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Add only your old characters from old wikis that I listed.
you can only add a character that is not from a wiki listed if you were not a member of any of them or if you ask me first..^_^

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Name:Sonya Blue
Screen Name:[Sonya Blue]
Power:Control of fire
Weapon:Sword, and daggers
Personality:Sweet, caring, but also moody and sad but when her other personality takes over she is heartless, and a true follower of Ruby
History:Sonya hasn't had the best of lives. Knowing about her split personality, and how easy it could take over had her living in fear for most of her life, she was just really good at hiding it from everyone. When Sonya lived in the elemental forest she fell in love, but she was too young for him, he was  24, and she was 17. He asked her to wait a year, because with him being a colonel in the army he would be killed for being with someone who was under aged. He assured her that he loved her and would be back when she was 18. He kept his promise, but soon after he was gone again. Sonya left the Elemental forest to search for him, but was unsuccessful in her search. soon she was called to be a captian in the misty castle games, she was able to lead her team to victory with her awesome leadership skills. soon after she lead the hunt for ruby wrath that lead her to snap. Ruby killed her younger sister Shana.
Losing her love and sister plus many other things is what lead to all of this. Maybe seeing some old friends from her past will bring her back to the way she once was.

Screen name:[Sonya Blue]
Name:Thorn Lee Wrath
Screen Name:
Power:Control of fire
Personality:Sweet, caring, but has a vengeful side when Ruby is around.
History:She is Ruby Wrath's younger sister. she swore revenge when Ruby killed their family.

Name:Ruby Wrath
Screen Name:[Sonya Blue]
Power:Elemental Magic
Personality:Vengeful, Arrogant, Self centered
History:Ruby wasn't always the way she is now, she was sweet and caring, and loved to help others. one day just like every one said, she lost her mind, she killed her boyfriend, and family. years later she was hunting the only survivor of her family, Thorn. her boyfriend came back from the dead some how, and saved Thorn, and sent her to hide, while he talked with Ruby, he didn't hold a grudge against her, but he wanted to try and change her back to her old ways, it almost worked, maybe because she still truly loved him. She let him live and ran off forgetting about her sister.
Soon she met a girl Called Gemini Kross, who was on a mission to kill her good friend Vixen seer, she tried killing Gemini, but Gemini was stronger than she had thought, she was only able to put her into a comma and keep her hidden, she made Gemini's brother Uruchi and her sister Lina think she was dead and planned to keep Gemini being alive a secret.
Soon Lina, Gemini's sister became a true follower of Ruby. Now since Sonya's other personality is out of whack, Sonya is now sort of a follower of Ruby.

Name:Vixen Seer
Screen Name:
Power:Dark magic
Weapon:Spells stolen From Gemini, Daggers
Personality:Cold and dieing for revenge
History:She is the cousin of Gemini Kross. She set out to kill Gemini once and almost succeeded. Instead Gemini killed her. Vixen was able to save herself and attach her spirit to another body. Since then she has sworn revenge on Gemini.

Name:Gemini Kross
Screen Name:[Sonya Blue]
Power:Control of elements
Personality:Caring, loves animals
History:Everyone in her family was killed except her sister and brother. Her sister became a follower of Ruby, and her brother is missing. there was a rumor that Gemini had been killed, but Gemini proved that she was in fact not killed but in a comma in Ruby's castle, she escaped and set out to help her good friend Sonya Blue

Name:Lina Kross
Screen Name:[Verpassen Sie Chelsea Arleta]
Power:Elemental magic
Personality:Flirty, careful and cold
History:Everything she knows, how to fight, use magic sh learned from Gemini. she eventually became a dedicated follower of Ruby Wrath. Her sister Gemini Does not know of her being a follower of Ruby yet.

Name:Jenidir Blackheart
Screen Name: [MadHatress]
Power:Dark and Demonic Magic
Weapon:His knowledge of spells
Personality:mean and doesn't care for anyone but himself, he has been this way ever since his wife was killed by a young girl.
History:He was the evil ruler of a far away land once, along side his wife Jade they kidnapped the legendary Immortal Soldier . A group of Rebels became a small threat and joined forces to over throw them and rescue the Immortal Soldier. they succeeded and his wife was killed in the bloody battle. 


Username:[Sky Chord]
Race:Human/Chakra demon
Powers:Can fire Chakra blast out of his bow,also Green Magic
Weapons:Bow,and a dagger
Personality:A engima pretty much,mostly quiet and somewhat random He has other siblings,he never talks about many of them or them at all.He seems to always be running away from his problems other than solving them.
History:Jecht comes from a wealthy family and hates to be reminded about it.At the age of 9 he learned how to play the Piano as well as taking he travels helping people as he goes along,he heard about ruby wrath from a village now hes set out to find her

Name: May Shiamatu
Screen Name: [Verpassen Sie Chelsea Arleta]
Power:control nature and water
Weapon:daggers and sword
Personality:sweet and caring unless on her bad side she loves animals and nature and just about everything
History:May had recently come along and is trying to make friends with anyone she can and she can be good she can be evil. when shes mad her eyes glow bright pink and vines grow around her. but thats on rare occasions. ever since she was little she absolutely loved singing but she never thought she was that good but others think she has a beautiful melodic voice she likes being around people and aloneas well

