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2005-02-04 14:20:25
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Welcome to the Showcase, where you can find a variety of art, photos, and poetry by a variety of people!

Patrons, please abide by a few rules of etiquette:
 Comment. Everybody loves comments :)
 If you can't say something nice, don't say anything.

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2004-12-09 [no longer here.]: 'tis so very empty here... :(

2004-12-15 [sotalean]: Yes it is. *clings to a comment*

2004-12-21 [Prettyinpink2]: Wow cool I am the 2nd member

2005-01-18 [nothere]: i should join, im an anime artist and i could add some art. .

2005-01-22 [no longer here.]: go right on ahead :)

2005-01-22 [nothere]: i think i will

2005-11-07 [no longer here.]: I anyone wants to take over this wiki, message me.

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