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The Magician is the person who programs and runs Elfpack. He fixes the bugs, makes changes and tweaks the site to make it better. Additionally, he make changes when the Council annoys him into it, and he keeps an eye on things to make sure the Warden doesn't get too corrupt.

The Magician Apprentices are the people who do not have direct access to the Elfpack Server and thus cannot recode Elfpack, but their extensive help and knowledge of site-workings have earned them this acclaimed position.

(Badge Credits)

Master Magician, Big Bad God [Hedda]
Apprentice Magician, Mischievous [Schlachter] (Trainee)


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2004-12-04 [RabidSphinx]: i'm germam...(^_^)

2004-12-04 [Sunrose]: germ mam?

2004-12-04 [RabidSphinx]: oops...german*

2004-12-04 [1st Font]: *magical trevnor he's ever so clever*

2004-12-04 [RabidSphinx]: (O.o)??

2004-12-04 [Sunrose]: :D

2004-12-15 [moo]: *turns raine into cow and tips over* MUAHAHAAHHAHA I GOT YOU BACK!

2004-12-15 [RabidSphinx]: *stands up and chases [moo] trying to stab her with my horns*

2004-12-20 [Solitiaum]: o_O;; wierd ppls...

2005-02-06 [Crawley]: good god yall r messed up

2005-02-06 [Sunrose]: Welcome to Elfpack :D

2005-02-07 [RabidSphinx]: *smiles proudly*

2005-02-07 [Solitiaum]: *passes out today's prescription medication doses* now take this with water! they're such big pills, you might choke if you dont!

2005-02-08 [RabidSphinx]: i have yet to choke on my medications...mostly because i hide them under my tongue until after the nurse leaves and i spit it back out...(^_^)

2005-02-08 [Solitiaum]: oh lord

2005-02-09 [RabidSphinx]: they had to start checking under my tongue and down in my cheaks just to make sure i took it

2005-02-09 [Solitiaum]: *shoves hers down her throat and rubs her throat like a dog to make sure she swallows*

2005-02-10 [RabidSphinx]: (0.0)

2005-02-10 [*_*]: hey

2005-02-10 [RabidSphinx]: *twitches from medications*

2005-02-10 [*_*]: lol are u rellon meds ??

2005-02-10 [RabidSphinx]: some

2005-02-10 [*_*]: me too any new ??

2005-02-10 [RabidSphinx]: not really...just higher doses of them now

2005-02-10 [*_*]: o wow lol i am on more now

2005-02-10 [RabidSphinx]: i should be on more, but i refuse to see the doctors

2005-02-10 [*_*]: saww girl hugs

2005-02-21 [Ajsinnott]: how do i become a magican?

2005-02-22 [Ajsinnott]: kk thanks

2005-02-22 [*_*]: heyy all whats new

2005-02-22 [1st Font]: Kiwis, apples and pears... Oh my!

2005-02-22 [Solitiaum]: o.O deep...

2005-02-22 [1st Font]: mmm.... The Wizard of Oz

2005-02-22 [RabidSphinx]: i was told i should be given the title "The Wicked Witch of EP" because [Evil Zau] said i was the "hatefull queen of EP" the wizard of oz just reminded me of that...hahaha

2005-02-22 [1st Font]: mmmm interesting :P

2005-02-22 [RabidSphinx]: lol...i thought it was funny...i would love to be thw "wicken Witch of EP" muhahaha!

2005-02-22 [1st Font]: Not if i beat you to it :P

2005-02-22 [RabidSphinx]: what! NOOOOOOOOOO!!! it's mine! i worked HARD to be called an "evil hateful bitch"!!! i earned it! *pouts*lol

2005-02-22 [1st Font]: I think I am more Evil

2005-02-22 [RabidSphinx]: but you are already the magician...don't get greedy with every title...i'm plenty evil!

2005-02-22 [1st Font]: oh no no only Hedda can be the magician!

