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Sublime Hatred:

Vampires and werewolves, these days, are considered by most simply myths, beings that never existed. But that's where the majority of the world would be incredibly wrong. Over 300 years ago, in a now non-existant land called Draconia vampires and werewolves did exist- quite violently. These un-human beings would have overtaken the world had it not been for an orginization that has myths all its own. Hotalti, lead by the notorious Jasaira Hotalti- to whom the family organization was passed on to her by her grandfather. Jasaira has a personal reason for wanting all the vampires and werewolves dead. The Queen of the vampires happens to be her sister, Pheonara, turned by a royal vampire when a hoarde of nosferatus hoarded their manor and had taken her hostage. Pheonara had never returned to her beloved sister, and for that Jasaira hates her, and all the other undead who, in her opinion, are violent and unneeded creatures. The werewolves are out for both races, vampires for taking their kills and humans to silence their hunger.
Jasaira has a crew of slayers helping her terminate the vampires, all with their special abilities and exquisite fighting abilities.
The Queen, Pheonara, since being bitten, has grown in power and is determined to show her sister that Vampirism is not bad by changing her. She constantly sends her powerful vampire children to get rid of the excess slayers and try to obtain Jasaira, so that she may be brought back to the Vampire Queen and turned. Pheonara still deeply loves Jasaira and is determined to help her become a true Nosferatu. The Vampires are a dark race who do in fact feed on humans, part of the reason they are so hunted after.
The Ruler of the Werewolves hates both races. The Vampires steal his clan's food and the Slayers are food that, they joke, "bites back". Many of their kind has been lost to both Slayers and Vampires over the years and now they are out for vengence.
The Vampires, Werewolves and Slayers all obtain special abilities. Choose what your ONE ability is.
Help us re-create this epic battle that has been lost to history. Help bring truth to the hatred that the government has so carefully disposed of.
((Send [Jasiara Hotalti] your character's picture and information. Vampires, Slayers, and Werewolves.))

slayer character profiles shall be put on here Hotalti Headquarters
vampire character profiles shall be put on here Brieres' castle
lycan character profiles shall be put on here Ty's Mansion
other profiles shall be put here Tal's Palace
((you can rp in the profile pages if you wish to do so, and they will be constantly under construction, thanks for your attention and cooperation -[Jasiara Hotalti]))

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2009-08-21 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Kristi looks at him with a small smile, sounding almost as though she were purring, "Try me"

Leyla smiles slightly and stands, walking over the a small tree with many low branches, "D'ya think I could climb without fallin'?"

2009-08-21 [Jasiara Hotalti]: ((lmao this'll be sillyness)) Constantine says a few words that usually sent women into ((i dunno)) his arms((? lol i cheated)).

2009-08-21 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: ((:O Cheatercheater)) Kristina chuckles softly and shrugs, "That wasn't so bad. But I find my methods much more practical.."

2009-08-21 [shadows of life]: Shade walks over to the tree. "It looks to small to climb."

2009-08-21 [Jasiara Hotalti]: ((lol, what'd you expect me to do? i didn't know lmao)) Constantine returns his gaze to Kristi, "Knew they wouldn't work on you, and what pray tell are your methods?"

2009-08-21 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Leyla shrugs and smiles, "Well i'm only little" Leyla then begins to carefully climb the tree, taking care not to slip.

Kristi shrugs and appears close to him in a flash, nipping his collarbone and kissing the stop lightly, running her tongue over the drop of blood that appears before moving back to her side of the sofa, "Are you catching my drift?"

(Lollll oh well. I make it up as I go))

2009-08-21 [shadows of life]: "Well just be careful."

2009-08-21 [Jasiara Hotalti]: ((nice one :-P)) He shudders involuntarily as his eyes narrow slightly and says in a hoarse whisper, "Yea, I think I do"

2009-08-21 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: "I'm always careful...I'm just clumsy too" Leyla frowns as she almost slips and falls, her wet shoe providing her very little grip and chooses to sit down about half way up the tree, "You coming up?"

Kristi smirks, watching his reaction and chuckling softly, "I suppose you can now see the benefit of my methods?"

2009-08-21 [shadows of life]: Shade jumps up next to you.

