *I yell and grab Jamie. Then runs back to the car. Puts her in and then I drive the car into trafic.*

2008-09-15 [wolvie]: *I smile and laugh* Jo Jo!

2008-09-15 [Zenolia Rose]: Hey! I dont want you to be in prison. The fact that they treat you like shit. *Turns a sharp corner.* You better hold on.

2008-09-15 [wolvie]: *Smiles and snaps my seatbelt on* Alrighty then

2008-09-15 [Zenolia Rose]: *Smiles and goes fater. Pushing the limit.* Beward for this is gonna get bumppy. *Turns instantly into the woods. dodging trees.*

2008-09-15 [wolvie]: *Smiles and laughs watching the tree's go flying by and holding on for dear life*

2008-09-15 [Zenolia Rose]: I dont think I eve told you I use to race cars all the time. I know what im doing. *Didges treews. then this big bolder thing*

2008-09-15 [wolvie]: *Smiles* Your full of surprises baby

2008-09-15 [Zenolia Rose]: Oh yesh. *smiles evily* turn on some music?

2008-09-15 [wolvie]: *Nods and turns on Metallica*

2008-09-15 [Zenolia Rose]: *nods to the good choice. Turns a starp corner and is back on another highway*

2008-09-15 [wolvie]: *Smiles and rocks out to the music*

2008-09-15 [Zenolia Rose]: *does the same as I slow down a bit*

2008-09-15 [wolvie]: *Smiles and looks at Jo Jo* I love you

2008-09-15 [Zenolia Rose]: *Looks back for a sec.* I love you too baby.

2008-09-15 [wolvie]: *Smiles and relaxes ends up falling asleep*

2008-09-15 [Zenolia Rose]: *no cops. Good thing. I slow down alot and goes speed limit.*

2008-09-15 [wolvie]: *I keep sleeping peacfully*

2008-09-15 [Zenolia Rose]: *smiles as I watch you sleep, forgetting about the road. A car honks, then I look at the road. I dodge from getting smashed by a simi-truck*

2008-09-15 [wolvie]: *i frown a little when the car honks but keep sleeping*

2008-09-15 [Zenolia Rose]: *sighs and turns down the music*

2008-09-15 [wolvie]: *starts snoring lightly*

2008-09-15 [Zenolia Rose]: *smiles*

2008-09-15 [wolvie]: *starts having nightmares and shivers*

2008-09-15 [Dead_Man_Walking]: muhahahahaha

2008-09-15 [Zenolia Rose]: *Turns around and goes back to the house*

2008-09-15 [Dead_Man_Walking]: -is rushed to horspital-

2008-09-15 [wolvie]: *keeps having bad dreams*

2008-09-15 [Zenolia Rose]: *Is at the house and gets Jamie out of the car. Takeing her to her bed. I put my hand on her forhead to make her have good dreams.*

2008-09-15 [wolvie]: *Smiles a little and has good dreams*

2008-09-15 [Zenolia Rose]: *smiles*

2008-09-15 [wolvie]: *wakes up and looks around* wha happend?

2008-09-15 [Zenolia Rose]: Oh, you were haveing bad dreams. I took you home. *smiles*

2008-09-15 [wolvie]: *Smiles back then hugs Jo Jo* I love you so much

2008-09-15 [Zenolia Rose]: *hugs back* I love you too babt.

2008-09-15 [wolvie]: *lets go of you and turns to wolf form* lets play fetch!

2008-09-15 [Zenolia Rose]: *smiles and takjes out my ball.Then throws it*

2008-09-16 [wolvie]: *barks happily and chases after it with my tail wagging*

2008-09-16 [Zenolia Rose]: *Smiles more*

2008-09-16 [wolvie]: *brings the ball back*

2008-09-16 [Zenolia Rose]: *Smiles(

2008-09-16 [wolvie]: *drops the ball in your hand and wags my tail*

2008-09-16 [Zenolia Rose]: *Smiles and throws the ball*

2008-09-16 [wolvie]: *barks happily and chases after it*

2008-09-16 [Zenolia Rose]: *smiles more*

2008-09-16 [wolvie]: *comes back with it in my mouth*

2008-09-16 [Zenolia Rose]: *I grab the ball.* U still want to play?

