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2007-06-13 12:14:28
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The story takes place in the woods, the Seven Knights are on their way to rescue Nami, they are so close they can feel it. they are currently discussing a way to tell her that the husband is dead,
Near by Nami and Jherio are currently arguing, he wants her to surrender to death but she refuses and wont go down without a fight.

Seven Knights of the Seven Kingdoms

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2007-10-11 [Velvet Dreams]: **so we can take the castle with easy**

2007-10-11 [MadHatress]: "No, even though most of his followers have turned, he stiill cannot be taken easily"

2007-10-11 [Velvet Dreams]: **so it still should be fun stoming the castle then**

2007-10-11 [MadHatress]: Meg looked at him with a questionable expression. "I guess we'll find out"

2007-10-13 [Velvet Dreams]: **so have you had any troble while i been gone**

2007-10-13 [MadHatress]: "No, I've been left alon efor the most part"

2007-10-15 [Velvet Dreams]: **well its no time to rest , lets get an army inline**

2007-10-15 [MadHatress]: Meg nodded and walked out next to him.

2007-10-16 [Velvet Dreams]: **meg you get the archers and the magicians i will get the knights the cavery and inftery**

2007-10-16 [MadHatress]: She nodded and walked off.

2007-10-17 [Velvet Dreams]: loki went to the stables

2007-10-17 [Orochimaru]: (wow...going slow it seems)

2007-10-17 [Sonya Blue]: (i think this wiki might have died...)

2007-10-17 [Orochimaru]: (well...noone seems to be working toghther)

2007-10-18 [Velvet Dreams]: (hay iam trying here lol)

2007-10-18 [Orochimaru]: (meep)

2007-10-24 [Velvet Dreams]: ((lets have a big war))

2007-10-24 [Orochimaru]: (eh im game...kinda wht my charater is waiting for anyways)

2007-10-25 [Velvet Dreams]: ((yea same here i am the king of the woods poison nightshade and you are))

2007-10-26 [Orochimaru]: (i am riku a seven knights member)

2007-11-02 [Velvet Dreams]: ok hay i know why dont you walk in to the woods

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