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Add your Curvey pictures!

We may not be "perfect" but dammit, we can be sexy too!

If you like... just add pictures of yourself..


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Erin's Curves aka [Love like Winter.]
Jess' Curves aka [Dirty Lil Juggalette]
Sasha's Curves aka [FireGypsy]
Natalie's Curves aka [fetishfaerie]
Kataki's Curves aka [d o n e]

[miss red-head]

[It takes a disaster to learn a lesson]

[The Perfect Mate For A Werewolf]

[Lord Sky_Elf]

My tummy... :P

I really like my curves ^.^

[Roxy {catalyst}]
Hips and boobies!!!

[Me and my curves haha]

Halloween curves! With my BF.. He's got curves too, I guess.. lol

[EmJ Taylor]
I have lost weight since then but that was taken at a photoshoot of mine in August. Curvvvvvayyyy!!!! =] xo

[Eyes of the Reaper]
Yay! Go me and my boobs! O.o'

[Cloud Natiion]
...and boobs =] Tehe

I Now offically love myself

[Sister Creep]


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2006-03-08 [Lord Sky_Elf]: emimen sucks my big hairy balls

2006-03-08 [Love like Winter.]: Thats nice O,O

2006-03-08 [Lord Sky_Elf]: lmfao not really, he uses his teeth to much

2006-03-08 [Love like Winter.]: *tries to block that outta my mind*

2006-03-08 [Lord Sky_Elf]: lmfao not really that fucktard isn't worthy of suckin on my nuts

2006-03-08 [Love like Winter.]: :S

2006-03-08 [Lord Sky_Elf]: but you are riot... lol

2006-03-08 [Love like Winter.]: Gee thanks.. I'm touched.

2006-03-08 [Lord Sky_Elf]: i wouldn't mind returnin the favor either erin... *drools over your hotness*

2006-03-08 [Love like Winter.]: *stares*

2006-03-08 [Lord Sky_Elf]: wat ya staring at??? my ugliness???

2006-03-08 [Love like Winter.]: No, your forwardness :D

2006-03-08 [Lord Sky_Elf]: lol well i tell it like it is

2006-03-08 [Love like Winter.]: Haha, coolios.

2006-03-08 [Lord Sky_Elf]: yup yup *puts a brown paper bag over my head*

2006-03-08 [Love like Winter.]: *takes it off* those things are banned in here.

2006-03-08 [Lord Sky_Elf]: why??? i need to to hide my face

2006-03-08 [Love like Winter.]: Grrr... *frowns and burns bag*

2006-03-09 [It takes a disaster to learn a lesson]: how is every1 doing ???? i hope ya ok

2006-03-09 [Love like Winter.]: *finishes watching the bag smolder* I'm fine thanks shorty, how about you?

2006-03-09 [Lord Sky_Elf]: ummm are you tryen to say something erin????

2006-03-09 [Love like Winter.]: Uh?

2006-03-09 [Lord Sky_Elf]: you burned my bag

2006-03-09 [Love like Winter.]: There banned >.<

2006-03-09 [Lord Sky_Elf]: why i need it for my face

2006-03-09 [Love like Winter.]: Tough.

2006-03-09 [Lord Sky_Elf]: but my face is ugly!!!!!!!!!

2006-03-09 [Love like Winter.]: *slaps the back of your head* Grrr...

2006-03-09 [Lord Sky_Elf]: wtf was that for????

2006-03-09 [Love like Winter.]: ...... Grr.

2006-03-09 [Lord Sky_Elf]: wat????? don't grrrrr me

2006-03-09 [Love like Winter.]: .... Grr! :P

2006-03-09 [Lord Sky_Elf]: what???? you don't like my uglyness do you???

