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Firey Snowflakes (<3 Panic! at the disco <3)

Member #24877 created: 2005-07-28 14:39:50Simple URL:   

Name: ♥KAYWEE♥ [read my description.. if yoo just say hey>< i will not answer]


ahhhh its panic! at the disco!.. Brendon urie <3.. so hawt
oo vampire teeth.. dun by me yay...
yay tis me i edited it a bit :P lol stars w00
me n chelz b4 afterdark it was a gr8 night :) shes on the left lookin like a wee angel:)


just a few more recent pics of me

Elfpack titles and orders
AdventurerCrazy kid


|{ ѕαy ιт }| kay ♥
|{ вιоωη оот }| 15 сαηđιεѕ ♥
|{ fειι fяом нεαvεη }| may 14th ♥
|{ ѕεεѕ fяоо }| Blue eyes ♥
|{ вяuѕнєѕ doωи }| blonde нαιя ♥
|{ ѕιgи }| taurus ♥
|{ ѕтαиdѕ αт }| 5'7" ♥
|{ ѕтαтuѕ }| ѕιηgιε ♥
|{ нoмє }| gιεηяoтнєѕ ♥
|{ colouя }| pink ♥
|{ ιоvε }| lιfε ♥
|{ doит єνα ]| lιє 2 мєн ♥
|{ ιd мιѕѕ ]| my friends ♥
|{ ιd dιє ωιfooт ]| my family ♥
|{ нαтє ]| The consept of time ♥
|{ luνєи' ]| мεн вεѕтεѕтѕ ♥
|{ тяєαт мєн ]| how i treat yoo ♥
|{ ѕмιlє ]| at every oppertunity ♥
|{ αlωαуѕ ]| live life to the fullest ♥
|{ иєνєя ]| See the down side ♥
~Smiled: a second ago
~Laughed: 3 seconds ago
~Cried: erm cant remember..
~Bought something: couple of days ago.
~Danced: Everyday
~Were sarcastic: 2day
~Kissed someone: erm no tht long ago
~Talked to an ex:like today
~Watched your favorite movie:cnt rememba ~Had a nightmare: cani mind

Things i h8 >=|
=| One word msgs.. like hi.. or even two.. whats up (><), If your goin to msg me.. say sumthing useful
=| ppl who ask to cyber NO I DO NOT CYBER YOO PERVZ!
=| Racist ppl
=| People who make it obv to the world that they are depressed (><)
=| People who think they are "it"
=| Guys/Gals that ave "sexy" or "cutie" in there name (><) its vain! (><)
=| Broken Hearts </3
=| Not Being in a good mood
=| school
=| Maths *YAWN*

[Things i wuvvles <3]
<3 Panic! at the disco♥
<3 Brendon Urie>>HAWT!♥
<3 Fall out Boy♥
<3 Lostprophets ♥
<3 Pete Wentz>>HAWT♥
<3 My phone♥
<3 My Straightners♥
<3 My Friends/Family
<3 Msn♥
<3 Havin Cred ♥
<3 Ice cream! YAY♥
<3 Shiny things ♥
<3 Art ♥
<3 Photos ♥
<img:> this is my wee munchkin cloud :) lol shes my bbf :) love ya hunni [Xx~chelz~xX]
<img:> [mwah! xXxX] lol:P[Bleedin 4 Her] he owns me on css i get sad:P lmaohes a really sound guy tho luv ya
<img:> my best m8 [Steph___x]luv ya hunni like a big sis lol weve been through lots...hehe bit too much lmao :)Shes nuts a right laf tho
[♥~xXmwahxX~!!♥] SaZ> [Cute But Evil] love u to hunni :) hehe shes so in love with paul its sooo cute hehe... shes crazy and speaks ur mind saywa u rocks:)

<img:> my crazy friend donna :) i can tlk to her about anything....she is a bit rude minded :P lol... [donna]
<img:> YAY!!! sawya!! omg yay!! shes so mad like me i wuvles her wots:) x x lool
<img:> muahha neneneXP so dont mess with me XP love ya huni :)
[x_Emii_x] this is a really nice lass... been tlkin to her a lot l8ly.. shes dead sweet :) luv yoo lots x

Age: 17Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 5Day of birth: 14

Gender: female

What do you do?: Studying

Place of living: United Kingdom-Scotland

Exact place of living: fife

Known languages

hip hopraprock

Other interests
chasing the preferred sexdancingdogs

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: thin

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