2008-09-16 [wolvie]: *I nod and look at the ball*

2008-09-16 [Zenolia Rose]: *I bounce it in my hand. then throws it*(

2008-09-16 [wolvie]: *I run after it as fast as I can*

2008-09-16 [Zenolia Rose]: *Smiles*

2008-09-16 [wolvie]: *growls playfully and jumps into the air catching the ball in mid-air*

2008-09-16 [Zenolia Rose]: Sweet. *I smile more*

2008-09-16 [wolvie]: *I smile and turn around running back to you*

2008-09-16 [Zenolia Rose]: At least you didnt hit that wall.

2008-09-16 [wolvie]: *accidently runs into the wall*

2008-09-16 [Zenolia Rose]: Or maybe I spoke to soon.

2008-09-16 [wolvie]: *shakes my head and looks around all embaressed then brings you the ball blushing*

2008-09-16 [Zenolia Rose]: *smiles and takes the ball when you get to me.* Are you alright?

2008-09-16 [wolvie]: of course i is *smiles and wags my tail*

2008-09-16 [Zenolia Rose]: *smiles more* Good. *throws the ball* Make sure you dont run into that dumb wall again

2008-09-16 [wolvie]: *nods as I go running after the ball with my tail wagging*

2008-09-17 [Zenolia Rose]: *Keeps smilign*

2008-09-17 [wolvie]: *comes back with the ball in my mouth*

2008-09-17 [Zenolia Rose]: Good girl. That diserves a Wolvie treat. *Takes out a big steak*

2008-09-17 [wolvie]: *drops the ball and wags my tail excidedly*

2008-09-17 [Zenolia Rose]: *Places the steak onto a dish* here you go.

2008-09-17 [wolvie]: *wags my tail and barks happily* i love you!

2008-09-17 [Zenolia Rose]: I love you too.

2008-09-17 [wolvie]: *wags my tail and stares at the steak*

2008-09-27 [Zenolia Rose]: *Gives u the steak*

2008-09-27 [wolvie]: *wolves it down greedily*

2008-09-27 [Zenolia Rose]: *giggles* I dont think you need to be a wolf. A pig sounds like it. *Smiles to let youknow I was jokeing.*

2008-09-27 [wolvie]: *finishes my steak and growls at you playfully*

2008-09-27 [Zenolia Rose]: Eeekkkk. *I smile playfully.*

2008-09-27 [wolvie]: *keeps growling playfully* i kill you!

2008-09-27 [bronze dragon]: *sits agenst a tree*

2008-09-28 [Zenolia Rose]: Not unles I kill you first! *I smile and turn into my wolf form. Then growls back playfully*

2008-09-28 [wolvie]: *barks playfully then jumps and play bites your neck*

2008-09-28 [Zenolia Rose]: *I growl softly and laugh.* Ouch. That one hurt.

2008-09-28 [wolvie]: *I let go and look worried* Im sorry I wasnt trying to hurt I swear

2008-09-28 [Zenolia Rose]: *I smile* Its ok. *I growl and push you over. THen bites ur neck. Playfully*

2008-09-28 [wolvie]: *starts laughing and playfully kicks at you with my back legs*

2008-09-28 [Zenolia Rose]: *smiles and let your neck go.*

2008-09-28 [wolvie]: *growls playfully and and jumps up, bititng your front leg playfully*