2009-08-21 [Jasiara Hotalti]: He shakes himself and smirks with one brow lifted, his eyes darker than they've ever been, "Perhaps, is that all?" ((Constantine's name was Jasaro before i changed it lmao, and sorries about yesterday, computer messin wit me again))

2009-08-21 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: ((Really? :O And it's fine :])) Chuckles softly and shrugs standing up and stretching before turning and walking away, "How do I know you're worth it?"

Leyla pouts and crosses her arms, "Show off. Not all of us have that impeccable balance."

2009-08-21 [shadows of life]: "Again, I'm a cat." Shade smiles. "So, I would have cat-like balance."

2009-08-21 [Jasiara Hotalti]: "Thats entirely up to you to decide, I won't try to sway your decision in any way," He studies her body as she walks away, "I can leave if you wish it."

2009-08-21 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Kristina smriks and shrugs, walking into the kitchen, "No, don't go just yet. and for the record, you should try to sway my decision. That's what makes you worth it."

"Still a show off."

2009-08-21 [shadows of life]: "No, showing off would be doing flips too." Shade smirks.

2009-08-21 [Jasiara Hotalti]: He's instantly by her side, but takes a step back shaking his head trying to fight his urges. ((lol))

2009-08-21 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: "Do it...And i'll beat you up." Leyla sticks her tongue out at him then starts to climb back down the tree.

"What's wrong? Afraid of a vampire?" Kristi turns and grins at him.

2009-08-21 [shadows of life]: Shade does a back flip off the tree.

2009-08-21 [Jasiara Hotalti]: "Not in the least bit, just don't want to put you in any situation that you wouldn't like." ((lol what a gentleman))

2009-08-21 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Kristina laughs and shakes her head, "Wow...Are you smart?"

Leyla glares at shade and huffs, turning around and crossing her arms, "Not talking to you now.."

2009-08-21 [shadows of life]: Shade walks over to her and nuzzles up against her purring cutely.

2009-08-21 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: "Hmph! Too late." Leyla steps away from him then starts to walk back towards the forest.

2009-08-21 [shadows of life]: He shift back to his tiger form and slip under her hand pick her up.

2009-08-21 [Jasiara Hotalti]: "Why would you ask that? I'm just trying to stay back until you say that you wouldn't mind." ((wow, kikote was never this way lmao))

2009-08-21 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: ((But he was so cool =])) Leyla frowns but let's him carry her, "Still not talking to you ya big bully."

"Constantine. What do you really think? Since I have quite openly been offering." Rolls her eyes slightly, her smirk never leaving her face.

2009-08-21 [shadows of life]: "I'm sorry, Leyla." he says as he make an shadow seatbelt for her.

2009-08-21 [Jasiara Hotalti]: ((lol, oh jasaro can't come back in occult city he got turned into a tree lol, i could prolly get kikote back here though lol, but he'd have to start with a clean slate, no memories)) Constantine takes in everything about her with his eyes, "You wish me to make a move then?" ((lol he's shy but not shy at the same time))

2009-08-21 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: ((Yerrr. Since we all started over ha.)) "It's finee..I'm just a little jealous. You're so graceful." Sighs and scratches the back of his neck lightly.

"Would it help if I was naked? That's a much better view." Raises a brow, her eyes piercing.

2009-08-21 [shadows of life]: Shade purrs gently.. "Well I know a few way you could be like me."

2009-08-21 [Jasiara Hotalti]: ((right lol)) His eyebrows raise as a smile graces his lips, "I bet it is," he gets closer and kisses her. ((oooooh lol))

2009-08-21 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: ((Lol bout time he did *dramatic eye roll*)) "'Bout time.." Smirks and wraps her arms around his neck, kissing him fiercely.

"Really? How!?"

2009-08-21 [Jasiara Hotalti]: ((lmao he's a great guy, just doesn't wanna push her buttons in the wrong way)) Constantine smiles again and kisses her deeply wrapping his arms around her middle.

2009-08-21 [shadows of life]: "Well I could teach you, and there a few more easy ways."

2009-08-21 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Kristi laughs and pulls away biting his neck lightly again, pulling quickly at his collar, the entire shirt ripping into two across the front, "Oops.."

