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for ppl who want to help others and just to talk to other girls about girl issues or problems they might be facing in life



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2007-05-10 [Roman_Six]: Ok...Yeah am not a girl but yeah....I need some help
My ex we stoped hanging around each other and we broke up like 4 months ago but now we started to flurt again...
But then i saw her jumping all over guys when i come by here...Its like when am near her she gets all sluty...
i mean theres this really really ugly guy on my bus and he is my friend and everything...but really dont talk much...she gets on my bus not to go home and she does not live far... just like 4 blocks away from the school she gets on the bus and sits by him... and flurts with him....then she will sit next to me what pisses me off...and she BITE meeee
she does that alot to me and i didnt do anything to her....
i didnt cheat on her...I didnt do nothing wrong...but she started doing all that stuff when she called me and keep asking me things on the phone if i still loved her and liked her... next day she is all over guys....
What is she trying to do to me???
Can someone hhelp me and tell me what she is trying to do???
already beated up 6 people cuz of her.... am never mad
i mean am tall and strong but i never hit anyone in 6 years... i mean i didnt cuzz or hit anyone for a long time
now i about to get kicked out of school cuz of her....
Sooo help me out....
i hate anger but she is pushing me to hurt people that i know... :( help

2007-05-10 [DRACE]: hmmm, you may find she is trying to get you to take notice, to see if you feel for her in the same way, I mean the slutty part

hmmm well maybe she just likes the taste of you, but you may find out, she is friends with your ugly friend and is trying to make you jealous

you may find out it is time to move on mate, girls like that are what I like to call, 'attention whores', she craves it, like how you said, she is all over other guys and not with you so much

she is bad news mate, just walk away, if she is the one thats messing with your mind, just walk the fuck away, let the tramp see that you are the better person by 'walking away from her'

2007-05-11 [Roman_Six]: lol walk away...Cant it pulls me in... :)
well its weird cuz it pulls me in closer somehow...
Yep hard to pull away...but if i got to knock them all down to make them realize she is danger then i will....
dont know why but i love fighting it makes me feel good now :)
I guess i will just stop all of them even looking at her

2007-05-11 [DRACE]: you won't, its nature, you will never stop them from looking at her, its basic physics mate, all that bs about oppistes attract, she is hot, people look at her and with you doing what you do, fighting and what not, someone is going to put you in your place and I am just sorry its not going to be me

2007-05-11 [Roman_Six]: put me in my place funny...
the only people that can put me into place is only 2 people at school and one is gay and he wont like her...and the other one has a gf...
But is pisses me off and i dont know why....Its like i cant pull away from her...
Should i go back out with her... to make this stop...
or should i just try to find a wait to get away from her pull on me....

2007-05-11 [DRACE]: flirt with other girls the same as with her doing to you with other guys, see if she likes her own medicine

2007-05-11 [Roman_Six]: lol yep i think that wont help but thanks anyway...
Yep...still lost...

2007-05-11 [Roman_Six]: yep thos 2 fuckers are huge....i mean huge and am 6'3 and fuck i workout...but shit...fucking all stars at my school..
i mean there huge not fat but i mean huge... i mean his lag life is 700 pounds... now they can put me in my place lol...
but i got something they dont... :) sooo i think i can hold them off if i use my skills right!!!
huge guys lol

2007-05-11 [Roman_Six]: the only thing that will make me take them on is my anger...
and my anger only goes so far.... I think i can take them if i had more anger...

2007-05-11 [DRACE]: hmmm well maybe taking advise from someone like me isn't a good thing, I was going to kill myself this morning when i gave you the advice, meh oh wells

2007-05-11 [Roman_Six]: lol

2007-05-11 [DRACE]: <img:>

2007-05-11 [Roman_Six]: Am i really dont care if u kill yourself...
The only thing when u die there might be some people who cry...but in 20 years maybe even 5 years forget about you...
If u did kill yourself then well u still be remember how u cahnged the future....Everyone changes the future...
Like someone was going to rule the world in 40 years... and there was a kid who was going to kill him in 43 years...but he dies i guess the guy who is going to rule the world is going to u get what i mean....everyone changes everything....Yep still dont care if u die....wont effect me.. not if u were going to kill the ruler of the world in 60 or 40 years in the future... lol

2007-09-13 [goldie]: Can i be a member please??!!

2007-12-27 [Misa Amane]: can i join?

2007-12-28 [devil_gurl69]: u gotta message [SweetBrunette00] but good luck cuz i dont think she gets here that much anymore

2007-12-28 [Combat Engineer]: shes pregnant so good luck even talking to her

2007-12-30 [devil_gurl69]: haha yea

2008-01-30 [Misa Amane]: hahaha...Ha

2008-02-15 [Misa Amane]: tazunah's

2010-08-13 [DRACE]: ... another wiki dead... >.>

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