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"The Magic Of the Unicorn"

A fantasy story.

Written by [Faith.Hope.Love], aka Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly. ©2008 All rights reserved.

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I hope to redo this image one day to make it's background much better and as a PNG.

For this story I'm presenting just a brief summary since this story I never finished writing. My inspiration behind and that motivated
me to write it, was lost. Perhaps, because the ending I would have liked to come to fruition never did and likely never will and simply
because a resolution can't ever be possible when the other side isn't willing to resolve. As the saying goes, "You can't get blood out
of a stone" is definitely true in this case. Aikanáro turned out to be a two-faced, double crossing, hurtful, spiteful, tormenting monster
that Galadriël finally had to face and accept who/what he is. The summary of the ending written below is just wishful thinking and
because I like and always try for resolving differences for the purpose of achieving happy endings. When another can't get past their
ego and its pride, resolving an issue or issues becomes impossible.

The irony is, however, the ringleader behind it all, working on Aikanáro for years to get rid of Galadriël, ended up getting banished
themselves, but Aikanáro's ego fed pride won't allow him to rethink his decision brought on by jealousy and so, his kingdom continues
to crumble and he's lost the desire to care, leaving Galadriël unable to do anything to help restore the once great kingdom. So very sad.


   Briefly, it's about a dragon who is the king of his kingdom, a magical and mystical, but magnificent land... and the unicorn that loves him...

   The dragon king, Aikanáro, is a good and kind king, clever and smart, but inhabits a dark side. He has many loyal subjects, but he also has subjects in his court that will betray him ultimately. In the midst of his subjects, a unicorn, Galadriël, walks among them. She spreads kindness, thoughtfulness, and truth. She also admires the king and respects him greatly and all that he does for his kingdom, but the king pretends to never notice her, although secretly he watches her every move. Even so, he is not aware of the magic she possesses, for the magic is in her love, which he desires, but can't allow himself to accept. Therefore, Aikanáro can't genuinely realise all that Galadriël holds only for him.

   She tries a variety of ways to reach him, including the accepting of his intrusion of her privacy, but she fails to make him see, even though she can clearly look directly into his heart. She sees the loneliness and the frustration present there, trapped and without the knowledge of knowing how to escape, but she is totally helpless to free the king's heart, as long as his heart remains closed to her, while his ears are open to the untruths of forked tongues. Galadriël aches to replace the pain with joy and happiness her magic could do.

   Knowing this, Galadriël carries this around with her, a tremendous weight both in her thoughts and in her heart. She seeks truth. When she hears of the evil subjects plotting to overthrow the king, to destroy his kingdom, she desperately tries to make the king see what's happening, but he refuses to acknowledge still, that which he sees.

   Aikanáro banishes the magical maiden, even though she has done nothing wrong. His evil subjects rejoice when Aikanáro banishes Galadriël. He has listened to the evil schemers and so, his ears are filled with the lies from those he trusts and therefore he cannot hear the real truth of Galadriël, or so she believes. She cannot bear to think negatively about her king and he cannot bring himself to be honest with her.

   The evil subjects succeed in their endeavor to separate the dragon king and the unicorn, because Aikanáro has a dark side of his own, which he hides from his subjects. Galadriël has discovered his dark side, but still she remains loyal to her king. She continually tries to understand Aikanáro, for her love is unconditional. She has learned of the king's own betrayal of her devotion and his own forked tongue, but loyal she remains. The king's own words tarnish her reputation, along with those that are jealous of her. Galadriël attempts to protect her reputation, but tries to also protect the king's own secretive, dark side, for she wants not to see her king embarrassed, humiliated, or worse. Because she cannot bring herself to reveal all that she knows, she ultimately silently suffers its consequences.

   Aikanáro unbanishes Galadriël, but the damage he has done to her cannot be erased or reversed, as long as and because of his own pride and because he fears the retaliation of the rest, should they ever learn the truth about his secret activities. She decides to remain outside his kingdom in a neighbouring land as a result and little by little the king's kingdom continues to crumble in spite all he tries to do to make it a better land. The magical maiden, although broken hearted, still keeps a vigilant watch over the kingdom and the
king she still loves.