2009-08-21 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Constantine lets out a low chuckle, "No matter, I have many others.." ((oooh he's gettin manly lmao)) he then starts kissing along the curve of her neck. ((black out?? lmao))

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: ((Indeed.)) Kristi smiles, "I'll take care of those later." ...Blackout :)

"Like what?" Continues scratching his neck absently.

2009-08-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: ((very nice lol))

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: ((you first (:))

2009-08-22 [shadows of life]: "Well there the were change or take some of my blood."

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Leyla shudders slightly, "No thanks..."

2009-08-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Constantine smiles at Kristina in his arms on the couch, "That was amazing," ((lol))

2009-08-22 [shadows of life]: "Sorry." Shade says. "Where to now?"

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: "Well what can I say. I'm like that sometimes." Looks over her shoulder at him and smirks, her eyes now a bright bluey-green.

"It's okay..I just..can't do that." Smiles weakly at him and shrugs "You choose."

2009-08-22 [shadows of life]: Shade start to walk along the lake.

2009-08-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Constantine gives her a warm smile, "You want to lay here for awhile?"

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Leyla nuzzles Shade's fur, closing her eyes.

Smirks slightly and shrugs, "Sure, you want to sleep?"

2009-08-22 [shadows of life]: Shade smiles as he walks slower.

2009-08-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: "Unless you have more energy,"

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: "Honey, I never sleep. We don't need to." Smirks slightly turning around to face him.

Leyla gently drifts to sleep, lulled by the slow movements.

2009-08-22 [shadows of life]: Shade purrs gently as he walks back to the house.

2009-08-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: "Demons don't need sleep either, so what shall we do?" He smirks at her. ((lol Kristi's turn!!))

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: "But honey. There's nothing left for me to rip." Smiles innocently, tilting her head.

Leyla wakes with a start, shaking slightly, "Sorry I fell asleep"

2009-08-22 [shadows of life]: "That fine Leyla." Shade smiles.

2009-08-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: "Ah, but my pants have been left unscathed if you don't recall," He laughs. Kikote walks down the road, his sword in his hand laying across his shoulder, he chuckles as he looks around the city "What possibilities," ((check out their new pics in tal's palace))

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: "but where are they? Heh. Screw it." Smirks and kisses him. ((Nicee))

"Are you sure? I didn't drool did I?"

2009-08-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Constantine kisses her back holding her close to him. Kikote lifts his sword and swings it, a building nearby collapses, he swings his sword a few more times and the buildings in the way crumble easily.

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: (Blackoutd00ds.) Kristi smiles, watching Constantine finally sleep then slips out of his arms, standing and stretching.

2009-08-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: ((ha ha he's sleepin while Kikote reaks havoc)) Kikote smirks and swings his sword once more before resting it back on his shoulder and watches as a few trees fall and another building ((close to Kristi's lol)) crumble. "I suppose there's no locals then..just another abandoned city, they must have heard I was coming" He laughs. Constantine sits up with a jolt when he hears the crash nearby, "What the hell?"

2009-08-22 [shadows of life]: "I couldn't feel again thing."

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: "It's okay, go back to sleep i'll check it out." Smiles slightly and walks to the door, opening it and peering out.

Leyla smiles brightly, "Good!"

2009-08-22 [shadows of life]: "Yup." Shade smiles.

2009-08-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Constantine follows her with his eyes, his nerves tense as he senses another demon nearby. Kikote smirks as he sees the door open not too far away, "Ah so there are locals to the area, how fun" He slowly walks to the open doorway studying the entire building.

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Kristi growls softly, "Can I help you?"

Leyla smiles and scratches behind his ear, "Where we off to?"

2009-08-22 [shadows of life]: Shade purrs gently. "Well I was going to take you back home."

2009-08-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Kikote laughs, "You live here?? Does anyone else?" His eyes study her, "You must have been having some fun?" He laughs again, "Perhaps you'd like to get clothed before we continue our little conversation?"

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: "I do. Why are you asking?" She raises a brow, leaning against the doorframe with her arms crossed, "I am not shy. It does not matter to me."

"Aw, okay. Will you be leaving after or not?"

