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sexy twisted kinky gothic stalker 666 (

Member #18570 created: 2005-05-21 17:44:23Simple URL:   

Name: Melissa AKA Crow


Pure uglyness


My lips are fucking awesome

Elfpack titles and orders
Crazy kid

God fucking damn, why the fuck does everyone fucking hate me...i'm the fucking out cast of fucking everything. this fucking pisses me fucking off! i'm gonna fucking disappear and no fucking one will notices i'm fucking gone. fuck all this shit everyone is fucking talking about, fuck the world, fuck everything, i'm not going to fucking change for any fucking one, no matter how fucking bad you fucking want me to, i'm fucking staying the fucking way i am, so back the fuck off, you mutha fuckers trying to fucking piss me off...
if you fucking didn't mean to fucking piss me off, well guess what you fucking pissed me fucking off, and i don't fucking care if you say your fucking sorry, cuz it's a bunch of fucking lies...and you people know who you are, that said and did what you did to me...i'm sorry i don't fucking change for any fucking one, not even for my fucking family, friends, boyfriend, gurlfriend, just random people...fucking leave me alone, i'm a fucking GOTH so leave me the fuck alone, if you want me to change, before you say you don't like my fucking style or your a fucking poser...
remember your fucking wasting 30 or 40 seconds of your own fucking time, and once you fucking say what you wanna fucking say remember i'm gonna make your fucking life a living think before you fucking talk or comment me!! THANK YOU!!

i am fun, i like to dance, hang around with friends, i like to go to parties, i love to walk around, go to the beach at night, and also love motorcycles, i love to skateboard!!! My fucking mom says i have a fucking cussing fucking problem i don't fucking think so do you? I am a fucking perv. so if you say sum thing that sounds wrong it will sound wrong to me so please watch what you say!!!5'6'', Blonde Hair, Brown Eyes, 108lbs, fit bod, and i am bi, so if you wanna talk to a bi chic talk to me!!

Favorite Type of People:
Bi or Gay 

My lil saying:

Tripp Pants: $59;
SlipKnot Shirt: $35;
Joe Boxers: $10
To see them all on my floor: Priceless

Bleeding Through
Avenged Sevenfold
From First to Last
Stone Sour
Rob Zombie
The White Stripes
My Dying Bride
Black Label Society
Arch Enemy
Wednesday 13
Marilyn Manson
System of a Down
Taking Back Sunday
Papa Roach
Green Day
Good Charlotte
Mindless Self Indulgence
Children Of Bodom
Cradle of filth
The 69 Eyes
The Offspring
3 Doors Down
Three Days Grace
Foo Fighters
New Found Glory
Drowning Pool
Linkin Park
Breaking Benjamin
Finger Eleven
Bowling for Soup
Blink 182
Sum 41
Limp Bizkit
The Postal Service
The Used
Simple Plan
Senses Fail
Matchbook Romance
The Killers
Bloodhound Gang
The Rolling Stones

If you wanna IM me:
AIM: SexyKinkyGoth69

Turn ons:
6 pack
rock hard abs
gothic (not preppy)
emos (depends)

Turn offs:
All jumpy and stuff
wanna bes
wanna be bisexuals

Favorite Cloths and Shoes:
Tripp NYC
Hot Topic
Van (shoes)
All Stars (shoes)

Smokes: Sometimes
Drink: Sometimes
Do Drugs: Sometimes

Things i like to do:
hang out
walk on the beach (at night)
make out

1. What is Goth?

~ Goth is very much like 70s Punk with a brain and good manners.
~ The label Goth itself is very much a discriptive reference to the literary genre and architectural style both of which characterize and evoke the mood and to a certain degree, mindset that is generally idealized by modern Goth as a cultural group.

2. How do I become Goth?

~ I hate to break it to you, but Goth is not something you can just learn. Gothic people grew up that way.
~ While some of these things can be learned over the course of years, most of it can only be emulated.

3. How do I know if I'm Goth?

~ If most (10 or more) of the following statements are true, it is VERY likely that you are Goth.
~ Say Yes or Say no to the Following

~ You feel the need to spend a lot of time creating things (music, art, poetry, philosophies, stories and the like)
~ Your creative efforts are often described as dark, shocking, scary, morbid or strange
~ You like museums and cultural centers
~ You understand and even enjoy Shakespeare, Shelley, Browning or some other similar work without having to read the Cliffe Notes
~ You know the difference between nihilism and existentialism, even if you don't really live by either
~ You really, truly enjoy music of many kinds
~ You are a very sensual person (aware of color, texture, sound, taste and scent)
~ You don't understand why the people around you spend so much time watching TV
~ You don't feel comfortable looking just like everyone else you know
~ You do feel comfortable just being yourself, even if no one else around is anything like you
~ You wonder "why" a lot, and come up with some interesting answers
~ You wonder "how" a lot, and often figure it out on your own
~ You don't just reject something because you don't understand it
~ You base your opinions of people on who they are and what they do rather than what they look like
~ You are not afraid of the unknown
~ You are not afraid of the dark
~ You are afraid of mediocrity
~ (oh yeah If the first statement is false, you aren't Goth., and you can't change your answer)

4. Laura Lemay says that to be Goth I have to be angsty and wear a lot of black. Is this true?

~ True Goth defies stereotyping and does not adhere to dress codes. Too much angst or other negative emotion stifles a person's ability to learn, think, and create.
~ Goths are psychologically pretty well-adjusted people.

