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Kel's Baby

Member #23417 created: 2005-07-14 09:11:07Simple URL:   

Name: Latasha Nichole Roby


Me && my baby girl Grace


Me && my bestest Amanda

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Hey! Its Tasha here.

* I may not be the prettiest, most athletic, skinnest, and most popular. But hell, why be, when you can just be yourself.

* I love goin on country cruises listening to helps me realize some things in my life

* My family is crazy loud & totally out there, but I would be lost w.o them

* I'm scared to fall in love,
Scared to fall fast
Because every time I fall in love
It never seems to last.

* I'm sick of ♥ ...
the hook ups, the set ups,
the f*** ups,
the guy who only wants one thing,
the guy who doesn't know what he wants,
& the guy who does, but won't admit it.
I just want the real thing.

* I listen to music...
To get pumped
To get inspired
To heal my broken heart
To drown out the sound
To overpower the silence
To listen to music

* I learned that good-byes will always hurt. Pictures never replace having been there, memories good or bad will bring tears to your eyes & words can never replace those feelings.

* Sometimes, you're scared to let go of someone,
because you can't imagine him being with someone else.
And yes, it sounds selfish, but that's how our minds work.
What's the point of looking for someone new
when you know he's everything to you?
You know what I want?
What I really want is to wake up
and tell myself, "Hey, I'm okay. I'll be alright."
Being in love isn't what
makes me smile, it's who
I'm in love with that does.
I know exactly how that is. To love somebody who doesn't deserve it.
because they are all you have,
because any attention is better than no attention.
You make me sick.
I want you and I'm hating it.
One smile from him makes my 5 am wakeup, cold
shower, nothing to wear, no hairspray left, missed
the bus, late for class whole day worthwhile,
& there she goes again with her head in the clouds,
ignoring the drama & chasing her dreams,
because to her, reality is a stranger.

* People change so that you can learn to let go !

* && I'll continue to smile,
no matter how hurt I am.

When does the pain stop?
It seems like its never ending.
Why didnt I just call the cops?!
I need to stop pending...

The memories still haunt me every single day
He repeats he's sorry.
What am I supposed to do?
Just say that everything will be okay?

Thats what I would typically do
Always I would just run back to you...
But not this time
I am finally through!

But dont think my mind is over you
I still love him everyday
But I know the violence will only get worse
If I continue to stay.

* Im only pretty sure
that I cant take it anymore
before you take another swing...
-I wonder what we are fighting for?!
When I say out loud
-I wonder
Is there anything that Im really gonna miss?!

*There is an inner beauty about a woman
who believes in herelf,
*Who knows she is capable of anything
that she puts her mind to
*There is a beauty in the strengths && determination
-of a woman who follows her own path
*Who isnt thrown off by
obstacles along the way
*There is a beauty about a woman
whose confidence comes from experiences
*Who knows she can fall
pick herself up
&& Move on !!!

Age: 19

Gender: female

What do you do?: Working

Place of living: USA-Ohio

Exact place of living: C-Ville

Known languages

Elfpack crew wannabe: No

countryhip hoppop

Other interests
beercarscrime stories

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: big breasted

Height: 157

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