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2006-03-05 23:07:55
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hey welcome to my wiki page where all my wikis are together so u can all go check em out so GO CHECK EM OUT RIGHT NOW!!


panic! at the disco fan club

for all those ppl who love patd as much as i do!! come check it out!


for all those ppl who love hellogoodbye... and want to shimmy shimmy with them come check out this site....
this wiki is also currently undergoin constructions but stick around for a really awesome site!!!



- HThis is my fav wiki its a fall out boy fan club lol just like the name says its for fall out boy fans everywhere to talk and hang out and get to know other fob fans!!!

Girl Talk

- a place for girls to talk to other girls make new friends and get advice also has some hot graphics!!!

Harry Potter Lovers

- this is a very very special wiki its for all those crazy witches and wizards lol who hate muggles haha jk its for ppl who love everything about harry potter or who just wanna talk about movies and books and such things like that!

Laguna Beach

- This is another awesome wiki lol its all about LAGUNA and the DRAMA lol so come chat to other ppl who love this show!!

megans pictures

- this is just a wiki for all my extra pix that couldn't fit on my page!!


- a place for ppl who are crazy about myspace and want to meet other myspace ppl too(great way to get more friends on myspace;)


- a place for preps lol wat eles can i say....

My Chemical Romance Rox

for all u mcr fans who wanna find an awesome wiki about em!!! go check it out and join today!!!



The O.C

for all oc fans who love that drama and the show!!! and can't get enough!!!

drama free club

hate drama?? can't stand it ?? then join this club for all those who absolutly can't stand drama!!!

bridgetts pics

check out these awesome pix of B!!

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2006-02-21 [DRACE]: I am Neil ~_~

2006-02-21 [SweetBrunette00]: lol neil is awesome!!! but anyways i dont' liek rift who is this guy?? wat the fuck is his/her problem and y is she goin to all my different wikis and startin crap wit the elfpackers within the wiki it is starting to get on my nerves rift u need to keep ur not nice feelings to ur self and start gettin along before i complain not to be mean but i dont' like the way u are treatin my friends and [devil_gurl69] is not ugly she is beautiful!!! and if u have something bad to say to her then u have something to say to me!!

2006-02-22 [devil_gurl69]: awww megs thanks hunni thats sweet......... lol drace i didnt know your name was Neil im sorry!!! i know this other guy named Neil and he is a big jerk so sorry

2006-02-22 [DRACE]: [SweetBrunette00] Riff is only worried about me, I have been getting threats for the last few weeks and they know about stuff I have been doing on elfpack and on my e-mails too, so most likely hackers, oh well, lifes a fucking whore

2006-02-22 [DRACE]: and if u would even bother to look, he hasn't just put it on your wiki's, they r on every stuffing one I am on >.<

2006-02-23 [SweetBrunette00]: lol oh okay yea i'm sry but it just annoys me :) lol but its all good

2006-02-23 [DRACE]: yeah, well that depends what side of the line u r on ~_~

2006-02-23 [SweetBrunette00]: lol hmmm yes i kinda understand... but they need to leave u in peace!!!! grrr

2006-02-24 [RIFT KEEPER]: I hear you have a problem with me [SweetBrunette00]

2006-02-27 [SweetBrunette00]: yea i do u

2006-02-27 [DRACE]: [SweetBrunette00] Riff means u no harm sweety

2006-02-27 [RIFT KEEPER]: well spill your guts [SweetBrunette00] its not like I have all day to stay on here and wait for your problem lady, hurry up and tell me it

2006-03-01 [SweetBrunette00]: no ur just annoyin me and u said something mean to my friend B so i would appreciate it if when u go on my pages u are nice to the ppl around because i hate ppl who are mean

2006-03-03 [DRACE]: *licks [SweetBrunette00]*

2006-03-03 [RIFT KEEPER]: heh, well why don't you and I reserve a nice little room upstate and have it on then, maybe I could get you to unwind alittle so you would at least be a realy babe and not act like a stuck up old granny

2006-03-03 [SweetBrunette00]: i'm not stuck up old granny i just dont like ppl who start shit lol its annoyin..... and thanks for the lick neil lol u rock!

2006-03-03 [RIFT KEEPER]: what shit have I started?

2006-03-03 [SweetBrunette00]: nvm just drop it

2006-03-04 [DRACE]: *bites [SweetBrunette00]'s right hand and tugs on it plafuly, then scampers up her legs and back and hides in her hair*

2007-01-25 [devil_gurl69]: lol wow i forgot all about this page....sry megs..... lol you can delete the oc,a nd the drama free thing cuz i deleted them......or i tried to anyways lol...but i still have the one of my pics

2007-01-25 [DRACE]: ...

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