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In conjunction with Elfpack's Role-Playing Contests


                          Welcome, to the Roleplaying Guild of Elfpack.

The Guild is an effort to collect all Role-Players and Role-Plays on Elfpack in one location, big or small. Here you can talk with other role-players, become famous for your skills, or be broken down and rebuilt to be a better and well-respected role-player.

The Role-Playing Crew and the Roleplayer Council are some of the elite roleplayers on Elfpack who have come together to make Elfpack a bigger and better place for role-players. They can help give you tips and advice on running, building and role-playing, and they can also help you to moderate and enforce rules on your pages.

It's not mandatory to join the Guild, but by doing so you can meet others with the same interests, attract more players to your role-plays, and have easy contact with an Elfpack Staff member should an issue arise on your page.


What is Roleplaying?

Roleplay Rules


RPG's A-Z of Roleplays

RPG's A-Z of Roleplayers


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2012-02-11 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: woot

2012-02-11 [Stephen]: Do you think the Roleplayers Council and Role-Playing Crew should be on every page?

I can just link to the Crew on the Council page, and remove the Crew link from the linklist. It seems kind of redundant.

2012-02-11 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Not really, it's just as easy as clicking the back button, as clicking a mouse key

2012-03-27 [luscalover]: hiiiiiiiiiii :D

2012-03-28 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: *stares at* yes?

2012-04-02 [Stephen]: lol

2012-04-09 [Eyes of the Reaper]: I had forgotten all about this page, then I remembered that I made the graphics for it... x.x

2012-05-03 [Stephen]: *pokes Allie*


2012-05-04 [Eyes of the Reaper]: *pokes Stephen back*


2012-05-04 [GlassCasket]: *dies in a firey explosion*

2012-07-30 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Yep advertising in here, gogo! It's My World

2012-07-31 [Sonya Blue]: Join! Flaumira please

2012-08-01 [Cerulean Sins]: Join Thronos Rokke

2012-08-16 [Stephen]: I'd love to get this place out and more well known.

2013-04-21 [Lirerial]: Does anyone know of any active rp?

2013-04-24 [GlassCasket]: lol not that i can think of

2013-06-23 [kittykittykitty]: So... go ahead and revive one?:D

2013-11-21 [I'm gone.]: Lol

2014-11-06 [Amphelice The Abominable]: ..It's been a long time since I been on here. Are people still roleplaying?

2014-11-06 [I'm gone.]: [Amphelice The Abominable] I am afraid that people on here aren't as active as they used to be... *sighs* this place is dying.....

2014-11-06 [Amphelice The Abominable]: It seems it already has.. thanks for the response. I guess there is some life on here :)

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