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Pumpkin Land
Pumpkin Land Halloween Banner Entries
Pumpkin Land Halloween Poem Contest

How to post your poem

Add your poem after the last one that has already been dy posted. Don't forget to put your name and the title of your poem.


Please Note that my helper [Wendy] will be doing minor grammer corrections. If your poem has to many errors she will inform you and it will be up to you to correct it, or have it removed by [Shatureel]

Deadline : October 31, 2006


[Shatureel] : [POEM TITLE]

[Wendy] : A Halloween Night

I dash through the dead of night.
The October leaves catch in my hair.
Orange lights decorate houses.

I see large goblins and tiny goblins.
Princesses and witches.
Ghosts, demons, and zombies.
Characters from shows, games, and movies.
Everyone is present for this Hallowed night.

A black cat steps out in front.
I scratch behind its ears and continue on my way.

I enter the large, black gates, open wide for this night.
The graves number thousands in front of me.

I find the one that I seek and I kneel in front of it.
'Neath my cloak I pull out roses, a candle, and a lighter.

I place the roses upon the grave and then I light the candle.
The candle glows and it's flame reflects on the lighter.

I clasp my hands think good thoughts.
I try to send them to all of the deceased.
I pray hard that I can reach them with good words tonight.

"Happy Halloween and may you all be cherished in the afterlife."

[life without you - mmm - how cool!] : Dark Hallows Night

Dark Hallows Night

Its cold, the wind through my hair,
everyone's laughing, I sit there and stare.
The witches the wizards, the bunny that bites,
all having fun on this Dark Hallows Night.
I want to join in but 1 sercret haunts me,
that a little costume i wasnt to need.
As deep in my eyes as dark as the mud,
I had a craving for that sweet red blood.
One step near a person, my secret revealed,
that my vampire bite was how they be killed.
Its cold, the wind through my hair,
everyone's laughing, I sit there and stare.

[Devil/Angel] : Halloween

On the night all feel joy,
  the night of all Hallowseve,
people change into things meant only for the evil soul to see,
  it's very sudl,
but only at first,

beause they drink your blood and get the thirst all these creatures get on Halloween,
   they'll slit your throat and tear off your legs,
 just to taste the things they dread,
  So kill thy mother and thy father too,
 because on Halloween,
  It's not blamed on you.

[Wolfe In Chef's Clothing] : Bloody Hallows eve

A tradition between my friends and I, we trick-or-treat under the dark sky,
We take a shortcut through the alley, Even with the noise of kids sounding like they’re in a pep rally,
I hear a whisper that sends chills down my spine, I stop, standing like my body were bound with twine,
Red eyes shine in the shade, I think I see the flash of a blade,
I feel cool breath on my neck I look over my shoulder and wish I was home, sitting on my deck,
A creature with fangs as white as snow, Hisses and lets his anger show,
I feel a sharp pain, As his long fangs sink into my vein,
I try and scream but there is no sound, I lay still as he sets me on the ground,
I watch the world slowly turn dark, I then woke with a spark,
My friends gathered around, They claim they found me unconscious on the ground,
Did they not see his fangs? His red eyes under his dark bangs?
They ask if I still want to go out, I nod and they give a shout.
Once again we head out, My friends and I, To trick-or-treat under the dark sky,
I feel a pressure on my top lip, I can feel a sharp tip,
Two fangs like the man had, Oh my God this is bad,
One of my friends scrapes their knee, I stare at the Blood with almost a sense of glee,
I get us alone, shove him back, I bite his neck, his body goes slack,
Oh what a Bloody Hallow's Eve this has been, Now in the night my fangs are the ones to sheen,
My friends never figure out why I leave, Every night on each Bloody Hallows Eve.

[Lylerian] : Death From the Dark

A night of terror , silent chills
Screams run through, echoing through the hills
Blood and death , shadows cast the unspeakable
The time has come, the dark pressing close.

Under the full moon, darkened sky
I sense your fear, hear your cry
You cannot hide in this place,
This will be your last mistake.

Silent creeping darkness, springs to take you
Caught in the shadows of a dying night,
Here it comes, inevitable chorus of fright.

