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The Eyes of Deception Rp Room


The Eyes of Deception

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2008-10-27 [DragonicTunes]: She pulled herself up slowly when the flow of water started to slow down and coughed, then heard Zodia laughing, ~Guess he's alright...~ "Abarron! Where are you bro?!"

2008-10-27 [MadHatress]: Zodia let his laughter die down when he heard Jen calling for Abarron.

2008-10-28 [DragonicTunes]: Jen sighed when she didn't get an answer and went to look for him

2008-10-28 [MadHatress]: He made his way around the river to the side Jen was on and helped look for him. "Abarron?"

2008-10-28 [DragonicTunes]: Eventually one of the boards fell off a pile of wood as he clawed his way out from underneath

2008-10-28 [MadHatress]: Zodia ran over to the heap. "Jen!"

2008-10-28 [DragonicTunes]: She heard him yell and hurried over

Abarron managed to get himself about half-way out and coughed slightly; a bit dust-covered and scraped up, but not hurt otherwise though the cloth around his eyes was gone, "I'm alright..."

2008-10-28 [MadHatress]: He stopped short of the pile. "Are you sure?"

2008-10-28 [DragonicTunes]: He nodded slightly, "Just a little sore" and tried to pull himself completely free, but caught the leg of his pants on something and fell

2008-10-28 [MadHatress]: Zodia tried catching him but failed, and freed his leg instead

2008-10-28 [DragonicTunes]: Abarron sighed and pulled himself back up, "Thanks..."

Jen pulled her coat off and wrapped it around his shoulders, though it didn't fit so well, "So...what are we gonna do now...?"

2008-10-28 [MadHatress]: "No problem." He looked at the ruined house. "I say we find a new home. how 'bout you?"

2008-10-28 [DragonicTunes]: "Sounds like a plan to me..." then blushed a little at the thought of actually living with Zodia

She nodded slightly, "I'll go see if I can find my motorcycle, it's a pretty long way into town"

2008-10-28 [MadHatress]: Zodia nodded, smiling as he offered a bit of support to Abarron but placing a hand on his back.
((Should we make a different wiki for the after story type deal?))

2008-10-28 [DragonicTunes]: ((If you want, everyone else just kinda dropped out of this and now they'd kinda be dead >>))

2008-10-28 [MadHatress]: ((yup...ok)After The Eyes Have Died)

2008-10-28 [DragonicTunes]: ((Where should we start up from o.O?))

2008-10-28 [MadHatress]: (( about we start after they find a place to live and have just published the book?))

2008-10-28 [DragonicTunes]: ((Sounds good to me))

2008-10-28 [MadHatress]: ((^^ ok))

2009-01-05 [Sir William]: Jacob sits in an armchair with his legs crossed and he sipped down some jackdaniels from a crystal glass

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