2005-02-22 [RabidSphinx]:, still, too bad! me'sa wants this title! i had to work hard and i earned it from someone that actually hates me! you have more badges than me anyways! *pouts*

2005-02-23 [Solitiaum]: When did this become a contest for badgies...?

2005-02-23 [RabidSphinx]: t's *always* a contest for badges...(^_-)

2005-02-23 [Solitiaum]: *frowns* I know I came across as being like that, but this should be about having fun and improving the Pack, not a race for badges.

2005-02-23 [Sunrose]: Indeed. The badges do look pretty though hehe..

2005-02-23 [Solitiaum]: Ill concede that point, lol...

2005-02-23 [RabidSphinx]: yuppers

2005-02-23 [1st Font]: Debs you are like the badge hog!!! You have sooo many on ET and here!!

2005-02-23 [RabidSphinx]: *grumbles*

2005-02-23 [1st Font]: well she does

2005-02-24 [Sunrose]: I never asked for them! Ha!

2005-02-24 [RabidSphinx]: yeah, or earn most of them either....*coughs*

2005-02-24 [Sunrose]: You wouldn't know anything about that. Before you start this 'i hate debby-thing' and insult me everywhere I comment again talk to [Whim].

2005-02-24 [RabidSphinx]: *coughs* i like my new's cool...and i worked hard for it too...that trivia was a pain in the ass, but woot! i gots a badge and i didn't even know that was part of helping out! *dances*

2005-02-24 [Sunrose]: Yea..[Anvikit] was working on it but has limited time so she only finished it's an awesome badge! ^^

2005-02-24 [RabidSphinx]: yeah...i figued that since it took so long after i helped out, that she, as always, let that pesky life of hers get in the way of her being on EP 24-7...*rolls eyes* lol

2005-02-24 [Sunrose]: hmm..well's good she's not on here 24/ has bad effects on real life anyway hehe..

2005-02-24 [RabidSphinx]: yeah...when you finaly do leave EP to go outside, and you feel this urge to report someone you meet on the street to "the guards" you know you have been on EP too long/much

2005-02-24 [Sunrose]: Haha, stuff like that yea @.@

2005-02-24 [RabidSphinx]: that sounds like something that would be on that "you are addicted to EP when..." lol

2005-02-24 [Sunrose]: hahaha I agree! ^^

2005-03-25 [Solitiaum]: XD i used lol just like that in normal conversation yesterday... haha

2005-03-26 [Sunrose]: hehe I have done that! it's so annoying hehe! ^^

2005-03-26 [RabidSphinx]: i have done that....people wonder about me sometimes...(^_^")

2005-06-04 [Skadia]: I've done that too.. It catched attention at gets very curious glances.. :\ Lols. ^.^""

2005-06-06 [BlackTearsCry]: I WANNA BE A MAGICIAN!!! >.<

2005-06-06 [Solitiaum]: Pretty much only Henrik can be one. Magicians program EP.

2005-06-06 [BlackTearsCry]: huh?

2005-06-12 [individual thought]: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........

2005-06-12 [BlackTearsCry]: why?

2005-06-12 [Solitiaum]: Unless you want to purchase a copy of the program he uses (a lynux program, I might add), then the odds of anyone else ever being an magician are fairly slim to none.

2005-06-12 [Sunrose]: Buying the program doesn't mean you'll be a magician though. [Hedda] needs to trust you and you actually have to be able to program :)

2005-06-12 [Solitiaum]: Oh aye, Im quite aware of that, Deb-san... Its just that without the program at all, theres no way in hell :P

2005-06-12 [Sunrose]: But even with the program there's almost no way in hell, so it's kind of a strange argument :p

2005-06-12 [Solitiaum]: Lol... There is that.

2005-06-17 [Cassie_Darlyn]: Thats kinda one sided aint it???

2005-06-17 [Dwemer]: Could I ask which program it is? My brother does Linux, but he hasn't a clue.

