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Take Some Time...

I noticed today that my desk at work is not only well organized by supply type, paperwork type, and deadline dates, but also that I’ve entrenched myself in my little corner. My pictures, doo-dads, office supplies, and tissues guard the edge of my desk like the forward ranks of an Army infantry division, and my computer monitor conveniently blocks my view of the Authorized Personnel door that leads to my department.

How often do we barricade ourselves behind our families or personal lives, without consideration for the idea that someone might be trying to catch our attention or communicate with us? And more importantly, how often do we consider the items on our desks to be part of the background, forgetting the people that such items are means to remind us of?

I think we get too used to standing on our own, and so we sometimes subconsciously block well meaning friends, family, and co-workers from certain parts of our lives. This can’t be completely healthy. So tonight, I will call my grandmother see how she’s holding up around the anniversary of my father’s passing, and I will write a letter to my mother, who honestly does love me still, despite my flaws. I will share my adventures at work with my friends, and renew old bonds before they break.

I will re-open myself to those who care about me, and I will take the time to listen to the ones I love. After all, it’s good to give when you’d like to receive, and being thankful for love and life is a good bit of what keeps all of us sane. Happy Thanksgiving!

- Kaite H.

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