2009-08-22 [shadows of life]: "Now why would i do that"

2009-08-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Constantine stands and walks over to the door peering past Kristi at Kikote, "You?" Kikote smiles as he spots Constantine, "And with my dear older brother Constantine, how advantageous, my curiosity has gotten bigger, what brings him to you woman?"

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Leyla shrugs slightly, hugging his neck tightly, "Sometimes people leave.."

Kristi raises a brow and shrugs leaning back against Constantine, "He's my babysitter. Among other things" Smirks slightly

2009-08-22 [shadows of life]: "Yeah, I know."

2009-08-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Constantine entwines his arms around Kristi unconsciously, quietly studying his younger brother. Kikote smirks, "Him? He can barely take care of himself, let alone another living being."

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: "Oh really? And I suppose you can take care of so many can you? Besides, he's left me very satisfied" Smirks slightly, practically purring the last sentence.

"Don't leave. I don't like it"

2009-08-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: A teasing smile graces Constantine's lips at her words. Kikote shakes his head, "I annihilate all that inhabit this world, I create chaos where there was none, I am the demon Kikote,"

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Kristina looks at him blankly for a moment before bursting into laughter, laughing so hard she is shaking, "That...Was the corniest line I ever heard." She then holds her stomach trying to calm herself down. (sorry for taking piss ;P))

2009-08-22 [shadows of life]: "I won't."

2009-08-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Kikote smirks and looks at Kristi, "I wasn't saying a line, I was stating facts.." Constantine smiles in mirth as he holds Kristi in his arms. ((ooooh bring out the evil angel chick lol make it interesting...))

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: "Is that so?" She then shrugs and turns in Constantine's arms, "He's harmless shall we go back inside?"

Kiksu smiles as she watches Kristina from a nearby treetop before flying forwards and landing a few metres behind Kikote, "My dear sister.."

"Promise?" sighs softly, smiling.

2009-08-22 [shadows of life]: "Promise." Shade says.

2009-08-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: ((gettin a rise outta Kikote is so easy lol)) Kikote raises a brow his temper rising, "Harmless? I'll show you harmless," He lifts his one sword then the other and swings them around in a samurai-type way and everything besides Kristi's place crumbles with the people inside, you can hear screams from everywhere. Pheonara steps out of one of the buildings thats falling, "What the hell is going on in my city?"

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: ((He's easy =]))Kristina smirks and turns, pulling out of Constantine's arms, walking up to Kikote, "Totally harmless...You even smell like roses." Kristi grins and shrugs but freezes as she notices Kiksu.

Leyla smiles brighter, "Can we run around a little longer?"

2009-08-22 [shadows of life]: "Sure. Well would you like to go?"

2009-08-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Kikote gives her a weird look, "Roses? Seriously?" He laughs and turns his gaze to Kiksu, "You are?" Pheonara sighs and walks toward her castle knowing Kristi has everything well in hand. ~Let me know if you need help hun~

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Leyla shrugs and smiles, "Anywhere.."

Kristina smirks and nods, "100%. You smell very rich also.." Glances at Kiksu and growls viciously, "Get out of here.."

Kiksu pouts slightly, "Is that anyway to treat your baby sister? Bad people must be punished sometime you know, and have you no shame girl?" She glances briefly at Kikote, "My name is Kiksu"

2009-08-22 [shadows of life]: Shade nods and start to talk off.

2009-08-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: ((younger siblings against older lol)) Kikote blinks slightly, "Nice to meet you Kiksu, I'm Kikote, what brought you here?" Constantine walks out of the house and stands next to Kristi with an eyebrow raised at Kiksu, "You seem young and harmless,"

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Kiksu smiles sweetly, giggles and curtseys, "Pleasure. And I am Constantine. I'm an angel.."

Kristina growls again taking a step forward, "Leave..."

Leyla smiles, exhilarated(sp?)

2009-08-22 [shadows of life]: ((Woot))

2009-08-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Constantine studies Kiksu closely, "There's something thats not so harmless about you though, you've hurt some before..." Kikote sighs and turns his gaze to Kristi allowing his eyes to take in everything, "What do you say we get outta here? He won't notice at least" ((lmao tryin to steal Kristi already))

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: ((Haha..)) Kristi raises a brow, crossing her arms again, "Is that so? And what makes you think you're worth my time?"

