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Image done by:[Alexandra the Great]


This is the newest goofy feature of Elfpack! Every week a goofy picture of


will be shown on Mainstuff, so come on and get goofy!

Before submitting, please read the rules! Submissions that don’t follow the rules wil not be featured on Mainstuff. Thanks!


The Goofy Elfpackers Elfpacking sections:

-GEE! - The Rules

Read them, you must!

-GEE! - The Submissions

After you've read the rules, you may submit your goofy picture here!

-GEE! - The Goofy Hall of Fame

A list of members (with their photos) who were on previously featured on Mainstuff. Also click this link for a description of the prizes you can win!


The Goofy Crew

-Daily Goofs-


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