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Name: Chris


it might not be worth chewing through the leather straps each morning, but finding who put me there means i can tie her up this time.


 probably the last time i ever update this page, but if your checkin it out you maybe proud to know this kid grew up to become an american soldier, thats me in the blue, and my boy thats already been in the army 1 year longer than me. make sure you keep livin your life everyday like your free, ill make sure to help keep you that way

Elfpack titles and orders
Drunk-assSex-monsterCrazy kid

and your inner dragon is a ....

Chaos Dragon

In the war between good and evil, your inner Dragon self is rotten with the stench of EVIL.
When it comes to the powers of Chaos vs. those of Law and Order, your inner dragon is a risk taker and answers to no one.
As far as magical tendancies, Your inner dragon has the ability to conquer the world of magic, but it will not be easy.
During combat situations, whether by spells or by claw, your inner dragon will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Dragon Description:
Chaos dragons are the unpredictable, violent dragons of the ever-changing plane of Limbo. They are an isolated branch of the lower planar dragons, being concerned with issues that no one has been able to understand.

Chaos dragons seem to exist just to perpetrate acts of chaos - destroying order where ever they find it. The chaos of the chaos dragons is colored by evil.

They are more than just chaotic; they are also violent, evil, and merciless. A chaos dragon rarely shows any emotion other than a wild, maniacal glee. In appearance, chaos dragons are unremarkable.Their scales are a dull gray color, and their eyes are a similar pale color. Of all the many types of dragons, they are one of the few without a magnificent appearance.

This Dragons favorite elements are: Mercury, Explosions, and Chaos

Find youre inner dragon at

[92% of the teenage population has moved on to rap. If you are part of the 8% that stayed with rock, put this in your profile]

Me, thats simple...well at least your sitting down.
Ive had one of those lives an emo would love to bitch about to the world, aint met many could outsmoke me, and not many that can outdrink me. I'm not like anyone u have ever met, or at least that i have, I care about few things in this world b/c unlike most I know in under a hundred years I wont be remembered for anything but what I leave my grandkids. I got a beautiful fiancee, a few great friends, and many not so much... some of the best roommates anyone ever could have, depending on the last time they got layed, and how much sleep they have had. One of the most openminded people you could ever meet, Im just looking for something I havent found yet. And that is no invite for anyone still proud of thier religion.

My interests lately have included, attempting t get back in shape through work and my new Sunday hobby HFS... Its a national thing, just not very well heard of, if you know of those people that make the well padded weapons then meet up and beat the hell out of eachother around youre area, I recommend going its good stress relief. I still handg with my good friend MJ from time to time, and dont drink like I used to at all, now I'm focusing more on trying to get in good with the lil company I work for so more o that money can float my way. Tryin to move out into a apartment, No I do not live at home with mommy and Daddy, I just dont have the luxury of livin wit my baby yet. Shes the single most important thing in my life right now, and for a long time yet, I'm quite sure of that. Other than that I play games simply b/c its the only thing to do in this house, the amount of systems here just for gaming mostly is pitiful, I'm also a fan of One Piece, its the only anime I watch avidly now, but mostly I'm just workin to better my living situation.

Music, nothing specific, long as Im rockin out wit muh cock out its all good, I should mention I live in Tx so Im not too worried about the cold. But aside that my favorite band is Seether, like the new, but I prefer the Disclaimer 2 cd. only one with my favorite song, Love Her... dedicated to someone Ive been missin for a long time now, hope I hear from you someday Carnage.

A lil insight to myself, I just thought this up:
Everyone in this world is like a beautiful rose, to most, overlooked, to many, admired from a distance... ,to those who would hold that beauty close, a thorn for the effort, and at most a future memory.

Age: 22Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 1Day of birth: 11

Gender: male

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: USA-Texas

Exact place of living: at a friends here lately

Known languages

alternativegothheavy metal
hip hopprogressive metalpunk

Other interests
beercard gamescars
chasing the preferred sexchesscooking

Civil status: strange

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: fit

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