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selfie ruiner

I wanted to have a cat selfie like the Commandaaa! Jazzy ain't as cute as her cat but still makes my selfies much more satisfying.

/ [Deg]

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2015-01-17 [Raiyr]: Your kitty looks much like my kitty

2015-01-17 [Deg]: Awwww! That's adorable. She's a good cat, really likes the cuddles, haha.

2015-01-17 [Raiyr]: Mine likes to cuddle but only on his terms. And he hates everyone except me. But sometimes he even hates me.

2015-01-17 [Deg]: Oh, jeez. She likes everyone, this cat. Gets annoying, frankly. She won't take no for an answer, she'll just keep coming back and fuzz-nosing you.

2015-01-17 [Raiyr]: Haha! We have a cat like that! My mom has to throw her to get her to stop being annoying.

2015-01-17 [Deg]: YES. That's how this cat is...And she comes RIGHT back. HAHA!

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