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2007-07-19 17:42:01
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In Weeki Wachee Florida there is a Spring where real Mermaids swim. They perform underwater shows all year round. The Mermaids breathe underwater by using air hoses that they use every 20-40 seconds or so. The spring is crystal clear and is about 74 degrees all year round. The underwater theater is built right into the spring, so the Mermaids are swimming with the natural wildlife. Once in a while, manatees make an appearance and swim with the Mermaids.

Go to their website for more information.

The Little Mermaid
(takes a minute to show)

More mermaids

I, [FireGypsy], shall be auditioning on the 24th to be a mermaid! Wish me luck!

So far I have been practicing my breath control. I will hold my breath for 45 seconds, take a 15 second breather, and do it again over and over untill I am confortable.

I can hold my breath for a minute comfortably. I have even pushed myself for a personal record of 1 Minute 36 Seconds.

I have visited the local YMCA's 25 meter lap pool. I can swim underwater the whole 25 meters in 1 breath.

My problem is, after swimming the 25 meters underwater, it is difficult to try and hold my breath within a few minutes afterwards to my standards (at least 45 seconds). I need to work on my endurance. I plan on visiting the lap pool one more time, the day before my audition.

This is me, at Weeki Wachee after I filled out my application and watched the shows, pretending to be a Mermaid! XD I look fat!
(Note: This is not the mermaid costume, it is just a plastic structure that I am standing behind XD)

Mermaid Audition

So my mermaid audition went awesome! There were 7 girls auditioning. They had us do some underwater figures doing backflips. They had us do a 25 meter swim underwater. They had us do a breathhold, and had us smile pretty! I held my breath the longest, swam the farthest underwater and my figures were alright. In my opinion, I did the best that I could! My interview was great! So I stayed and watched some mermaid shows and such and went home.

As soon as I got home I had missed a call from weeki wachee because my phone was dead. So I called them back and they stated that one of the current mermaid's purse was missing and they wanted to know if I had seen anything. I know nothing about it. About 20 minutes later I got another call stating that they had talked to other auditionees and that they had said that they saw me walk out with the brown purse. This, of course, was bullshit. I had no use for someone else's purse and I am certainly not the type of person who would steal something from someone else. I was never alone and was always out in the open.

So, I went back down there, very upset and tried to explain to them that I had not taken the purse. That I had stayed in the park for HOURS and that I had JUST gotten home when they called me. The purse, I found out, was twice the size of mine, meaning it was big, and there is NO way in hell that I would be able to walk around Weeki Wachee with someone else's HUGE ass purse and get away with it. I cant believe someone would say that about me for NO reason. Stupid bitches.

In other news, I am ON the news!
Then look at the top right, click "Watch exclusive Bay News 9 videos" and click "So you want to be a mermaid?" I am the one in the purple and white flowered swimsuit ^_^
Another news video. Just clikc the link and click "videostory".

[Due to the purse drama and the fact that it did not turn up, Weeki Wachee has decided not to hire any girls from the group.]

[**NEW**]Weeki Wachee lied. I was contacted by one of the head mermaids, Abby, a month after my audition and she told me that when Robyn called me and told me that someone saw me with the purse, that Robyn lied. She made it up. And I am the only one they made that story up to. Shortly after informing me of this, Abby quit due to Weeki Wachee's dishonesty. Also, they did hire someone from my group of auditioners, the only underage girl, becuase her mommy used to be a mermaid. I emailed Weeki Wachee demanding a reason for their behaviour, and I was ignored. So I messaged the mermaid manager to being ignored aswel. I called the EEOC and should be getting paperwork in soon and I cant WAIT to fuck them over. Another girl who they screwed over is doing the same thing.


This is me during my audition performing a "pinwheel" manouver.

Project Sirenomelia


Me trying out my homemade mermaid tail!


More pictures of my with my mermaid tail and my friend Raven. I made her tail aswel.


My Underwater Photoshoot

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2007-02-19 [Avrora_Black]: Heyy good luck:D
Personally I don't think it's posible for a person to hold his breath for as long as the videos show, it's absolutely impossible.I have been a swimmer for 3 years (competing and stuff) but I could manage to keep my breath only a minute and a few additional seconds...Maybe it's me, but the coaches didn't advice us to do many tricks because your heart can explode from holding your breath too long....I don't know:) I hope you'll make it.
As I can see,you also have to be able to swin the vutterfly style to move your feet with the tail...Cool, but hard to do. Your body wil become really strong after that;)

2007-02-19 [FireGypsy]: They dont hold their breath that long lol! They breathe through air hoses every 20-40 seconds or so XD The videos are small on here, if you look them up on youtube they are bigger and you can see when they breathe from the hoses.

2007-02-25 [shinobi14]: Well done, Sasha!!!
I really hope you do make it. You will, of course, but its always nice to have faith.
I also hope that the bullshit with the purse doesn't jeopardise your chances... Bitches.

2007-02-25 [FireGypsy]: I still havent gotten my call if I got the job or not....

2007-02-25 [Eyes of the Reaper]: Awesome! lol Nice kiss to the cam Sasha. XD

2007-02-25 [FireGypsy]: ^_^ Well technically it wasn't to the cam, I couln't see through the window!

2007-02-25 [Romantic Rebellion]: purse drama? if you dont mind me asking, whats that? lol

2007-02-25 [FireGypsy]: *points to above article*

I take my statement back, apparently they are not going to hire ANY of the girls because nobody brought the purse back.

2007-02-25 [shinobi14]: Thats sucks... and blows... at the same time. =(

2007-02-25 [FireGypsy]: Yeah, but in all realty, I am alright with it. It means that they haven't hired ANYONE new and if I wait a month or so and reapply, hopefully I will get a solo audition, without all the stupid fucking drama, and hopefully get the job!

2007-02-25 [shinobi14]: Im hope you do...
Damm that job was almost perfect. >.<

2007-02-25 [FireGypsy]: Yeah ^_^

2007-02-26 [~sminx~]: is it a proper job? how much do they pay, if you don't mind me asking?

2007-02-26 [FireGypsy]: They pay minimum wage. Weeki Wachee is suffering badly and is goin to court soon. Hopefully after everything has been solved they will pay more. But who cares, it is a fun job!

2007-02-26 [Romantic Rebellion]: yeh sounds it lol, i hope you can get it some how!

2007-02-28 [zoloftzantac]: ouch, it is a competitive job that only pays minimum wage? Things must be really bad in Florida :/

2007-02-28 [FireGypsy]: No, I just got a job, but it is only temporary until I try for the Mermaid job again ^_^

2007-02-28 [shinobi14]: zz, its america, not florida. XD

And what is this temp job you speak of, Sasha?

2007-02-28 [shinobi14]: Not saying all americans are like that.

No offence. >.<

2007-02-28 [FireGypsy]: I will be selling shit, dont worry about it.

2007-02-28 [shinobi14]: Selling shit? Good luck with that!
I dont need to buy it, because enough of it comes out of my mouth...

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