Names: Kaze and Tora
Screen name: [Jasiara Hotalti]
Ages:20 (they're only months apart)
Race: Witches
Powers: they can control all elements...his element of choice is wind and hers is fire (he's a little on the Demonic side, while she's mostly just dark)
Weapons: they can wield any weapon but their weapons of choice are his sword and her bow and arrows
Personalities: They are both very protective of each other, he's a little more aggressive than she, but they can both be just as ruthless as the other, you don't want to be on their bad side, if you're their friend they can be very kind
History: Kaze and Tora are siblings that grew up defending each other and teaching each other in the elemental way....they eliminated their parents right after they were born.....when they have a goal in mind nothing will stand in their way...and they have a shape shifting familiar named Mizu, who practically raised them since their parents demise

Screen Name:[Sky Chord]
Power:Can use alchemy in certain ways
Personality:Quiet most of the time, sees himself as "the voice of reason among screaming men"
History:Seeming to have disappeared for a odd number of years, It seems as if hes been traveling with Jecht to make sure he stays out of trouble, he has a very odd relationship with Jecht also, he seems to call jecht "Oni" which sometimes ends up with him and Jecht in a fight

Name: Demiah Orinaru
Screen Name: [My Sky's The Limit]
Age: 16
Race: Witch
Power: Power to cast spells, good and bad. . .mostly bad
Weapon: Three swords
Personality: She, like Sonya, has a split personality; both not good. The side she uses most loves to be a smart-ass and is never really nice to anybody. She's a quiet kind of person, and likes to be around people that leave her alone (complicated, but you'll understand later on <.<;). She bottles up the positive emotions so she can bring out the best in her negative emotions when she fights,but will do anything to getting Sonya back the way she was. Demiah's had bad experiences with being the constant evil girl and doesn't want the same thing that happen to her. The other personality is more for when she's fighting than used for anything. She doesn't remember anything when her second personality comes; kind of like blind rage. When her second side comes, she'll turn on her comrads if they get too close to her, or provoke her in any way.
History: She never used to be mean all the time, but she still had her split personality problem. The way she used to be, she was happy, and care-free with a kind heart and a good personality. She helped out others alot of the time, and never asked for anything in return. She was alway the religious girl and prayed to her God every night. Then one day, as she was praying, her house got broken into, and her mother was beaten brutally and her father vanished. That's when she went into 'blind rage', killing the men that broke into her house. When she came back, she was on her knees in front of her bleeding mother, praying for her God to save her. When her mother began to show that she was growing fainter, she asked him why wouldn't he save her. Why wouldn't he help her family, who wouldn't he help her mother to live and stay with her. She then turned on him and began praying to her Satan, which overcame her with evil and changed her view on life, people, and the world completely. The only thing she took with her from her old self was the will to care, as she does for Sonya.

name:Lestat Mitchel Kyo
nationality: Asian/Englishman
powers:acute mindcontrol,telekinesis
weapons:teeth, physical strength

personality:speaks when spoken to or has something to say...or when he has info on an enemy; ALWAYS IRRITABLE!
has a habit of (un)intentionally biting his opponent when excited or in major combat. hates being told what to unless what he hears is what he likes...mainly anything that has to do with death, killing, or damage of any kind to any one

history:In his early teen-age years, Lestat discovers that his family, whom he believes was in the wrong, was in alliance with Jade (and Sonya Blue). he believes that Sonya should die for the murder of his fiance...Lestat was once human but was turned vampire by his fiance before her murder. Lestat believes that Sonya and her family had something to do with it and will gladly die one day knowing Sonya had to suffer his vengeance...But now that Sonya has changed, he's going to use her condition to his advantage...

Name: Rokeler
Screen Name:[Kaos101]
Race: Human
Power: unmatched strength. Heightened senses. Will-power
Weapon: strength. A magic sword which can absorb any elemental magic and send it back two fold
Personality: A kind-hearted fello who is misunderstood for his incredible strength. Normally likes to keep to himself unless spoken to.
History: Rokeler was born and raised in the same neighborhood as Sonya. Rokeler and Sonya played together alot and became good friends. After some bad things happened, his parents thought of her as bad and kept Rokeler from seeing her anymore. At the age of 15, his parents were killed by what he was told to be a lightning flash fire while he was chasing a rabbit. The loss caused him to take form, as something awoke inside of him which gave him immense strength. He moved away from the town and began training with the sword, quickly mastering his own style of sword fighting. After traveling for several years, he discovered his magic sword in a cave. After returning home several years later, he was told that Ruby Wrath had really killed his parents. After hearing of Sonya blues story, he set out to find her.

Name: Shanelle
Screen Name: [Verpassen Sie Chelsea Arleta]
Age: 25
Race: human now
Power: shapeshift control over water and fire
Weapon: daggers
Personality:sweet and loving she loves being around friends but she can get rough
History:Shanelle is a good person and when someone ticks her off she usually says "go jump off a cliff" hse loves that saying for some reason. She used to idolizeRuby until Ruby killed her sister Lanette now she hates Ruby for killing the last of her family other than her. Shanelle usually keeps her distance from Ruby and when she heard about Sonya she was utterly shocked. When Shanelle was small she and Lanette were bitten from vampires and they became vampires themselves sadly.Well Shanelle used to be a vampire but she found a witch that had died from turning Shanelle back into a human and Shanelle was happy to be human once more.

Name:Yuna Nowell Has mysteriously died
Screen Name:[Sonya Blue]
Power:Able to look into another persons past, and then change into someone important to them from their past. She uses this power against Sonya when she changes to her good side
Personality:Quiet, shy, easily frightened when in her normal form
History:Unknown as of right now...Maybe you will find out later..

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