2005-06-17 [Solitiaum]: something with an R... I think... >.o;

2005-06-17 [Dwemer]: Thanks ^_^

2005-06-17 [Goodbye EP]: What does the Magican do?

2005-06-18 [Sunrose]: magic..

2005-06-18 [Solitiaum]: *rolls eyes at Deb-san* He programs ET.

2005-07-04 [Goodbye EP]: Can he make tteh bunnies come out of teh top hats?

2005-07-04 [Solitiaum]: erm... I could... for togs... >.>;

2005-07-04 [Goodbye EP]: Hmmmmm.*ideas brewing*

2005-08-01 [::HOLLY WOOD::]: aww how do i become a magician?

2005-08-01 [RabidSphinx]: become [Hedda]

2005-08-01 [Dwemer]: Now there's a goal ;)

2005-08-02 [Goodbye EP]: *becomes [Hedda]* Oh yea! What now biotches!?!?!

2005-08-02 [Dwemer]: You can't become [Hedda] !

2005-08-02 [Goodbye EP]: Well.....with enough makeup and a fake pen---  You're right..... Probably not.

2005-08-02 [Dwemer]: Does [Hedda] have make-up ?

2005-08-02 [Goodbye EP]: nah...but I am a girl, and I don't think I have the same face as him....and I also need the redness under my eyes if I want to be him.... Just saying

2005-08-02 [Dwemer]: ah ;)

2005-08-02 [RabidSphinx]: if you have enough magic to make yourself [Hedda] you are a magician...

2005-08-03 [Goodbye EP]: *sleeps*

2005-08-26 [your dark god]: i want that 1

2005-09-25 [Goodbye EP]: WTHeck are you talking about? LOL

2005-09-26 [RabidSphinx]: i think they are talking about the

2005-09-27 [Goodbye EP]: oh

2005-10-01 [Flowers for the Fallen]: *wants to be a magicain*

2005-10-03 [RabidSphinx]: me too, wait in line...(^_^)

2005-10-03 [Flowers for the Fallen]: lol! ^^ *waits behind RaineDrop*

2005-10-09 [Goodbye EP]: RAVEN!!!!! I love you!

2005-10-09 [Flowers for the Fallen]: o.o uhh this Raven?! *puts randome person {just happens to be [RabidSphinx]} infront of [Goodbye EP]*

2005-10-09 [RabidSphinx]: O_o

2005-10-10 [Flowers for the Fallen]: O.o

2005-10-10 [RabidSphinx]: o_o

2005-10-10 [Flowers for the Fallen]: O.o ....................................MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!

2005-10-12 [Goodbye EP]: I love Sarah too! YOU ARE BOTH SO DARN SEXY!!!! *Hugs Sarah AND Raven*

2005-10-13 [Flowers for the Fallen]: AHHH!! SPACE!! I NEED MY SPACE!!!

2005-10-13 [RabidSphinx]: whoa...i feel odly violated...O.o

2005-10-14 [Goodbye EP]: *gives Sarah back her underwear* *cough*


2005-10-14 [Solitiaum]: gack.

2005-10-14 [Goodbye EP]: Remember Ray, I ad sex with your mom. LOL Remember the little un-neaded comment today after lunch? ^_^ Of course you do.

2005-10-14 [Flowers for the Fallen]:  >.0 *twitches*

2005-10-15 [Goodbye EP]: Yea........she did that too...

2005-10-15 [Flowers for the Fallen]: EEWWW!!! SUT UP!!

2005-10-16 [Goodbye EP]: sut? LOL I love you too......

2005-10-17 [RabidSphinx]: *hides in the corner*

2005-10-17 [Goodbye EP]: *idea*

2005-10-17 [Flowers for the Fallen]: RUN!!

2005-10-18 [RabidSphinx]: *runs*

2005-10-19 [Goodbye EP]: *goes to get Sodapop, her cat*

2005-10-19 [Flowers for the Fallen]: <<;; dont listen....