Kiksu tilts her head innocently and shrugs, "Only those who deserve punishment."

"Shade...which do you prefer, human or tiger?"

2009-08-22 [shadows of life]: Shade smiles as he pulls up into the trees. "My tabby form."

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Leyla frowns slightly, "But why?"

2009-08-22 [shadows of life]: "It was my first form."

2009-08-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: "Seems you can't stand certain company and I know a place where she can't go." Kikote smiles slightly sheathing both his swords. Constantine continues to study her, "Only those you deem deserving eh?"

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Kiksu nods and smiles, "There are many but my work is for the good of all."

Kristi laughs softly and shakes her head, "I think I can manage alone." She then turns her back on him walking back towards her house.

"I think i'd like being human still...I'd miss people.."

2009-08-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Constantine raises a brow, "Do you not respond to a superior?"

Kikote follows her, "Your sister wouldn't be able to get anywhere near my place." ((this is too funny, he's like a puppy))

2009-08-22 [shadows of life]: "Oh, what are you?" Shade asked.

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Kristina grin and completely blanks Kikote as she continues walking, sliding past Constantine and into the house.

"Human. But I meant hypothetically.."

"I do, but they trust my judgement" She smiles sweetly again.

2009-08-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Kikote stops right outside the door, "You wouldn't have to put up with her ever again." Constantine watches her "I don't believe you've answered to them for quite awhile, you've been thrown out like trash"

2009-08-22 [shadows of life]: "Ah, I see." Shade says taking a big jump.

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Kiksu smiles and shakes her head, "No, you are mistaken. I am very much an asset to them. So much so they care not what happens to Kristiana. Though she is very bad."

Leyla squeals, grabbing his fur tightly, "I wasn't expecting that"

Kristina laughs softly, going into her back garden and laying on her back, Do you never give up?

2009-08-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Constantine smirks slightly, "Ah but when did you get your last order? Years ago if I'm correct, and I care what happens to her, you should too, you are her sibling." ((lol he's still naked too)) Kikote calls through the house not taking a step inside "What do you see in my brother?" ((jealousy! lol))

2009-08-22 [shadows of life]: "Sorry, I thought you could see the branch."

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: "You may come in if you wish. But only this once, and what exactly is it you have that he doesn't?" Kristi growls softly, "Constantine. She is no relation of mine. Do not refer to her as such!" ((Kristi too ha.))
"She deserves punishment and it was 62 days ago actually." Kiksu shrugs slightly.
Leyla breathes a sigh of relief, "No I had my head down.."

2009-08-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Kikote walks through the house with a smile, "Thats something you'll have to figure out yourself..." Constantine smirks, "Your sister deserves nothing but love," ((Ohhh we could make it that one of em gets his heart broken and teams up with kiksu lol))

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: ((Lol maybee but it was kristi shouting that not kiksu. :) just so you know))

2009-08-22 [shadows of life]: "Oh, sorry. I'll tell you the next time."

2009-08-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: ((oooh lmao oopsies well night guys))

2009-08-22 [shadows of life]: ((night))

2009-08-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: ((Nighttt. :) I'll be off in a few too.)) Kristi laughs and shakes her head, "I think I can manage without bothering.Nice try though."

Leyla smiles again full of relief, "Thanks"

Kiksu shrugs slightly, "She doesn't..Not in the slightest"

2009-08-22 [shadows of life]: "Welcome."

2009-08-31 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: "Can we stop here for a little bit? I feel a little sick..."

2009-08-31 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Kikote tilts his head slightly then shrugs and turns around to leave, "Your loss.." Constantine studies Kiksu intently, "Ah, care to explain why this is?"

2009-08-31 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Kristi laughs and stands, walking inside and pulling on some little denim shorts and a vest top, before going back outside again, laying down on her stomach and playing with the grass.

"I need not explain anything to you. I am not the only one who knows she does not deserve love."

2009-08-31 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Kikote disappears once he steps outside. Constantine sighs, "If there is no explanation then I completely disagree with you and those others that take your side,"

2009-08-31 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Kiksu shrugs slightly and grins, "I care not, she will still pay for her sins.." she thens smirks and tilts her head, waving as she disappears.

