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Garden of Shadows Rp Area

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2007-09-28 [Sonya Blue]: she nodded "okay"

2007-09-28 [Chellie Bear]: Charlene looked around then went down a hallway nearby thinking for a minute

2007-09-28 [Sonya Blue]: Sonya followed her

2007-09-28 [Chellie Bear]: "here you can stay here my room is across the hall inside there should be a personal bathroom a fair sized closet and the necessary furniture my room is across the hall if you need anything" Charlene smiled

2007-09-28 [Sonya Blue]: she smiled "thanks"

2007-09-28 [Chellie Bear]: "its no problem"

2007-09-28 [Sonya Blue]: she looked over at her "i have a question..."

2007-09-28 [Chellie Bear]: "yes?"

2007-09-28 [Sonya Blue]: "if i were to run away, would up help me so that my dad wouldn't follow me?"

2007-09-28 [Chellie Bear]: "yeah"

2007-09-28 [Sonya Blue]: she smiled "thank you...." she sighed "I'm not planning on running away anytime soon though"

2007-09-28 [Chellie Bear]: "well if you ever need anything you can always come to me ok?"

2007-10-05 [Sonya Blue]: Sonya smiled more and nodded

2007-10-05 [MadHatress]: kane walked up to his bed room and laid down for a moment

2007-10-05 [Chellie Bear]: Charlene smiled "if you need me i'll be in my room i hope you enjoy yours i dont care what you do with it as long as you feel lke your at home......without the abusivness that is" Charlene walked to her room Hana looked around wondering how Sonya was doing in the besement not knoieng she was gone

2007-10-05 [Sonya Blue]: She watched her go and walked over to the window "I wonder if he know's if i'm gone yet?"

2007-10-05 [Chellie Bear]: Hana got a little worried and knocked on the basement door silently "Sonya you ok?....Sonya?" Hana sighed thinking Sonya fell asleep and Charlene walked in her room and pulled out a book to read

2007-10-05 [Sonya Blue]: Sonya sighed and sat on the bed

2007-10-05 [Chellie Bear]: Charlene started reading and humming randomly unknowingly

2008-01-02 [MadHatress]: Kane muttered to himself while getting back out of bed and heading to the shower

2008-03-30 [Chellie Bear]: Hana got a quick glass of water the washed it and went to her room ((wow almost forgot about this rp))

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