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This is a wiki for all you Pot Smokers, Herb Lovers, and Ganja Growers! Keep it burning!

This wiki took second place in the Wiki Award!!

Pot Smokers

If you would like to become a member of this wiki.


Herb Lovers

For those of you who love your herb, post photos of your Herb and Herbacious devices here!


Ganja Growers

For those of you who grow, post photos of your luscious plants here!



If you are a member of NORML or would like to become a member.


Tokers Tips

View tips from other stoners and post some yourself!


Tokers Banners

Banners for your house!


Sasha's Wikis
Other wikis I have made.

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2006-10-12 [Miss BettyBoop]: sweet finaly a good wiki around here!!!!

2006-10-12 [FireGypsy]: YUP!

2006-12-09 [ღMrs. Benzedrine]: Fuuuck yea dude..

2006-12-18 [------]: hell yaz!!!

2007-01-17 [its a snowy day]: hey wadd up yall , yall should add me

2007-01-17 [FireGypsy]: Go to the Pot Smokers section ^_^

2007-01-19 [------]: ok

2007-01-27 [hippiejake]: 2006-08-02 Da_Weedman: dude count me in.... this is pretty bitchin

haha, that's my homie there. Yeah, this is cool...

2007-01-27 [FireGypsy]: ^_^

2007-01-30 [------]: fuck ya it is

2007-04-07 [hippiejake]: 420 is cummin around...everybody celebrating?

2007-04-07 [------]: damn, i cant

2007-04-07 [FireGypsy]: Hells yeah!

2007-05-04 [Miss BettyBoop]: hell ya 4:20 was fucking awasome, at least what i can remimber

2007-05-14 [FireGypsy]: Hehe I don't remember what I did that day, probably lots of smoking though lol!

2008-01-31 [Miss BettyBoop]: yeah i am pretty sure i remimber smoking, and drinking, and a bunch of other drugs. which is where things realy start to get a little fuzzy

2009-08-19 [Sound Junky]: i just quit smoking weed, i was getting too paranoid,im still paranoid about races now

2009-08-19 [------]: im out. it blows. can't fucking afford it

2013-04-21 [Dead Inside.]: Why am I just now finding out about this wiki?

2013-04-22 [Stephen]: 'Cuz.

2013-04-23 [Dead Inside.]: Every one was too high to tell me about it?

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