2009-08-31 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Constantine turns around and walks into the house getting dressed as he heads to the back, "What was that all about?" He laughs.

2009-08-31 [shadows of life]: Shade stops.

2009-09-01 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: "Your brother? He was offering me sex and solace" She turns onto her back, smirking up at him.

Leyla runs into the bushes throwing up violently out of sight.

2009-09-01 [shadows of life]: "You ok Leyla?"

2009-09-01 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Constantine rolls his eyes, "He's such an asshole...never liked him..."

2009-09-01 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Kristi laughs and shrugs, grinning, "Really? I said yes."

"Um.. Yeah i'm great." Leyla walks out of the bush grimacing

2009-09-01 [shadows of life]: "Oh, alright."

2009-09-01 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Constantine raises a brow with a smirk, "Then why'd he leave all pissed off?"

2009-09-01 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Kristina chuckles softly, "He was annoyed? And I guess maybe I didn't agree"

Leyla looks at him getting paler, "How fast can you run?"

2009-09-01 [shadows of life]: "Pretty fast, why?"

2009-09-01 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Constantine lets out an easy laugh, then instantly gets serious, "Somethings wrong..." He said looking concerned

2009-09-01 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: "Take me home please?" Leyla walks towards him, clambering onto his back.

"Oh really? What exactly?"

2009-09-01 [shadows of life]: "I could run or use the shadow."

2009-09-01 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: "Anything quick, I need bed"

2009-09-01 [shadows of life]: Shade nods and appears about at her house.

2009-09-02 [Jasiara Hotalti]: "Something about Leyla...she's outside now"

2009-09-02 [shadows of life]: Shade walks into the house.

2009-09-02 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Kristi frowns and picks Leyla up holding her close, "I want you both to leave. Right now."

2009-09-02 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Constantine nods, giving Leyla a look of concern, and walks through the door to the street.

2009-09-02 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Kristina sighs softly, holding back Leyla's hair as she is sick, "We need to take care of this Leyla.."

2009-09-02 [Jasiara Hotalti]: ~Whats wrong? If I may ask~ He silently walks down the street looking around

2009-09-02 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: This isn't for strangers..

"N-no, I don't want to.." Leyla pushes weakly against Kristi

2009-09-02 [shadows of life]: Shade nods and walks out.

2009-09-02 [Jasiara Hotalti]: ((not sure how to play her lol but here goes nothin)) Leyla hiccups as she moves away from Kristi slowly, "There's nothing to worry about..."

2009-09-02 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: "Leyla, I know what it is.." Leans over hugging her gently, "This is too big for you. Me too"

2009-09-02 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Leyla sniffs as silent tears roll down her face as she hugs Kristi back.

2009-09-02 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Kristi stands, holding Leyla in her arms, "What do you want?"

2009-09-02 [Jasiara Hotalti]: "To know why I deserve this.." she sniffs again trying to hold back more tears

2009-09-02 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: "I told you, it isn't your fault. It never was" You are free to come back

2009-09-02 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Leyla looks up into Kristi's eyes, "But I annoyed him..."

2009-09-02 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Kristi growls softly, setting Leyla down on her bed, "I want you to listen very carefully. I will never lie to you and this guy, he's a coward who preys on people weaker than him. None of this is your fault, he is the one with the problem. I promise."

2009-09-02 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Leyla drops her gaze to her knees, "I'm not so sure..." Constantine sighs and leans against a tree.

2009-09-02 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: "I promise. It's him not you. Come on let's go out and find you food" Smiles very slightly.

2009-09-02 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Leyla shakes her head, "I won't be able to hold it down..."

2009-09-29 [bronze dragon]: *walks around*

2009-12-30 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: "Well let's try, hm? Then maybe see a doctor?"

2009-12-31 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Leyla tilts her head a slight frown on her face, then she nods a bit with a sigh.

2010-01-04 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: "Okay." Holds her hand out, forcing a natural smile. Coming Connie?

