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2006-07-01 22:37:45
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These are the chronicles of the brave people known as tech support. And why they are all suicidal...


If you have a story to add feel to message [Orestez]

Techs Behind the Calls

Calls From Hell

The Fucking Obvious

Tech Revenge

Hardware Abuse

Just Plain Stupid

The Computer Obituaries




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2006-07-19 [FireGypsy]: This whole page has made my day, i read every single thing, i love you guys!

2006-07-19 [Big Brother]: i have lots more to add when i have time.

2006-12-03 [twinkletoes]: umm...pure amazingness exsits on this page....especially the old lady who shot her computer..

2006-12-03 [Big Brother]: i haven't posted hardly any......when i have time i'm going to add a few more, i get more daily.

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