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2007-02-28 22:26:21
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Free Art


Inspired by Elftown Graphics

So far, Elfpack looks pretty bland to me... sorry guys, that's just my opinion.
In Elftown people donate their art to pretty it up, so why not Elfpack?!


The Rules...

All images are made by me, [Jennifer Leigh].
All art in this wiki is free for you to use in your house and your wiki-pages.
No images may leave Elfpack!


Free Art:

FA Dividers I love these things
FA Bullets Any little things
FA Welcome Mats Welcome people to you wikis and your house
FA Mood Icons Express yourself (Empty)
FA Seasonal Holiday stuff! (Empty)
FA Words Anything witty, mean, or cute
FA Banners Banners to advertise Free Art
FA Other Whatever doesn't fit in the above sections.


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2004-10-16 [~*spawn*~]: hey! can i link to this from elfpack graphics?

2004-10-16 [Jennifer Leigh]: sure, no problem

2004-10-17 [lame palindrom e mordnilap emal]: I just put my graphics page up 'dere... If you would like it down, feel free to get rid of it ^_^... Thank you!

2004-10-17 [Jennifer Leigh]: No, it's cool. No one needs my permission. ^.^ Thanks!

2004-10-19 [metallickittycat]: i donated a thing:D

2004-10-19 [Jennifer Leigh]: Kewl! Thank you!! XD

2004-10-25 [metallickittycat]: ^^.^^

2004-10-27 [metallickittycat]: When you say 20 images only, do you mean only 20 images on the wiki or on a single page?

2004-10-28 [Jennifer Leigh]: 20 images per page... like no more than 20 in FA Dividers and no more than 20 in FA Words... this is just to keep the indivdual wikis from getting enormous... if you wanna donate more than 20 of one category, just create a new wiki all to yourself and put it under "Free Art Links"

2004-10-30 [metallickittycat]: thx

2004-10-30 [Jennifer Leigh]: no prob!

2004-11-28 [no longer here.]: what are the color codes for the grey and purple?

2004-12-16 [MarieFair]: whoot, on mine I donated over 20images...i got like 38^_^

2005-01-13 [De'ladrei]: hey can i donate some of my graphics here?

2005-01-25 [Lucifer]: hi

2006-01-27 [PAULUS]: ive just donated 9 of my best banners wel thats all my banner atm :(((

2007-02-28 [kittykittykitty]: Message to all Free Art donators:
As the owner of this page is no longer here to maintain the wiki, the graphics here have been added to Elfpack Graphics in the most recent page of the relevant section. Both wikis serve the same purpose, however for image donations to Elfpack Graphics you can claim a badge for your hard work! Please go to Art Donation records if you have not done so already.

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