2010-01-04 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Leyla studies Kristi's face for a moment before reluctantly taking her hand. Constantine smirks looking toward the sky, ~Connie?~

2010-01-05 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Starts walking slowly, squeezing her hand. She then smirks very slightly, Learn to live with it, are you coming? Let's hope you dressed in new clothes

2010-01-06 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Leyla follows behind Kristi while holding her hand and studying her backside. Constantine glances over at their place as they start to leave, ~And why would I need new clothes?~

2010-01-06 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Just in case..You never know what happens with me around. Closes her eyes taking a deep breath, "It's gonna be okay," she then shakes her head slowly, repeating it over in her mind.

2010-01-07 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Constantine shakes his head, ~Don't worry bout me, you've got enough on your mind hun~ Leyla starts slowing down, her energy slipping from her, her hand slips from Kristi's as she falls to the ground passed out completely.

2010-01-07 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Catches Leyla a moment before she hits the ground, sighing and running at full speed to a hospital.

2010-01-07 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Constantine arrives at the hospital a split second after Kristi, "What happened?"

2010-01-08 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Glances at Constantine holding up a finger, "One moment." She then turns back to the doctor, "I am her guardian and I want that thing out of her. Will you help me?...Good. I'll be back in a few minutes. Thank you so much." Kristi strokes Leyla's pale cheek and walks into the corridor, beckoning Constantine to follow, "It's exhaustion."

2010-01-11 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Constantine looks over Kristi with concern, after following her, "Anything I can help with?"

2010-01-11 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Shrugs slightly, "Doubt you can make me forget.."

2010-01-12 [Jasiara Hotalti]: "I'm sorry dear heart, I do wish that I could..."

2010-01-12 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Shrugs slightly and turns her back on him to stare out the window, "I'm fine"

2010-01-13 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Constantine sighs before sitting down on the chair beside the window((we need some action or something lol i'm gettin bored))

2010-01-14 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Sighs and opens the window, jumping out, running towards the sound of crashing sneaking up on Kikote and then jumping onto his back and knocking him to the floor in the process so she is straddling his back, "Hello."(Aye)

2010-01-15 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Kikote laughs as he falls, "Where the hell did you come from?" He stands lifting her easily on his back, "What brings you here?"

2010-01-16 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: She smirks slightly, tightening her legs around his waist to keep from slipping, "I need to relieve tension. I considered mass slaughter and kicking your ass but...Too easy"

2010-01-21 [Jasiara Hotalti]: "Too easy eh?" He drops down and slips out of her grip, "What makes you say that?" Kikote smirks slightly as he rolls into an upright position.

2010-01-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Shrugs slightly turning around, "Well I know a lost cause when I see one, guess i'll try slaughter..." Stretches her arms slowly above her head arching her back before walking away.

2010-01-23 [Jasiara Hotalti]: His smirk turns into a slight scowl as he appears in front of her, "Try again little miss,"

2010-01-24 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Kristi grins and shrugs, "This is why i'd beat you. It's easy to mess with you..Anyway I have other things to do actually.."

2010-01-24 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Kikote shakes his head, "You mess with me just to leave eh?"

2010-01-24 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: "Oh, most definately." She smirks stepping around him and running top speed back to the hospital.

2010-01-24 [Jasiara Hotalti]: He rolls his eyes as she leaves and returns to torturing his latest victim. Constantine looks at the wall contemplating a few things.

2010-01-25 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Walks into the hospital, a small smile on her face.

2010-01-31 [Jasiara Hotalti]: He glances over at Kristi and lifts a brow, "What happened to you?"

