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The_Soulforged (Off Road photos)

Member #1237 created: 2004-10-19 19:44:44Simple URL:   

Name: Oktay Devekesen



Elfpack titles and orders

For my photos and photos I've taken you shall check Soulforged's Photos.

Our last off road practice has been photographed by a friend and now on show at Off Road photos


I generaly read all the description at the houses before messaging.
I suggest you the same. Belive me, this will save both or our time...


Anyone wants to have a conversation about music , mythology , art , literature or something creative should add me to thier list.But please no random people to random chat...

MSN   :

ICQ    : 59575284

Yahoo! :


To all who loves Gothic and Melodic Metal tunes...
I should strongly recommend you these bands :

Ashes You Leave , Funeral , Macbeth , After Forever , Epica ...

And you may also like :

Anathema , My Dying Bride , Lake of Tears , Eternal Tears of Sorrow , Nightwish ...

Answer these questions using song titles from only one band:

Ashes You Leave

* Describe yourself: And Thus You Poured Like Heaven Wept
* How do some people feel about you: Thorn of The Death Flower
* How do you feel about yourself: Drowing in My Dreams
* Describe your family: Never Again Alone In The Dark
* Where would you rather be: Amber Star
* Describe what you want to be: Your Divinity
* Describe how you live: Desperate Existence
* Describe who you love: The Passage Back To Life
* Describe who you hate: White Chains


A bad manuplation of our band in studio...


We have a melodic doom metal band... We named it as Spiritual Serenades

Here are some of my lyrics...


Everywhere was dark
Everyone was grey
Your shiny silver hand
On that day opened my grave

As my eyes comes to life
I saw an angel
You were standing there
Your eternal love was all I care

Obsessions of a fallen life fade away
Everything shining that was grey
Darkness of a lifetime fade away
On the day
That you opened my grave

Love forgotten long ago
Agony became my friend
Air was dark and cold
Only my tears should tell you
Tell you what my heart hold

I left all the pain behind
As peaceful darkness at our side
Your love warms my heart
In ever part of my life
Your little angels hide

We walk on our path
In a dark forest that was your past
Somethings should never be forgotten
As my love for you
Like your long lost soul

A shadow hand took you
You’re taken away from me
A dark cry echoes in the wind

I tried and failed to bring you back
An emptiness fills my soul
Now everything is black

Love forgotten long ago
Agony became my friend
Air was dark and cold
Only my tears should tell you
Tell you what my heart hold

My weeping soul drops blood tears
Echos of your voice in my head
Love is a scar on my lonely heart
I can’t survive this much
Songs of doom feasts upon my flesh
Angels fall as flowers die

Love forgotten long ago
Agony became my friend
Air was dark and cold
Only my tears should tell you
Tell you not anymore
‘cause the dead has no tears
Only the memmories of suffering

I always asked myself why
I write this song for you as I die...


Darkness of the past
Dying in my heart
Enlightened by her beauty
Stars shining with dignity

My tears will die by my hands
Maybe I’m not alone on this barren lands
Is it only my dreams
Will I ever find peace

With the full moon my cries lies
Your beauty , my sunrise
Golden arrow of love pierces my heart
A silver moon beam lightens my path

My soul marching to infinity
Enchanted by your crystal beauty
You’ve risen me again from ashes
Meaningless now all my wishes

Curtain of darkness falls down to sky
No more night to cry
Empty and cold lies my grave
Under wings of the bird of prey

Tale of a lifetime here ends
Where another one begins
Scars of the past deep
No more moment to bleed
True love this must be
A fairy cast down on me


Flowers blooming in the moonlight
Dancing in the full moon delight
Tears of love drops from his eyes
Now with a black rose he cries

Walking alone to a forest dark
Inside his chest a black heart
Cruel clouds roamşng in the nigt
No angels in his side

Stil talking words of love
Like a tormented soul
Brutilized in chaos
Stil having hopes of law

Rain of darkness falls
Memmories breaches his walls
Red blood drips form his hands
He’s heard the death calls

A soul in the forest fading
In the moment of his dying
For love his cries
He’ll be always there... the skies

I want to be there

Where my dreams will come true...


Never ending seek
For the perfect being
Never ending grief
Of an angel falling

Wash your hands away
Still you have
My dying heart
Last drops of my blood

Only the last hope standing still
Behind the rivers of tears
Inside the oceans agony
Wating for me...
To destroy me...

I still weep in your memory
No way out from my lair
I'm drowning in your beauty
In my oceans of tear

Tears dry and flowers die
Your shadow vanes
And memmories fall
Forever dreaming
Your warming soul
Now in my cold chest
Screaming in my dying core

No one can save me
From this pestilent grief
Notihng can stop me
Like you once did

I still weep in your memory
No way out from my lair
I'm drowning in your beauty
In my oceans of tears

Why still I cry
You are long gone from me
Never shall I feel you again
You’ve left me
I want lo know
Why still I die...

Thanks for reading all...

Age: 29Year of birth: 1984Month of birth: 4Day of birth: 23

Gender: male

What do you do?: Studying

Place of living: Turkey

Exact place of living: Izmir

Known languages

ICQ number: 59575284

Elfpack crew wannabe: No

heavy metaljazzopera
progressive metalrock

Other interests
poetrypoliticsrole playing

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: a little overweight

Height: 176

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