2006-03-09 [Love like Winter.]: I'm grrring at the use of paper bags on my wiki... If anyone should wear one, it should be me. End of, case closed :D

2006-03-09 [Lord Sky_Elf]: thats bullshit... i am the ugliest one here so there

2006-03-09 [Love like Winter.]: Bleh.... *disagrees*

2006-03-09 [Lord Sky_Elf]: well its the truth so there

2006-03-09 [Love like Winter.]: If you say so *disagrees even more*

2006-03-09 [Lord Sky_Elf]: *tapes erin's mouth closed* hehehe i am the ugliest so there

2006-03-09 [Love like Winter.]: *rips tape off* Ye-ow! >.< *disagrees some more*

2006-03-09 [Lord Sky_Elf]: *ties erin down an tickles her with a feather*

2006-03-09 [Love like Winter.]: *sqweals and runs away*

2006-03-09 [Lord Sky_Elf]: you can't run away, your tied down

2006-03-09 [Love like Winter.]: Mwahaha, didn't I tell you? I'm related to Houdini :D

2006-03-09 [Lord Sky_Elf]: really??? thats cool

2006-03-09 [Love like Winter.]: No, not really... I made that up. To distract you... While I untied myself! Haha *runs away*.

2006-03-09 [Lord Sky_Elf]: lmfao *catches you and chains you down this time* *uses master locks*

2006-03-09 [Love like Winter.]: ..... Fuck.

2006-03-09 [Lord Sky_Elf]: hehehehe *tickles you with feathers an sneaks a kiss in*

2006-03-09 [Love like Winter.]: *screams* Oh no! Not the...... FEATHERS!

2006-03-09 [Lord Sky_Elf]: lmfao hehehe *smiles evily*

2006-03-09 [Love like Winter.]: Help me Jess! (when you get online :S).

2006-03-09 [Lord Sky_Elf]: lmfao you'll get chained down to jess

2006-03-09 [Love like Winter.]: COOL! :D Uhh *clears throat* umm, I mean, oh no :(

2006-03-09 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: *shifty eyes*...Curtis will you please let my little sister go ^_^

2006-03-09 [Love like Winter.]: Thanks Jess *struggles*

2006-03-09 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: *hugs the struggling little sister*

2006-03-09 [Love like Winter.]: Carefull, he might tie you down too..

2006-03-09 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: 0_0 yeah...*shifty eyes*...sorry...but *hides*

2006-03-09 [Love like Winter.]: Its ok... nothing you can do anyway *is still chained down*

2006-03-09 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: wait he's not here...*shifty eyes* you know how to pick locks?

2006-03-09 [Love like Winter.]: Well, I am related to Houdini *grins*

2006-03-09 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: then shimmy out of that

2006-03-12 [Lord Sky_Elf]: ummmmm how about no...... i moved. just decided to drop in

2006-03-13 [It takes a disaster to learn a lesson]: hello every1 , hows yah day so far ??

2006-03-13 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: it's alright so far hun ^_^ how has yours been?!

2006-03-13 [It takes a disaster to learn a lesson]: is been great , eveything is great except that i have problems with a stupid bimbo at school but everything is great he asked me out he wants me to b his gf ^_^ lol am so happy

2006-03-13 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: wait...the guy you had problems with before?

2006-03-13 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: thats so cool!!! congrats hun!!! ^_^

2006-03-13 [It takes a disaster to learn a lesson]: thanxs babe am so happy , i guess my plan did work after all lol

2006-03-13 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: yep just gotta be patient ^_^

2006-03-13 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: unless you did something i didn't know of

2006-03-13 [It takes a disaster to learn a lesson]: no i was patient , he surprised me , he was counting the days he didnt see me . when he told me damn i have 15 days with out seeing u n i miss u . that boy is crazy am all he talks about with every1 , every1 is telling me that i have him crazy n that he tells every1 that am gonna b his wife lol

2006-03-13 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: damn...NICE! i bet youre mad happy

2006-03-13 [It takes a disaster to learn a lesson]: hell yea lol yea am happy i just cant believe this crap every1 told me to wait . maybe was cause i told him that i was ready to let my feelings 4 him go cause he dosent apreciate me n he dosent care .mayb he thought about it n said no i like her alot n i dont want to loose her lol i dont know i just told him that n he changed lol

2006-03-13 [Lord Sky_Elf]: ...........

2006-03-13 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: really?! well i got a new boyfriend too ^_^

2006-03-13 [Lord Sky_Elf]: ummm yeah........