2010-02-18 [Sir William]: V walked around looking at his old town "wow ten years.... ten years and everything has gone too something even..even worse than hell" V walked into an old diner he used to know and sat at a stool, you wouldnt recognize him with a buzz cut high and tight, and his muscles bigger and he looked at the kitchen as an old man working the grill looked up and yelled out "V How have you been you son of a bitch" He walked out and closed the diner too talk "where have you been for the last ten years" He asked as he pulled out a bottle of ten year old scotch. V sat there and gave a small smirk "its not a question of where Ive been mike, but where im going." the old man smiled and laughed in his thick irish-american accent "Ahhhh the same old V always so virtuous." He smiled as he pulled out two glasses and filled them up a lil distance from the brim "now tell me where have you been?." V sat there and laughed back at the old man "ive been around... cleaning up filth.. but I can see this place has gotten even worse." the man looked at him and responded in his thick accent "aye aye my good man it has, but hey atleast I kept this place looking the way it did for 40 years! and thats a feat I never thought I could even accomplish!" he said before taking a sip from his glass "Jeeze V you look skinny as a rail!, why dont I make you a burger and fries." He said tieing on an apron and walking back into the kitchen with his drink. V smiled and responded "that sounds good mike, I could use some real food not the shit they fed me while i was gone." V said as he sipped on his drink. Mike responded in an enlightened tone. "Aye Aye mate a burger and fries coming up". V sat there contemplative staring at his drink "..."

2010-02-19 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: She leans against him and shrugs, "I thought of a new past time..Any news?" She smiles, trying to conceal the pain in her eyes.

2010-02-21 [Sir William]: The man walks out and sets a plate of fries and a burger in front of V and sits down "thank's Mike" V ate his meal and thanked mike payed him and said his goodbye's as he walked out of the diner back out onto the street as he lit up a ciggarette, his signature USA menthol 100's

2010-02-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Constantine tries to give her a reassuring smile, but shakes his head and sighs, "The doctors say that she may not wake up..." Kikote curses under his breath as he passes by V not noticing much of his surroundings.

2010-02-23 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: "She will." Kristina smiles and walks into Leyla's room.

2010-02-26 [Sir William]: V noticed who it was "Kikote?" V said as he took a puff off of his ciggarette

2010-07-26 [Elf_Person]: Kasu and Keto walk into town together finaly working out thier problems, keto had changed alot, his once purple spike up hair was now flowing to the middle of his back, his errogence gone. Kasu hadnt changed a bit hit, their long black cloaks dragging the ground thye both walk straight to the castle looking around
Keto "Nothing ever changes here, ts the same as it was when I was a kid" he laughed alittle
Kasu "Agreed little brother I wonder if father is ever going to come back"
Keto sighed "Probly not he was bound and determined to stay asleep this time"
Kasu "We could wake him up but the old man might kill us"
Keto laughed "He's gettin up in age he might have trouble now"
they both laughed in unison

2010-09-06 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Kikote raised his brow, "Yes?"

2011-03-30 [Elf_Person]: keto sensed kikote and went to him leaving Kasu in the castle keto walked up to kikote "long time no see old man"

2011-06-17 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Kikote glances at keto and gives a small smirk, "Where'd you disappear to? Still training nonstop?"

2011-11-30 [Elf_Person]: Keto laughed a bit "Me and Kasu have been 'bonding' learned alot of new tricks you outta see em somtime old man"

2012-01-05 [Jasiara Hotalti]: With a raised brow Kikote smiles a bit,"That sounds like a bit of fun, I may take you up on that. I haven't seen anything intriguing for a good while now. Things have been much too quiet of late."

2012-06-27 [Elf_Person]: Keto smirked "Ill get you this time old timer"

2012-07-18 [Jasiara Hotalti]: "Do try, we shall see how much you have improved or not." Kikote smirks in challenge

2012-10-01 [Elf_Person]: Keto smirked rembering te last couple of time they have fought on how he would merly rush into battle he walked slowly up to kikote with a wild smirked and out of no where swung on him

2012-11-08 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Kikote raises a brow and with a laugh blocks Keto easily and flips over him knocking Keto to the ground in the process.

2012-11-10 [Elf_Person]: Keto winced slightly as he hit "wow the diffrent approch didnt help well damnit" keto spun around sweeping Kikote off his feet

2012-11-10 [Elf_Person]: Keto winced slightly as he hit "wow the diffrent approch didnt help well damnit" keto spun around sweeping Kikote off his feet

2013-02-10 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Kikote smiles as he puts one hand to the ground and flips easily; "Try again," he smirks

2013-05-25 [Elf_Person]: Keto laughed and shrugged "well old man theres only one thing to do" keto jumps onto Kikote's back

2014-04-10 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Kikote blinks in slight surprise before grabbing a hold of Keto and throwing him off with a small chuckle, "Is that the best you can do?"

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