   There comes a day, King Aikanáro looks around him and notices most of his subjects have left his kingdom. Only a few remain. The unicorn's spirit still present, for she can't truly leave and abandon her king, even though he pretends to see her not, is gravely saddened by the declining populous. The evil subjects are still trying to ruin her and demean her. In their wickedness they even plot to destroy her, so the king can never truly realise the magic she holds only for him.

   One day the king in his desperation to relieve his heavy heart, intoxicates himself with liquor and his evil subjects just laugh at him and supply him more liquor. In his darkened state and drunken stupor they bait and encourage him to make choices he would not otherwise make. His kingdom starts to burn around him. As the alcohol overtakes him and summons him into a deep sleep, they leave him in hopes Aikanáro will become part of the charred remains.

   Galadriël, always watching her king, always there in the shadows for him, sees that his whole kingdom is about to completely disintegrate and take her king with it. She leaps through the flames of destruction until she is at his side. She pokes him gently with her horn, her vessel of healing power. He stirs and opens his eyes and looks around in horror. She quietly nickers to him to follow her.

   The king's tears start to run down his cheek as he reminds her that he is not deserving of her rescue, of her caring, her kindness, her love. Stamping her foot in annoyance, she tells him to forget it, for she already has. She beckons him to follow her again.

   For the first time, the king sees the unicorn, truly sees her without reservation. Suddenly his heavy heart is lightened. He feels a freedom overtake him like he has never known before. As he springs to his feet, with his eyes and his heart, he looks upon the magic that the unicorn possesses. The most beautiful rainbow arcs across the spacious sky of soft gradient blues and the few fairies remaining drop rose petals, dipped in the colours of the rainbow.

   She turns back and approaches the king. When she is finally standing in front of him, touching him, the tears flood her eyes, so much so, that a river flows. The river meets with each and every flame, burning the stench of evil and darkness. As her flood of tears extinguishes the flames, a new fragrance, the essence of good, permeates the air, replacing the foul stench of evil preceding and transforming it into an incense of gardenias.

   Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, King Aikanáro's kingdom springs into a world renewed. Together, they stand and look at the wonder around them. As their magic unifies into one, they both know their happiness awaits. Their goals are one and the same and together, the kingdom shall become what they both have always known it could be.

   When the evil subjects received word about what had taken place, they knew their evil intentions had been defeated. They turned on and destroyed each other. Any of them spared of their own evil revenge, never returned.


   King Aikanáro and Galadriël restored the land, made the kingdom a magical reflection of their own. The loyal subjects whom had once left, mostly driven away by the evil subjects, returned, thrived as happy, contented citizens and invited more to come. The Magical_Kingdom prospered and grew, became known world wide, with many thousands more flocking to its gate.

   King Aikanáro's kingdom, with Galadriël sharing his dream, became a wonderfully magical land once more. Galadriël's Magic_Of_Love transformed Aikanáro, retaining his power and strength, but bringing forth his inner beauty, his wonder hidden, into a superbly majestic, immortal creature. With her magical horn, she gently touched his heart. As a magnificent rainbow of rainbows formed, with a promise etched within, the great and profound Golden_Promise emerged and so became, the King_Of_Kings.

   Galadriël just smiles now when someone mentions the king's name, but a tiny tear always forms in the corner of her eye of jade and even she is not sure why.


Some of my unicorn poetry as part of my story:

"The Beauty Within"

Oh, great King, Aikanáro be thy name,
Have seen your mighty strength, been singed by your flame.
With an air of arrogance, a mountain full of pride,
A thicket of projections methodically applied;
High upon a pedestal, although up there alone,
You present yourself to which no one can atone.

But, you cannot hide what's deep within, concealed,
In spite intentions driven, for magic has revealed
A warm heart beating, romantically inclined,
Kind, gentle, yet strong, with an independent mind.

Only one that cares enough to pursue beyond your cover,
Will appreciate the soul within, be pleased to discover,
The elements of a rogue are just a masterful disguise,
But for a true believer, the reflections in your eyes
Speak in silence clearly, to tell a different tale,
For a rose lies in waiting, its beauty to unveil.