2006-03-13 [It takes a disaster to learn a lesson]: oh thats cool now we both happy ^_^

2006-03-13 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: yeah...

2006-03-13 [It takes a disaster to learn a lesson]: yeap lol

2006-03-13 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: lol

2006-03-13 [It takes a disaster to learn a lesson]: lol i just finished cleaning n i want a soda n no 1 wants to buy it 4 me lol am so bored but am listening to music

2006-03-13 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: i was trying to get Dutch to buy me a sidekick 2 last night...the bastard won't >_<

2006-03-13 [It takes a disaster to learn a lesson]: lol y ???

2006-03-13 [Lord Sky_Elf]: i am drink a beam and cola

2006-03-13 [It takes a disaster to learn a lesson]: damn i want something to drink

2006-03-13 [Lord Sky_Elf]: me to

2006-03-13 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: lol...he won't because it costs $300...

2006-03-13 [Lord Sky_Elf]: ummmm what cost 300

2006-03-13 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: a sidekick 2

2006-03-13 [It takes a disaster to learn a lesson]: oh man but he is ur man , i think he should buy it

2006-03-13 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: naw Chris is my man...not Dutch...i'd feel bad if Chris spent that much on me

2006-03-13 [It takes a disaster to learn a lesson]: lol ok he is going to buy it ??? i hope he does

2006-03-13 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: Dutch isn't...i don't expect him to...and Chris said he would if he could...and i already feel bad for that, i don't like guys spending money on me...

2006-03-14 [It takes a disaster to learn a lesson]: lol thats cool i agreed with u ^_^

2006-03-14 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: i need to come up with a new username...i'm kinda sick of dirty lil juggalette...and erin rocks!!! is just to piss off Dutch

2006-03-14 [It takes a disaster to learn a lesson]: lol ok i bet u can come up with a good 1

2006-03-14 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: i came up with Dreaming Again because i'm always daydreaming lol...i'm a dork i know

2006-03-16 [It takes a disaster to learn a lesson]: lol if u say so but i dont think u r , oh man u dont know what happend

2006-03-16 [Lord Sky_Elf]: ummmm okies then......

2006-04-13 [soo_almighty]: yes, curvy=sexy

2006-04-20 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: damn straight they do! lol

2006-04-20 [It takes a disaster to learn a lesson]: hows every 1 ??

2006-04-20 [Love like Winter.]: Meh, alright... how's you?

2006-04-20 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: i'm alright...i took the picture of my ass off though , so if you want Erin you can add at the top that the nudity is just Curtis now:-P

2006-04-20 [Love like Winter.]: LMAO!! XD

2006-04-20 [It takes a disaster to learn a lesson]: lol am ok

2006-04-26 [Lord Sky_Elf]: lol yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i am the only nudist

2006-04-26 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: lmao

2006-04-27 [Lord Sky_Elf]: hehehe

2006-04-28 [Lust]: May be a dumb question.. But if you are still thin as a toof pick, but believe in it, and have curves, can you put your pic up?

2006-04-28 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: ummm i think the pictures are suppose to be for thicker people, but obviously not eveyone on here is that way, i mean you can be thin and have curves so i'm ok with it, you just gotta check with Erin

2006-04-28 [Lust]: If Erin reads this! Hmm.. I have huge thys! That must count... Well I think they are.. They like stick out half a mile!

2006-04-28 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: lol...well it's technically Erin's wiki i'm just co-owner of all this stuff, so yeah it's up to her...i say put up the picture and if she don't agree she can make me take it down cause i gave you permission lol

2006-04-28 [Love like Winter.]: lol, yesum. What she said... I practically let Jess run this place somethimes (and she does a damn good job at it too!)

2006-04-28 [Lust]: Lmao! Yeah your so buzy Erin! To buzy to even be my twin *tears*

2006-04-28 [Love like Winter.]: Now, who said that? :|

2006-04-29 [Lust]: Because you are o.O??

2006-04-29 [Love like Winter.]: I am not! :o

2006-04-29 [Lust]: To buzy for the mafia!!