2008-09-28 [Zenolia Rose]: *I laugh more and bite ur neck again playfully*

2008-09-28 [wolvie]: *I laugh and fall back all dramaticlly like*

2008-09-28 [Zenolia Rose]: *I keep laughing. Still biteing you neck playfully.*

2008-09-28 [wolvie]: *pretends to be dead*

2008-09-28 [Zenolia Rose]: *I whine softly. Dropping my tail and my ears.*

2008-09-28 [wolvie]: *opens my eyes and licks your paw*

2008-09-28 [Zenolia Rose]: *I smile while jumping up and down, happy. Then pounces onto you. Grinning.*

2008-09-28 [wolvie]: *watches you and smiles when you pounce me*

2008-09-28 [Zenolia Rose]: *I start to lick your face*

2008-09-28 [wolvie]: *I smile and lick yours back*

2008-09-28 [Zenolia Rose]: *I smile and bite ur neck playfully*

2008-09-28 [wolvie]: *i growl playfully and bite your leg softly*

2008-09-28 [Zenolia Rose]: *I let you neck go and bite ur tummy. I growl playfully*

2008-09-28 [wolvie]: *I giggle and let go of your leg*

2008-09-28 [Zenolia Rose]: *I let go of your tummy.*(

2008-09-28 [wolvie]: *I smile and get up then nuzzle you gently*

2008-09-29 [bronze dragon]: *looks at jamie*

2008-09-29 [Zenolia Rose]: *Smiles and nuzzles back*

2008-09-30 [bronze dragon]: so how is every one doing?

2008-09-30 [wolvie]: I love you Jo Jo

2008-09-30 [Zenolia Rose]: I love you to Jay Jay.

2008-09-30 [wolvie]: *nuzzles jo jo*

2008-09-30 [bronze dragon]: *hugs jamie and jo jo*

2008-09-30 [Zenolia Rose]: *Nuzzles back and hugs Matt back* Ello matt.

2008-09-30 [wolvie]: *yawns and lays down by jo jo*

2008-09-30 [Zenolia Rose]: *Smiles at Jay Jay and lays next to her*

2008-09-30 [wolvie]: *wags my tail and lays my head on Jo Jo's neck*

2008-09-30 [Zenolia Rose]: *Smiles more and wags my tail too*

2008-09-30 [wolvie]: *yawns tiredly and starts falling asleep*

2008-09-30 [Zenolia Rose]: *I do the same*(

2008-09-30 [wolvie]: *falls deep asleep*

2008-09-30 [wolvie]: *wakes up and yawns*

2008-10-01 [Zenolia Rose]: *Still sleeps*

2008-10-01 [wolvie]: *watches you sleeping and smiles*

2008-10-01 [Zenolia Rose]: *Yawns and turns onto my back.*

2008-10-01 [wolvie]: *keeps watching you sleep and smiling*

2008-10-01 [Zenolia Rose]: *My feet twitch*

2008-10-01 [wolvie]: *lays back down by you and smiles*

2008-10-01 [Zenolia Rose]: *Smiles(

2008-10-01 [wolvie]: *falls asleep again*

2008-10-01 [Zenolia Rose]: *Licks ur face*

2008-10-01 [wolvie]: *smiles in my sleep*

2008-10-01 [Zenolia Rose]: *Wakes up snd smiles*

2008-12-10 [Ultimate Silentwarrior]: *gaps*

2008-12-10 [wolvie]: wha? ^^

2008-12-10 [Ultimate Silentwarrior]: i got some epic cookies! ^^

2008-12-10 [wolvie]: OMFG lucky ^^ sorry im slow, getting rid of all these old comments for they fill me with rage

2008-12-10 [Ultimate Silentwarrior]: awww *gives you an EPIC! cookie* ^^

2008-12-10 [wolvie]: OMFG AN EPIC COOKIE!!!!! *dances in joy and supreme happyness and non lameness*

2008-12-10 [Ultimate Silentwarrior]: ^^

2008-12-10 [wolvie]: maybe i shall add more to this laters ^_^ this ish my bestest wiki ever ^^

2008-12-18 [quandike]: i still say its Bald loofy

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