[Voice of the Voiceless] : There's something out there

Walking by the cemetery you see silence fills the empty holes
Where the corpses lay of the many forgotton souls,
Though people think of the old myth of not being true
For there is something who comes when your time is due,

Even during the demon's and ghost's fun hour
This figure reaps over even all they're power,
With a tall pointed hood and a large sharp sith
The thing that is called 'Death' is not just a myth,
When the darkness starts to draw close you start to feel fear
You should open your ears and listen to what you hear,
Standing alone you get a weird feeling
That you're not alone that makes your nerves very chilling,
Your hair stands up as you turn around to see him there
The fear within you is now your worst nightmare,
Now lifting his shining blade into the sky
You get the frightening feeling that you're gonna die,

At the moment he swings at your head
You close your eyes hoping you're not dead ,
Nothing has happened you open your eyes glancing around
That no one is near you, not a thing to be found
But keep an eye out and watch under the moonlight
Because you might see him again on Halloween night.

[Fre$h to Death] : Halloween is coming kids that means...BOO

trick or treat is what theyll be saying
but sometimes its life is what theyll be paying
because its not always just costumes
it could be a real ghost who died of fumes
so watch out little boys and girls dont be a fool
because halloween is coming kids and that means....BOO
im not the best poet but this story is true and im just warning you
so dont be afraid when someone says the three letter word BOO

when you see someone dying i suggest you run
dont sit there because youll be done
so the safest thing to do is to go in room
you may not be getting candy but you wont get doom

[Fallen_Angel87] : Going Trick or Treating

Watching the leaves fall from the trees
I know the day is getting close
A day of fun a day of laughter
A day just to hang out a cause trouble
It is the day to have fun
A day to go trick-or-treating
I am going trick-or-treating
Gonna have some fun
Hope I get some sweets
or the tricks will come
I am going trick-or-treating


Haunting melody fills the eerie night
Fading ghosts dance in and out of the light
Werewolfs howl at the rising moon
Monsters chase the ghouls around
While goblins creep just out of sight
Trick-or-treaters run around
Children's laughter rings abound
Cutting through the darkest night
The boogie man is out tonight
In search of fresh meat for the tribe

Aliens with lazer guns
Join in with all the fun
As covered faces with angelic wings
Skip hand in hand all through the night
With pitch-forked devils with horns and tails
Shooting cowboys on the run
While cops and robbers stand and watch
As witches ride high above
Shouting "Happy Halloween"
To you, to me, to one and all.

[freek_chik] : The Haunting

the way the eyes follow you in the jack-o-lantern
they see you and they see me
the will haunt you and surround you till you crack
you will see them when you're sleeping
they will see you when you're awake
i will laugh when they see your smile
so alive
so willing to be alive
they will break you
they will swallow your soul and make you wish
wish for a different day
wish for a different time
wish to be anywhere but there
then they are gone
you think you are safe
till next year when they pick up where they left off
you can never win

[Faith.Hope.Love] : Nightly Demons!

Most days are uneventful, some would call them boring.
I guess because my haunters are so busy snoring.
All I know is that each night as the darkness looms,
I go throughout my parents' house to each and all the rooms.
Checking every corner, as a dark, inviting host,
Ruling out all chances to welcome any ghost.
Once my suspicions are settled, visibly erased,
I tell myself, my fear has really been misplaced.

Once in my room, before I turn out my light,
I inspect all objects that's within my sight.   
My slippers I place just along my bed.
The robe is lightly plopped on the post beside my head.
The drapes are hanging still over windows tightly locked.
If my parents knew my thoughts, I'm sure that they'd be shocked.
My closet is so neat, everything in place.
Why, I can't believe myself that I have extra space!
Okay! I'm ready. My cozy bed invites.
I glance around once more and clap off all the lights.
As my dreams commence, the creepies waltz on in,
And when I wake at morning, I'm tired with no win.

I look around my room aghast at what I see.
Gee, I could have sworn... My! This just can't be!
My slippers are way across the room.
My robe is in my closet hanging from the broom.
The drapes are pulled aside, every drawer has been cracked.
Boy! I must be losing it! My brain is truly whacked!
My books are on the floor all in disarray.
Did I really want to waken to all of this dismay?
I scramble to straighten up such a major mess.
My mom is calling me as I slip into my dress.   
"Coming", I holler with a final glance.
Tonight there'll be nothing I will leave to chance.

Although I'm not quite sure why I'm thinking in this way,
Because I know the same awaits me today and everyday!