~ Ten Gothic Stereotypes We All Love To Repeat~ 

~ All Goths must wear black. Color is not Goth.
~ Goth is a subculture based on a musical style.
~ All Goths listen to the same music.
~ All Goths are fixated on death.
~ All Goths drink a lot/do drugs.
~ Goth came from the hippie movement.
~ Goths don't laugh except to mock others.
~ Goths all have tattoos and piercings.
~ Goths always wear a lot of makeup.
~ Goth and Freak are interchangeable terms for the same culture.

~ I know that a lot of so-called "Goth" people accept these things to be facts.

5. All Goths must wear black. Color is not Goth.

~ What people fail to grasp is that most people on the Goth scene are either skin-Goths (poseurs), demi-Goths (people who might make fine Goths if they could just get over what other people thought of them) or second and third generation Goths who just honestly never had any contact with other Goths who knew what the movement is all about.
~ Goth is rabidly individualistic and we wear whatever we damn well please. Color is not an exception. You just don't recognize us when you see us outside of the stereotype.

6. All Goths listen to the same music.

~ Yah. Sure we do. Actually that's not highly likely. Even the skin-Goths have a semi-diverse musical taste
~ It is true of none of them, and is just as untrue for Goths. I won't waste any more breath on this one.

7. All Goths are fixated on death.

~ Okay people. Repeat after me: Goth is not about death.
~ Learn about symbolism and metaphor.
~ This stereotype is usually caused by being uneducated or ignorant. Goths are by and large more fixated on the concept of beauty as an abstract, creative endeavors
~ If you have a decent fine arts education, an ounce of perceptiveness and know the difference between a real Goth and a skin-Goth, you know that Goth, while often dark and eerie, is NOT obsessed with death. Regular American culture is.

8. All Goths drink a lot/do drugs.

~ Granted, most young people go through an experimental stage with sex and drugs, and the bulk of Goth is made up of young people
~ but let's face it, Goths don't do any more drugs than your average person.

9. Goth and Freak are interchangeable terms for the same culture.

~ This is ridiculous
~ is almost as silly as saying that grunge kids and rednecks are the same cultural group. Sure, there may be some similarities in the stereotypical outward appearance to the grossly unobservant or the painfully ignorant, but it is still radically untrue.
~ trying to impress your loser friends by pretending to be something exotic that you don't understand.


~ Goth is actually much more than the sum of its parts, and, depending on who you ask, you can get a bewildering array of contradictory answers, many of which are valid parts of a much larger subculture
~ It is more than a label or description. Goth is at once a lifestyle and a philosophy that has its roots firmly embedded both in the historical past and the present. 
~ As a lifestyle, Goth is as diversified as its adherents. There really is no true unifying stereotype or dress code as it were. Not all Goths are depressed, nor do they all wear black, listen to the same music, or employ the same modes of self-expression. This tends to make Goth-spotting a little tricky and creates part of the tangled confusion over what it is to begin with, but this diversity also is one of the defining factors. 
~ The modern stereotype of Goth is a twisted caricature of the more Dionysan faction that captures its decadence and tendency towards self-destruction while entirely missing its subtle artistry and depth, not to mention the entire point of Goth as a whole.
~ The New School's Goths they saw the new Goth as little more than a group of image driven drug addicts that had nothing better to offer than a dress code and a bad attitude.

This all came off the internet here are the 2 webs sites


I'm Hott!!

Yes this is my sexy stomach!! don't you just wanna touch it?

Pur Evilness!!

After a party (not sure which one)

Favorite Colors:
Black & Red
Black & Blue
Black & Lime Green

Favorite Cars:
Mustang GT
Honda Civic '98

i am deadly scared of clowns!!! :(

Favorite Movies:
Anything scary
IT (can't watch it)
Scary Movie 1, 2, and 3
Dawn of the Dead
Shawn of the Dead
Larry the Cable Guy

How i got my nick name: Crow
Cuz my ex (Joe) told everyone of my friends to call me Crow cuz he thought of a crow when he thought of me, cuz a crow is dark, ful of mystery, always wanting to be alone, and always with ther kind only!!!

This is my knife...the blade is 4 1/2 inches's fucking huge!!

If you take this tell me, and tell me who is messing with you, and what they are doing.

Gender: female

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: USA-Florida

Exact place of living: Hell ~devils daughter (me)~

Known languages
Sign LanguageEnglishSpanish

gothgrungeheavy metal
progressive metalpunkrock

Other interests
card gamescarschasing the preferred sex
role playingsmokingshopping

Civil status: strange

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: fit

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