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2006-08-16 07:54:37
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Post photos of your Herb and Herbacious devices here!

By [XxRegrets Worth TakingxX]

The bong is called hubble bubble...and you can see the bowl of a pipe of mine called Juan Pierre.

Fun Times...

This Bong is called Mello Yello.

An unfinished hookah...if you can think of an original name for it message me.



By [FireGypsy]

This is my stash! I made the box, and the little glass piece on the top left =)

My Purple People Eater! (Water Bong)!

Hells yeah!

Taking another hit.

This is muh Joint roller.

The weed in place ready to be rolled up.

Paper in place to be rolled.

The Perfect Joint! =)


By [Tear]

Fogging out my closet with a fat blunt.

Random everyday blunt. Handrolled.

Small Bud.

I call this FrankenBlunt, again, hand rolled

The Gaudy. Foot and a half long, hand rolled by me

Half ounce, about to be rolled into one philly

Half ounce in the process of being rolled by me

I know I'm a pothead, and I love it

This one made me famous. The Rainbow Blunt

Rest In Peace, Jimmy Vazquez

This is one that came out of my joint roller. Not done by hand

Pipe got taken by the pigs. I call him Tito.

More to come later on
Part 2:

The tools and workstation

Look, he likes you

Getting started

The workstation when done, with completed product

The finished Product


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2006-08-08 [FireGypsy]: 5? for what?

2006-08-08 [Tear]: Grand theft, grand theft auto, assault on a LEO, burglary, and assault and battery.

2006-08-08 [FireGypsy]: what! What did you rob, what kind of car, wtf is a leo, what else did you try to rob, and who did you hit?

2006-08-08 [Tear]: I stole a tibeuron, with flowmasters, catabck exhaust, k-20 engine, and a 6 liter nitrus tank. It was a beauty. And a LEO is a Law Enforcement Officer. I beat the shit out of a cop.

2006-08-08 [FireGypsy]: What else did you seal though?

2006-08-08 [Tear]: Oh! That was a bullshit charge I got for being with the wrong people at the wrong time. My buddy stole a speaker set, forgot to take them out of his car, and then came to scoop me up so we could go to a party, and he got pulled over for speeding, and we got caught.

2006-08-08 [FireGypsy]: oh that sucks!

2006-08-08 [Tear]: Beyond suckage. I had to spend two months in county jail for it, just becayse I have 13 points on my record.

2006-08-08 [FireGypsy]: stupid fucking cops!

2006-08-08 [Tear]: I hate pigs.

2006-08-08 [FireGypsy]: *stabs pig with a fork*

2006-08-16 [Tear]: Anyone wanna come over? I haven't started that blunt you see up there yet.

2006-08-16 [FireGypsy]: Lol I wish!

2006-08-16 [Tear]: I couldn't finish smoking it. I am stupid high right now. Like I a living dui right here. And there is a huge blunt still left.

2006-08-16 [FireGypsy]: Lol! Nice! I just smoked out of a coke can o_O I havent done that in like 6 years! Were living with his mom and step-dad right now, and we didnt feel like going outside to my car to get my stash box! Yah I'm pretty fucking high lol!

2006-08-18 [DragonLord100]: now thats a lot of tumble weed

2006-09-01 [Andy8178]: I'm an outcast here.... I've never done pot, =( Lol

2006-09-02 [Tear]: Then why are you here?

2006-09-02 [FireGypsy]: Because he is my friend lol

2006-09-02 [Tear]: Oh crap. I couldn't get any trees, and I am leaving tomorrow morning. I doubt we could make this thing happen, Sasha. It's not looking good.

2006-09-02 [FireGypsy]: Awe *cries* But I have NO trees and I NEED yours! *dies*

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