When the day has come, in the mirror you do see,
The greatest power within you has yet to be set free,
It is then you will be granted, a power unsurpassed,
And the darkness in your heart shall be out forever cast.

Written by [Faith.Hope.Love], aka Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly ©2011-01-11 02:20:47 (EST)


Older, original versions:

"Galadriel: Magical Maiden Unicorn"

[Faith.Hope.Love]'s Galadriel-Unicorn

"Galadriel: Castle Of Magic"

[Faith.Hope.Love]'s Castle Of Magic

Newer, remade versions:

"Galadriel: Magical Maiden Unicorn"

[Faith.Hope.Love]'s Galadriel-Unicorn

"Galadriel: Castle Of Magic"

[Faith.Hope.Love]'s Castle Of Magic

In my original I had Sweden's flag, but then before I saved it, I changed it to the U.S. flag. In the remake I decided to keep the flag of Sweden.


More of my unicorn poetry as part of my story:

"The Unicorn's Tears"

She stands in the shadows, sad and helpless, without disguise,
As she watches the kingdom gradually crumble before her eyes.
The king she adores, tries desperately to regain back into a land
The essence of life once abundant, exceedingly grand.
The evil lurking, prevalent and rampant, destroying all good in its wake,
Built around jealousy, control, and scorn, conniving to take.
The good subjects are leaving, being driven away,
The evil breeds hopelessness. They can no longer stay.
She knows the hosts of evil vehemently do curse
Her presence and loyalty, they consistently rehearse,
Their plotting, their wicked schemes, to enable her fall,
For she has the power, the magic, to expose them all.
The mission, the goal, is to conquer, divide,
From the king and the unicorn, the truth must hide.
For should the king's eyes be opened to see,
The unicorn's magic would set him free
From emotional blackmail, torturing his soul,
Returning to him his own control.
The evil subjects, as sheep adorned,
Spew their venom, so none are warned.

The unicorn's heart so torn, badly bruised,
But abandon her king, she still refused.
Remain she must, strong, vigilant, and true,
Her faith in her king will carry him through,
The flames of destruction have spread across his land,
Sparked and ignited by treacherous hand.
Her tears run free and they shed galore,
To extinguish the flames and rebuild once more
A kingdom enriched, exquisitely defined,
Magically wondrous, uniquely designed.
Thousands of subjects now flock to its gate,
Anxiously hoping, for admittance they wait.
The evil subjects with angered rage,
Turn on each other and so engage,
Their own vile behavior conceived of self lust.
They destroy each other as they scatter like dust.
The king and the unicorn stand proud and tall,
As they watch over the kingdom, but a tear doth fall,
From the corner of the unicorn's eye of jade,
Remembering the days, she spent shunned in the shade.
She looks at her king and gives him a smile of pride.
She kisses his cheek that warms him inside.
He no longer doubts his own self worth.
They celebrate each other and the kingdom's rebirth.

Written by [Faith.Hope.Love], aka Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly ©2008-12-10


" The Unicorn's Plea "

I'm the purity, the light, the truth.
I live deep in your dungeon, deep inside of you.
But will you allow me to shine, have my debut?

I am the way. I'm magical. I am healing.
You cage my spirit deep inside,
The place where only darkness can reside.

Misery has consumed you. You have succumbed.
Sadly you have forgotten all about me,
That I am still here. I can set you free.

For although I am trapped, locked within,
My light still flickers, hoping yet to see,
That you will come, that you will come for me.

You look to those that treat you as a fool.
You no longer have the hunger, nor do you care,
To release yourself from that you needn't bear.

Your polyester friends speak with forked tongue,
But you see not the tangled webs they have spun,
Nor the tightly woven wool, covering what they've done.

Even though in darkness, your prisoner I am kept,
My tears still flood to wash your burning eyes,
The persistent void, you cannot from me disguise.

If I could only pierce your heart to heal thy pain,
But first you must see me, know that I am here.
You drown me with alcohol to abate your fear.

I yearn for your happiness, an epitome of joy.
I stir within. I shudder from the chill.
My pleading screams go unheard, but still...

My faith in you is strong and so I wait
For you to see, to hear, to come...
To release us, this prison, from.