[Wide-Eyed Insanity] : Things that go Bump in the Night

I'm about to tell you a secret
I've never told anyone before
Just wait until you hear it
You'll laugh til your sides are sore

When you turn the lights out
I get a little freaked
I'll try to open my mouth to shout
But all I'll do is squeak

I'm still afraid of the Boogeyman
Even though I'm fourteen
Then again, if you ever saw him
You'd know what I mean

Clowns are a little freaky
Always laughing in their strange fashion
They always get to me
I HATE them with a passion

I'm afraid of more things, sure
But I don't think I'll tell
Halloween's scary enough
Without my fears dragging me down to Hell

[FireGypsy] : Trick-or-treat

I pull on striped stockings,
and slip on my heels,
I put on my hat,
What excitment I feel,
I look in the mirror,
And what do I see,
But a cute little witch,
Staring back at me,
I add some more makeup,
And paint my nails black,
I'm ready to go,
And dont want to come back,
I grab my candy bag,
And head out the door,
To run into some ghosts,
That scared me for sure!
I walk down the street,
And looking around,
I see a zombie and a mummy,
And a princess in her gown!
There are ghouls and goblins,
And fairies and clowns,
There are Frankinsteins and monsters,
Of all sorts around!
There are ballerinas and angels,
And decorations everywhere,
Then there was a monster,
That gave me a scare!
I walked up to some houses,
And knocked on their doors,
I said "Trick-or-treat",
And got candy galore!
I looked in my bag,
And to my surprise,
It was full of candy,
So I run back inside!
The night was over,
I washed myself clean,
I had lots of fun,
This night on Halloween.

[Little Bi Vixen] All Hallows Eve
I'm running through the woods,
My hair whips around behind me.
There something scary out there,
And I don't want it to find me.
I hear sounds all around,
And they all fill me with fright,
Was that a bunny, or a goblin,
A owl or a creature of the night?
I'm running again, I can hardly see,
But I don't care because it's chasing me.
I'm almost home, my lights are in sight,
I need to get there before I die of fright.
I open the door, shut it, and lock it up tight,
But my fears have not left me this Halloween Night.

[The Vampire Lestat] Ready or not
It was me and her walking along,
Singing our favorite song.
We walk by a graveyard,
She's holding me kinda hard.
I pull her close and whisper softly,
"It's allright my love, there's nothing here ghostly."
I pulled her towards the gateway,
She tries to run away.
This place fills her with fright,
But tonight is the night.
I kiss her softly and reassure her,
Then she gives in, I hear her whisper,
"Lead me on my valiant one,
And I will stay with you till the rising of the sun."
I held onto her, and her to me,
And I must admit, it was the best Halloween.

[Box] the last night.
the children walk through the streets
on that october night
the only thing they didnt know is that
they would not return home tonight
all of a sudden they hear a crack
they stop dead in their tracks
suddenly a ghostly figure comes up
holding a bloody axe
A shriek is heard from all around
but just to say it at my best
the children were never found
and you can tell yourself the rest...

[Innocent Seduction]: Samhain Celebrations

All Hallow's Eve
The witches brew
Samhain's feast
To start the year new

Around the fire, sit,
Sing of Cerridwen
And her Cauldron that
Made old new again

Honor those past
And those yet to come
In the circles you cast
Welcome spirits who've gone

As the dead come to call
Open your doors
The end of the Fall
Brings the beginnings of more

[ilovedrake]: the night i never knew

it was the night before Holloween
no one was around,i sat there
thinking about how my love was doing,
when i went to sleep that night i
heard my love yelling out to me and
for some strange reson he told me to get
out of the house,but before i could ask
why he was gone,the next day i thought it
had just been a dream,that night i heard him
again but this time it was louder "GET OUT",
i knew something was wrong so i was going to wait until the next day to leave but then
i heard a tapping sound on my window, i ran
over to see who it was and then BAM.........
a dark haired man who looked vaguely familiar
grabbed me by the arm and screamed GET OUT NOW!
i packed up that morning and headed out to find him
i did not know what had happened that day but i know that my love had saved me from dieing in that house because in the news a day later it had said that the house had collapsed
but no one knew why

[hytrjuhytjhgjg]: Overbearing

"Just another normal night when Halloween soon strikes,
Not for all the cristians, dear--
But for all the goths insight.

For isn't that their normal wear,
Attitude and state?
Yes, halloweens is the day,
The devil celebrates,

He roams your streets with a clever mask,
Hiding with such a disguise,
Tell me now, if this was good,
Why must you mock ended lives,

Raise your chin child and stand up straight,
Poor posture is not the key,
If you wish to ever succeed in life,
Listen up and act like me",

"Yes ma'am, just another night,
Indeed--quite like ours,
When your neighbors show generosity,
Occassional sinful memoirs,

But what about the princesses?
And cheerleaders, the queens?
Surely you can't think poorly of them,
Death isn't what halloween MEANS."