2006-04-29 [Love like Winter.]: Hmmm, I havn't been involved in that as much as I should :S

2006-04-29 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: how dare you!!! *hides from the little sisters wrath*

2006-04-29 [Love like Winter.]: Mwahaha

2006-04-29 [James Von Fugger, King of the Zombies!]: gah! the most excellent curves are almost too much *bows down*

2006-04-29 [Lust]: O.o... MAFIA! The elfpack mafia needs attention.. Its liek almost.. DEAD!

2006-05-07 [Lord Sky_Elf]: i am skinny but i still have some curves. you just gotta look (when i have my cloths off)

2006-05-07 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: *shakes head*

2006-05-11 [Lord Sky_Elf]: hahaha

2006-06-07 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: *licks*

2006-06-22 [Air-inn]: so anyone can add a pic?

2006-06-22 [Love like Winter.]: Yup =)

2006-06-22 [Air-inn]: oh coolies! i will!

2006-06-22 [Love like Winter.]: Yay, awesome :)

2006-07-29 [soo_almighty]: gosh! all you people are teh hawtness!!!! *stares*

2006-08-03 [EmmaExCore.]: awwww you guys are all so beautiful!!! yay 4 yew!!!! *parties*

2006-08-23 [missyXrach♥]: i dont really have curves.. but im not stick thin and i wudnt want to be!

2006-08-23 [Love like Winter.]: Good one :)

2006-08-25 [missyXrach♥]: heehee :P

2006-08-25 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: i wouldn't wanna be stick thin either, it's so unattractive to me, and every guy i know

2006-08-25 [FireGypsy]: Im thin but healthy. I dont try to be though, and thats what makes be better than most skinny girls. I know that my metabolism will slow down someday, and I will start to gain weight, but it doesnt bother me.

2006-08-25 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: my metabolish went down in 5th grade -_- but i wasn't really over weight til highschool

2006-08-25 [FireGypsy]: I give myself about 3 years, and it will catch up to me. I might not gain a lot at first, but over time I will gain more and more weight.

2006-08-25 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: thats what happens to everyone unless they're uptight bitches and starve themselves

2006-08-25 [FireGypsy]: Yeah, I think thats just gross! I see some people and I just want to throw food at them, just hoping that maybe their hunger will overcome them, and they will throw themselves to the ground and eat! Its so rediculous! I love to eat! And I know that it will bring me to my doom lol!

2006-08-25 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: long as you are happy with yourself

2006-08-25 [Love like Winter.]: I'm not really happy with myself.. But I have bigger and more fufilling (and realistic) goals than being stick thin.

2006-08-25 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: haha me getting an education and not living off my parents til i can pay someone enough to marry me, and then live off of him the rest of my life

2006-08-25 [Love like Winter.]: Hehe, I plan to keep my schhol attendance up and hopfully get better grades. I know I can as long as I work for them (isn't self confidence a nice thing? :D).

2006-08-25 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: yes it is...and my problem is i just gotta make sure i have rides ^_^

2006-08-25 [Love like Winter.]: Shouldn't be too difficult... >,>

2006-08-25 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: it's not really

2006-08-25 [Love like Winter.]: ... aww, my gooey thingy is all covered in crap V,V

2006-08-25 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: what the fuckin hell 0_o

2006-08-25 [Love like Winter.]: ... I got some toy aquarium that had toy fishys in some blue goo... and I droped it on the floor and it got covered in hair and pencil sharpenings :(

2006-08-25 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: ewwy :\ i'm sorry sweety

2006-08-25 [Love like Winter.]: Its okay.. I picked them all off ^_^

(I've just realized how random that must have sounded to you >,>)

2006-09-01 [kittykittykitty]: "... aww, my gooey thingy is all covered in crap V,V" XD It did sound rather odd :P

2006-09-01 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: hehe

2006-09-01 [FireGypsy]: haha!

2006-09-01 [Love like Winter.]: ...good point!

2006-09-01 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: *dances*

2006-09-01 [FireGypsy]: *dances too*

2006-09-01 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: wppt!!!