Written by [Faith.Hope.Love], aka Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly ©2008/11/20


My Golden Promise Pegasus spawned from this story plot as well in my imagination... and this image with poem:


"United In Dreams"

United in dreams, a connection unique;
Forbidden reality, no words can speak.
The light of day can never come dawning
For two souls met in slumber, spawning.
A magnetic energy but opposed with rage
With jealousy and hatred presetting the stage...
...And so in dreams only, the two reunite,
Embrace each other, make luminous the night.
The stars in the heavens twinkle and shine,
Endorsing their passion, profoundly divine.
With the Magical Maiden along, close by his side
Brightening the night with shimmers of pride...
...Thy great Pegasus on golden wings...
Supremely soars, the King of Kings!

Written by [Faith.Hope.Love], aka Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly
Image with poem: ©2011-12-11 07:11:47 (EST)
Poem: ©2009-12-27



"Pegasus - The Golden Promise"

- Soaring across the universe,
Thoughout our galaxy afar,
Spread wide your golden wings,
More amazing than a star!

§2 - The stars are mere stepping stones,
Each planet a place to land,
But when you visit earth,
Thy presence shall be grand.

§3 - The shimmering of your wings,
As they reflect each golden ray;
Even old man sun will smile,
With the trumpet of your neigh.

- The clouds aloft so honoured,
By golden hooves been kissed,
Shall release their magic dew drops,
An array of enchanted mist.

§5 - Multitudes of sparkling prisms,
Will unite in an arc across the sky.
Thy great Pegasus to soar over,
Gracefully on golden wings you'll fly.

§6 - As you, thy gallant steed,
O'er the vast rainbow glide,
A promise forever golden
Shall be written far and wide!

Art and poem by [Faith.Hope.Love], aka Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly
Poem: ©2009-12-21 Art: ©2009-12-20 (Golden Promise Pegasus)

Since the rainbow is a symbolism of God's Promise that He will never again flood the earth, I wanted to
relate with this concept, grasping the intensity and conviction, but with a promise of a different nature,
the bonding of two spirits, a union of magic so profound, nothing could ever undermine, influence, or
overcome it.


This WAS so much more than a story line, but rather just the eye of a much, much greater project I wanted to put into motion,
involving castles and mini kingdoms, kings and queens, knights and so on and like a 'community project' that would/could have
involved combined imagination of artists, writers, and roleplayers and incorporate a number and a variety of competitions, thus
could have become a community wide endeavor, which Elftown really needed, a more involved community of regular, non-crew

I was always about involving and encouraging the community of regular members to become more involved through projects and
contests, which the crew balked at and liked to criticise me for because my ideas sounded too much like work, as I was told more
than once by crew members. There was/is NO professionalism at all in the operating of [Hedda]'s sites. Pettiness has NO place in
running anything. Harassing, bullying, picking petty fights with, putting down, and acting so much more important than the regular
members (major community body) by a number of (not all) immature, self serving, self glorifying, cliquey crew members who apply
double standards is a recipe for disaster and ultimately is what killed Elftown. Even though the manipulative ringleader is no longer
there, the damage the ringleader did was extensive and without enough other people, as well as the site's owner, willing to put the
pieces back together and rebuild the site, the community, Elftown's complete demise is inevitable. A hundred active members, give
or take, is really pathetic, especially since there used to be thousands.

But... [Hedda] ultimately destroyed all my ideas. Jealousy is a very destructive ego based trait, both his and the former ringleader's.
I'm not saying I'm the only one who loved and cared about the site, but I can say no one has loved and cared more for sure and I
have proved this a thousand fold by investing my money and a MEGA, MEGA amount of time and effort involving years of my life. I
never planned on or expected to become the object of someone's obsession, which ultimately spurred on the jealous resentment of
the manipulative, self promoting ringleader. Then because I objected to and tried to defend myself against all the abuse I got and the
stalking and privacy invasion by the obsessed, I was made out to be the villain. But Karma is delivering payback for banning the one
person I know of who truly believed in Elftown, but there's nothing I can do except watch the site disintegrate and self destruct.

The End!


Thank you for reading. 



Graphics/art created by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly ©2013 All rights reserved.
About the usage and sharing of my creative works, please read:



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