2005-10-19 [Goodbye EP]: O_O *licks sodapop*


2005-10-19 [Solitiaum]: lmao...

2005-10-19 [RabidSphinx]: <

2005-10-19 [Goodbye EP]: Well you licked Ashton, Kristen, Justin, Jacklyn, and My


2005-10-19 [Goodbye EP]: Yea....I know how to hit close to

2005-10-20 [Flowers for the Fallen]:

2005-10-20 [Goodbye EP]: LOL

2005-10-20 [Flowers for the Fallen]: will you like THIS apple!?!?!?   ,,|,,    

2005-10-20 [Solitiaum]: *licks molly* >_>

2005-10-20 [Goodbye EP]: I am yummy, aren't I..... LOL

2005-10-21 [Solitiaum]: YUS! *chomps her*

2005-10-21 [Goodbye EP]: *bleeds*

2005-10-21 [Solitiaum]: O_O *heals* I didnt know you would bleed!!

2005-10-21 [Goodbye EP]: I did!

2005-10-22 [Flowers for the Fallen]: o0

2005-10-22 [Goodbye EP]: YEA!

2005-11-17 [Takashi-sama]: i wanna a wiccan...a solo practacing im in no cult....but i can do alot of things....i may be a drunky but im workin on dat.....

2005-11-18 [Flowers for the Fallen]: me and [Goodbye EP] are wiccan too ^_^

2005-11-21 [RabidSphinx]: that's sad...>>

2005-11-21 [Goodbye EP]: How? I tried being other religions. I feel like this one is the right one for me.

2005-11-22 [RabidSphinx]: whatever floats you boat...>>;

2005-11-23 [Goodbye EP]: It does float my boat. I say that it doesn't matter wether or not you are a christian. Christians are spiritual. That is wonderfull, but ANY spirituallity is JUST as wonderfull to me. Wiccans are not to be pittied just because they do not worship a certain physical form, such as Jesus.

2005-11-23 [RabidSphinx]: i pity them for different reasons

2005-11-23 [Goodbye EP]: why, may I ask?

2005-11-23 [RabidSphinx]: this isn't the place, nor do i wish to offend anyone. so i'll keep that bit of info to myself.

2005-11-23 [Goodbye EP]: Well, if you want to have opinions, that is your right, but don't tell me that you pity me for a reason you can't list to me.

2005-11-23 [RabidSphinx]: i can and a will, because i did. this is not the time nor place to disscuss fake religions

2005-11-23 [Goodbye EP]: MY RELIGION IS NOT FAKE.

2005-11-23 [RabidSphinx]: i don't worship any man, and okay, it is as real a scientoligy, both religions being recently created, by people. "wicca, pretending to be an acient religion since 1952"

2005-11-23 [Dwemer]: There is only one God. You guess who he is?

2005-11-23 [RabidSphinx]: Hedda?

2005-11-24 [Goodbye EP]: You know what Sarah, go ahead and get your "friends" to delete my messages. I don't give a shit

2005-11-24 [Dwemer]: Yes thats right [raindrop], [Hedda]. And M, if you dont give a shisit, why making such a fuss about it?

2005-11-28 [RabidSphinx]: whoa....>> i didn't ask anyone to delete any messages but you [Goodbye EP] because i figured we would BOTH get in trouble if they were left up...

2005-11-28 [Goodbye EP]: well, I am not concerned with that. I've moved on

2005-11-28 [Goodbye EP]: No biggie

2005-11-29 [RabidSphinx]: fine then....*twiddles thumbs*

2005-12-04 [Flowers for the Fallen]: o-O AHHHHHHH!! *tackles them*

2005-12-04 [Goodbye EP]: NANANANANANANANA SPIDERMAN! SPIDERMAN! Here comes Peter on the clothesline but his names not Peter it is SPIDERMAN! SPIDERMAN! Come on Lois let's get busy, maybe in the garden right here, SPIDERMAN! SPIDERMAN! Touch my can with your hand SPIDERMAN!