"Nonsense child, nonsense,
And I said stand up straight!
You'll never partake in such an event,
That I will always hate."

"Well such of an event is what I wish to join,
It really sounds like fun,
Please mother, may I trick or treat,
My costume is almost done!"

[Savage_Reality] Sir Grimm hast reaped

I've avoided you, all this year
Your clammy hands my biggest fear
The rule of thumb, my hated truth
Great and small, victim to you
Fireplace flickerings make small
Demon shadows morph on walls
Inner terrors come forth to front
As Hallow's Eve comes with the sun
This day, my doom, for you roam free
With ghouls, goblins, trolls and sidhe
The folklore of centuries are they
And for 24 hours, come out to play
I ask, Sir Grimm, when you find me
Do it swift and painlessly
Smirk, you will, as bony hands grab me
Alas! You say, Sir Grimm hast reaped!


trick or treat,
run away.
ghosts and goblins,
come out to play.
bird and bees,
hide safe and sound.
while witches and wizards
fly around.


Now stay in your bed
And cover your head
Do not come out
If you hear a shout

This is the night
The night of fright
Witches and wizards
Snakes and lizards

Haunting the sky
Some may die
The dead arise
From where they lie

The tricks and treats
From those you meet
Are made of things
Like black bat wings

A spell or potion
Set into motion
The flying brooms
And cackling loons

So do take heed
Get what you need
Before you retire
Or you may expire

[君たち 夢 - kimitachi yume]: One Dark kNight

I think one kNight is enough
I just want to show you
It aint so tough

be he or she dark
or be she or he light
There isnt a length for this kNight.

Scary... Maybe.
but when have you been afraid lately?

Tonight all those things that spook you
return to haunt you again
so what are you prepared to do?


Thank you everyone who entered

Special thanks to [Kaos101], [Lez_emo_lover], [GlassCasket] and [crazycookie] for their help in picking the top TEN POEMS. *Hugs*


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2006-11-01 [君たち 夢 - kimitachi yume]: -.-' --laughs-- If you say so

2006-11-01 [Shatureel]: I say so. *winks and grins*

2006-11-01 [君たち 夢 - kimitachi yume]: well then youre welcome. --slides to her right-- This contest is pretty neat. I like Vipress' Entry. I didnt wanna say cause I thought I'd be biased for saying it, which I suppose is true considering a couple of things. 1) The fact that if you had wrote something I know it wouldve been good. and 2) the fact that if either one of you had simply wrote "hello" you wouldve had my vote. But as for unbiased choices I chose Viperess, Reine de Tueur, burnouthappy, artise_ladie, and savage reality

2006-11-01 [Shatureel]: well when it is time to vote, you will have to chose one. LOL

2006-11-01 [君たち 夢 - kimitachi yume]: Then I chose Myself lmao

2006-11-01 [Shatureel]: laughs, no voting for yourself.

2006-11-01 [Black*Raven]: Happy Halloween and good luck to all.

2006-11-01 [Shatureel]: Please bare with me, I am making the voting wikis. 

2006-11-01 [GlassCasket]: OH MY GAWA!!!!!! i guess i should have been keeping track XD

2006-11-03 [Wendy]: __<, Ish no can decideses!

2006-11-03 [Viperess]: Don't feel bad neither can I

2006-11-03 [Wendy]: *huggles [Viperess]*

2006-11-03 [Viperess]: *huggles [Wendy] back*

2006-11-08 [Faith.Hope.Love]: I just want to say that I'm delighted that mine was picked as one of the top 10. *does a happy dance* I never expected it, so it's a delightful surprise! ^___^ Thanks, everyone that made this possible & thanks, [Shatureel] for hosting it! *huggles to all*

2006-11-10 [Shatureel]: You are welcomed. They did a good job of picking the poems, I had nothing to do with the picking, I left that in there hands. Now if only we can get more people to come and vote for both the poems and the art, that would make me very happy. :)

2006-11-10 [Faith.Hope.Love]: *nods* I put it in my mood, too, to help spread the word, as well as mentioning it in my house. :D

2006-11-10 [Shatureel]: thats cool, I have it there too. I am thinking of closing the voting on 11-14, will see how the voting is going by then.

2006-11-13 [Wendy]: That sounds like a fine idea. <3

2006-11-13 [Shatureel]: Yep I think so, that will be a good day. LOL

2006-11-17 [Faith.Hope.Love]: *nods* :))

2006-11-20 [Wendy]: Me, too. It will be a good day. =D

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