2006-09-01 [FireGypsy]: ^-^

2006-09-15 [Cloud Natiion]: people who are so thin you can see their ribs make me feel like throwing up,wrapping it in tin-foil then eating it. i like curves better ^_^

2006-09-15 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: being that thin is very unhealthy anyways...being insanely overweight is too...but it's better to be a little overweight than it is to be underweight...

2006-09-15 [FireGypsy]: Technically im underweight (by like 5 poounds) according to weight calculators. But I cant gain nor lose weight, so my body must be happy with it I guess lol!

2006-09-16 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: well a few pounds either way is perfectly fine...but i'm sayin like extremes can be deadly

2006-09-17 [Cloud Natiion]: yeah, its like real dangerous to be either highly over or under weight i guess...

2006-09-17 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: yeah...both extremes you can die from

2006-09-20 [Asrun]: I must know where sinfully_sweet buys her bras! :O

2006-09-20 [Roxy {catalyst}]: boyfriend bought me that one...why?

2006-09-21 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: it accents your cleavage lol

2006-09-21 [Roxy {catalyst}]: lol..why thank you

2006-09-21 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: hey now i'm just stating the obvious hehe

2006-09-21 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: oh btw...anything thats a formed bra helps a little with that, and definately push up bras...they're pretty easy to find or atleast here they are, you just can't find really cute ones

2006-09-22 [DeeJay™]: *frantically scribbles this vital information* and where do you get these from??

2006-09-22 [Roxy {catalyst}]: lol...oh i found out where mine came from...mine came from palais royal

2006-09-22 [DeeJay™]: *scribbles* . . 'Y' 'A' 'L'. ok, back in a min :)

2006-09-22 [Roxy {catalyst}]: lol

2006-09-22 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: lol...most stores will have them, they all just fit differently...and the ones that normally fit me right...aren't i gotta deal with them either being slightly too tight or slightly too loose...i'd rather them be tight cause atleast my boobs don't slip slightly -_-

2006-09-22 [DeeJay™]: yea, mee tooo :(
i hate it when that happens :(

2006-09-22 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: thats the price of having big boobs...they sag way before anyone with a small chest...but lucky me...i barely ever go without a bra so mine don't as much as they normally

2006-09-22 [Roxy {catalyst}]: i know all about that a DD since i got pregnant...and getting bigger...and all the bras i find that fit are boreing lookin

2006-09-23 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: i hate the bigger cup bras have the 3 hooks in the back instead of 2...or the wider hard to wear something cute with a big ass strap

2006-09-24 [Roxy {catalyst}]: yea i know...its like wearing a life jacket under a tank top lol

2006-09-24 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: lol

2006-10-06 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: MY cousin is DD and she like...Always says she doesnt wear bras she wear parachutes or slingshots...rofl Shes funny ^^.

2006-10-06 [Asrun]: I was edging on a D a few years ago.. Then I lost weight and now I'm at a C. :I Straps are always too large for me. I lack shoulders. :/

2006-10-06 [Love like Winter.]: I'm becoming a D.. My C bras are too small :S. I don't wanna be a D though.. But its okay, my boobs are the only things that are getting bigger lol.

2006-10-07 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: lol...alot of my D's are too small for me

2006-10-07 [Love like Winter.]: Woah lol :P

2006-10-07 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: i know...and whats weird is i'm losing weight lol

2006-10-07 [Love like Winter.]: Same here! I'm getting slimmer on the waist and legs but my cup size is betting bigger! o,O

2006-10-07 [Roxy {catalyst}]: Im getting i guess that has something to do with the baby lol...

2006-10-07 [Love like Winter.]: Theres a difference bewtween "getting fat" and being pregnant :)

2006-10-07 [Asrun]: My friend is due Dec.18th She's HUGE! I saw her last night. She's the first of my friends to have a baby (can you say spoiled by all of us??). We're all so excited... Plus, another couple are now getting married, which makes two weedings...Gah.. Too many gifts. x_x

2006-10-07 [Dirty Lil Juggalette]: haha, my friend Sam was the first to have a baby out of all my friends...her baby is the cutest thing i've ever seen and that includes cuter than my niece...i don't like my niece very much though...i'm such a great aunt

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