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This wiki came second place at the 'Best Wiki Award' of May 2006, courtesy of Elfpack Awards


Welcome Traveller!

This is Pumpkin Land, the land of eternal happiness, games, laughter, and.... nightmares

As a self-proclaimed King, I, the [pumpkin king], give you dear traveler, a big bearhug and licks (ewww)

Enjoy your visit.

Enter Pumpkin Castle


A Tribute To Pumpkin King


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2008-05-04 [Raikcoes]: easy solution eh

2008-05-05 [DRACE]: heh, well in that case, would you like to have a quick shag with me [Shatureel], hmmm? *grins innocently*

2008-05-05 [DRACE]: oh and before I forget, that new banner up the top, to me it looks like it is a placemat o.O

2008-05-06 [Shatureel]: *laughs at [DRACE]* Innocent you, never. *looks at banner* Cool maybe I can market it.

2008-05-07 [Raikcoes]: -pounce both of ya- wwwwoooooottttt

2008-05-08 [Shatureel]: *lol* Kitty you are always pouncing.

2008-05-11 [Raikcoes]: -nods- yish =^_^=

2008-05-14 [Shatureel]: *grins* so whats new, hows the belly coming along?

2008-05-15 [Raikcoes]: baby doing good.

2008-05-19 [Shatureel]: thats great to hear.

2008-05-20 [Raikcoes]: -nods- mmhhmm. i thinks he gonna say hellow in a few weeks personally

2008-05-26 [Shatureel]: that will be cool.

2008-05-27 [Raikcoes]: yes it would

2008-05-30 [Shatureel]: so when are you due?

2008-05-30 [Raikcoes]: july 13th they say. i say june.

2008-05-31 [Shatureel]: lol, well that is close.

2008-06-06 [Raikcoes]: -smiles- yeah

2008-06-06 [Shatureel]: good luck,.

2008-11-17 [DRACE]: [Raikcoes], people have been asking you to update your wiki 'to the nice guys' on fake, well one has, so I just told him that you have real life stuff to deal with.

I hope that is a sign that I am sorry, if not well whatever, i won't be online next year so it doesn't really matter.

none of you will have to deal with meag ain.

2009-01-17 [Raikcoes]: i have closed the vast of my wiki's, and unfortunately drace i cant forgive you for the things that you and your so called friends have done to me and my son

2010-08-13 [DRACE]: O.o well that was a waste of time to put up, considering we are friends on fake XD

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