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Garden of Shadows Main Characters

Garden of Shadows

Screen Name:[Sonya Blue]
Name:Sonya Blue
Personality:Quiet, Spends a lot of time on her own at the train tracks and with those she cares about. Even though she loves her sister Hana she also envy's her because she wishes that her father could show her the love that he shows to Hana. She blames her self for the loss of her friend James eye.
Recent History:Soon after her birth her mother left them without a word. For some reason her father blames her for this. she spends a lot of time away from home so she can avoid him and his beatings. Sonya dose not know of the powers she inherited from her mother at this time, so she dose not use them to defend herself.
Often when Sonya is arguing with her father things will happen, like pictures falling off the wall or something would fly off of the shelves.
Quote:"It's NOT my fault that mother left!"

Screen Name:[Chellie Bear]
Name:Hana Blue
Personality:Outgoing, and cares for Sonya very little. She says she loves Sonya but she doesn't treat her with any respect at all.
Recent History:She is the only child out of the two that Kane loves, she can usually talk Kane out of hurting Sonya. When Kane locks Sonya up in the up in the basement she sneaks down there to give her food. She can normally convince Kane to let her out within a day.

Screen Name: [MadHatress]
Name:Kane Blue
Personality:Towards Sonya he is cruel and mean, but towards Hana he is caring and loving
Recent History:After his wife left him and his daughters he seemed to blame Sonya for everything because it was right after her birth that she left. He often locks her up in the basement when he gets sick of dealing with her. He knows of the strange ability's his wife has, and he knows that Sonya might have inherited them, but he fails to mention this in hopes that Sonya never finds out about them.
Quote:To Sonya-:"It's not your fault you say...IT'S ALWAYS YOUR FAULT!" & "Don't thank me, thank your sister." To Hana - "Alright...I'll let her slide this time" & "Keep her in check"

Screen Name:
Personality:Caring, He is a close friend to Sonya.
Recent History:James currently lives with his older brother Justin. He hangs out by the railroad tracks because that is where Sonya often goes to get away from her father. He lost his eye a year ago to Kane because he tried defending Sonya when Kane lashed out and tried to hit her. He always seems to be there for her when she is down. James sometimes lets Sonya hide out at his house when things get real bad at home for Sonya
Quote:"Don't worry about it."

Screen Name:[Kaos101]
Personality:Nice and caring, He has a strong hatred for Kane
Recent History:He James older brother. Even though Sonya is not related to him he treats her like she is his sister, He takes care of her and provides a safe place to stay for when things get rough. He is always beating down Kane's door down and ready to fight when Sonya shows up and has a black eye or a new bruise or scratch.

Screen Name:
Personality:Outgoing and always happy. Sometimes when she tries to make Sonya feel better she says the wrong thing, she doesn't mean anything by it.
Recent History:She moved next door to Sonya two years ago. She hears Kane yelling at Sonya every day. She wishes there was something she could do to help her.
Quote:"I'm sorry..."

Screen Name:[Sonya Blue][if someone wants this character, let me know]
Personality:Happy, hangs around Sonya alot
Recent History:Her parents hired Sonya to babysit her and take her out around the town. The only thing that keeps Sonya from quitting this job is it is a way she can get out of the house without sneaking out.
Quote:"Mister Kane, Why don't you ever remember who i am?"

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