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Kee's Fanfiction

Um yea...this is where I put all my fanfiction. Adolescent Hearts is the only story that isn't a fanfiction, it was completely out of my head in randomness XD But enjoy ^^

This is my first and finished story...go easy on me >.<
Title-Adolescent Hearts

Adolescent Hearts Chapter 1
Adolescent Hearts Chapter 2
Adolescent Hearts Chapter 3
Adolescent Hearts Chapter 4
Adolescent Hearts Chapter 5
Adolescent Hearts Chapter 6
Adolescent Hearts Chapter 7
Adolescent Hearts Chapter 8
Adolescent Hearts Chapter 9

This is my second story still working on it...
Fruits Basket
Title-Ambivalent Love
Status- Still in progress
Chapters- 10 as of now

Ambivalent Love Chapter 1
Ambivalent Love Chapter 2
Ambivalent Love Chapter 3
Ambivalent Love Chapter 4
Ambivalent Love Chapter 5
Ambivalent Love Chapter 6
Ambivalent Love Chapter 7
Ambivalent Love Chapter 8
Ambivalent Love Chapter 9
Ambivalent Love Chapter 10

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