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The Role-Playing Contest Crew are the people who moderate the Role-Playing Contests. They make sure everything is always updated and working fine, and members are following the rules of the contest.

Role-Playing Crew Board Room -- Staff Only!


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Minister of Destruction [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Head Game Master of all Role-Playing pages. Oversees staff, contest creation, rules and almost everything else.

Insane [Cerulean Sins] - Second-In-Charge Helper Game Master


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2011-08-26 [wolvie]: *whistles* very nice :D

2011-08-26 [LinkTurrner]: lol thank you

2011-08-26 [Stephen]: xD

All my comments vanished! D=

2011-08-26 [LinkTurrner]: lol they did, I cleaned the comments before putting it public lol

2011-08-26 [Stephen]: Well, that does make sense. xD

2011-08-26 [LinkTurrner]: xD yep

2011-08-26 [wolvie]: D: all my...wait i didn't comment till now xD

2011-08-26 [LinkTurrner]: xD nice

2011-08-26 [wolvie]: ooh and I think 'just a suggestion' that the crew shouldn't be allowed to be apart of the contest that wouldn't really make it fair

2011-08-26 [Stephen]: that the crew shouldn't be allowed to be apart of the contest that wouldn't really make it fair

I think if a crew member does join in, they should be removed from being one of the crew-members for that contest period, so they don't get special treatment.

2011-08-26 [LinkTurrner]: Yeah they will be removed if they do decide they want to sit in one, but wolvie they wount be aloud in, they'll be doing what I do just watching or part of the interview.

2011-08-26 [wolvie]: ooh yeah that's a better idea :D thanks [Stephen] *nods* makes sense :)

2011-08-26 [Stephen]: =)

2011-08-26 [LinkTurrner]: Stephen what are you doing? xD

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