2005-12-04 [Flowers for the Fallen]: Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man! Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man! Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man! Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man! Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man! Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man! Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man! Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man! Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man! Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man! Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man! Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man! Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man! Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man!!

2005-12-04 [Goodbye EP]: LOL I am watching it right now! I looooove Brian!

2006-02-03 [DrakeA]: ...........................................

2006-02-03 [Goodbye EP]: We are talking about Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story.

2006-07-28 [FireGypsy]: Magicians are the best!!! *dances around [Hedda]* What a cool title! I would run around naked for a title like that! [Hedda] What did you have to do to earn a title like that? (i know you made the site but cmon! Magician? Thats just too cool!)

2006-07-28 [Goodbye EP]: I'm sure that if you ran around naked in front of [Hedda], you could get that title too.... lol

2006-07-28 [FireGypsy]: oooOoOoOoo *runs in circles around [Hedda] buck naked*

2006-07-28 [zoloftzantac]: damn [FireGypsy], you look really great naked :p

2006-07-28 [FireGypsy]: Only [Hedda] can see me because his magic makes it so. =)

2006-07-28 [zoloftzantac]: oh, uhh .. right, oh course *keeps watching and keeps his mouth shut*

2006-07-28 [FireGypsy]: *keeps running in circles and as she comes around, slaps [zoloftzantac]*

2006-07-29 [zoloftzantac]: Ouch! ^__^

2006-07-29 [Goodbye EP]: Wow.

2007-02-11 [shinobi14]: =( No fair! [Hedda] gets to see and we don't?  Sna???
Good point, Burnout. How did [Hedda] get such a cool position...? He is the big boss, though. So he could make any position he wants...
Magicians are so cool...

2007-02-11 [zoloftzantac]: [Hedda] built this place, down here he makes the rules, down here he is god ;)

2007-02-11 [FireGypsy]: Yuppers!

2007-02-13 [shinobi14]: Take it he hasn't made that position yet then... LOL
"Im a Magician, Deputy Warden, and a God" Yerrsss... I can see that..

2007-10-01 [Young J.C.]: I think the whole "God" position is just pushing it. Don't you think?

2007-10-02 [zoloftzantac]: oh, get over yourself J.C.

2007-10-02 [Young J.C.]: Okay, question, get over what? I'm just saying, I would never worship Hedda. I'm not religious. I don't believe in a God. So, once you tell me what exactly I am suppose to get over, I may just do so.

2007-10-02 [zoloftzantac]: it was a joke dude, doesn't J.C. stand for Jesus Christ?

you know, the son of the guy who said we should have no false idols or other gods before him ...

besides, who said you had to worship him? I promise you I don't worship your god

2007-10-02 [Young J.C.]: Oh, I'm not very good with those jokes, on the count that that is my initials to my name. So then I apologize for getting al upitty.

2010-04-29 [Velvet Dreams]: wow i do magic how do i get this title

2011-07-31 [becca21]: Can I just ask, where is the info on here :)

2013-02-08 [sammie h!]: Congradulations for becoming an apprentice, oh and can someone please delete that comment above mine from [becca21], its like aaaahhhh$ :)

2013-02-08 [Schlachter]: Thanks [sammie h!]... though...
I smell work o.0' a lot of it! Not good...
I don't remember signing up for this. Well, *shrugs* work is work.

2013-02-08 [sammie h!]: Lol, can I send you a friend request? :)

2013-02-08 [Schlachter]: Sure, if it makes you happy.

2013-02-09 [Stephen]: *amused*

@Sammie: There's no reason to delete someones' comment. Besides, it was her asking what a Magician is, that got me to write the description.

2013-02-09 [sammie h!]: Aye, I didn't delete any comment???

2013-02-09 [Stephen]: can someone please delete that comment above mine from [becca21], its like aaaahhhh$ :)

I was responding to that..

2013-02-09 [sammie h!]: Oops, long night xx

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