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2006-02-09 21:45:34
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Welcome to the Temple of Squirrels


This page is dedicated to squirrels and to their almighty guardian, the Lord of Squirrels,


Worshipers of the Lord of Squirrels


1)[S.O.A.D. worshiper]-i worship you sooooooooo muuuuuuuuuch! <<bows down>>

2)[Demonic_ Elf _Child]-how can i not worship you? i'm am a squirrell.

3)[ValmontDracul]: I can't worship you! I'm your freakin' body guard!!!

4)[BlackTearsCry]-you people have issues. but i do too so yay. *bows down*

5) [Pandora♥xcore] *Worships you* I have a pet squirrel! ^..^

6) [FTWDarkNinjette] - Worships you because i AM a squirrel!!!!


Also go to THE^SQUIRREL's NEST. Your Lord commands it!

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2006-02-09 [FTWDarkNinjette]: OMG I WANT TO JOIN!!!!

2006-05-16 [Chili Dog]: <img:>

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