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Selina Black (<img:img/mood/1234_1115665724.jpg> Transforming to the real me)

Member #28797 created: 2005-09-22 06:48:24Simple URL:   

Name: Anja the Lycan Elven Princess

me O(^^)O when I graduated


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Sex-monsterCrazy kid

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To u all that i love...








happy Valentins day


cool peopel and pic's



Mary Mother of Christ







Moon Godess Diana

Fairy Queen Aine

--Name you use: Anja (i think!!!!!!!!)Na kidding I realy named that name!!
--Nicknames: Selina
--Birthday: 86/07/20
--Birthplace: Sweden...
--Current Location: Looking for apartment
--Eye colour: blue/green
--Hair colour: Brown
--Righty or lefty: Righty
--Your heritage: Swedish,Finnish-Russian... 
Your weakness: Chocolate,Love,Lonlyness
-- Your fears: not tellin’
-- Goal you'd like to achieve: marrying the man of my dreams or have a life full of adventure!!!!TRAVEL have my own company, own apartments and mor then one home cars and motorbikes/choppers!
-- Your thoughts first waking up: This is Beatifull day with new adventures 
-- Your best physical feature: My magical eyes,And the rest of me!
-- Your bedtime: ???
-- Drink: Xider, wite wine, fruit drinks, almost everything
-- Fast food joint:...umm....
-- Single or group dates: single
-- Adidas or Nike: non IT shall ne Convers or Dock Martins!!!
-- Chocolate or vanilla: CHOCOLATE!!!
-- Cappuccino or coffee: Coffelatte...
-- Smoke: NO no and NevA
-- Curse: not really um ok sometimes
-- Sing: Hellyea
-- Take a shower every day: Yea
-- Have a crush(es): yea happy yes....
-- Do you think you've been in love: Yes many times!!!
-- Like high school: umm just history class and art...
-- Want to get married: yes
-- Believe in yourself: yeah on occasions
-- Get motion sickness: sometimes
-- Think you're attractive: heaven god yea yes I am ;)
-- Think you're a health freak?: A bit..(o0,)
-- Get along with your parents: yea like house on fire sort of...

1) Dated one of your best friends: yes I had <img:mood-gif.gif>
2) Loved/Liked: yes
3) Cried:yes
4) Drank alcohol: yes
5) Done drugs: um well yea...(o0,)
6) Broken the law: depends on how u see it...EVERYONE DUS OK!!!
7) Broken a bone: yea 2 TIMES
8) Cheated on a test: yeah
9) Skinny dipped: yup many times ;)
10) Played Truth or Dare: yeah Duh!!!
11) Ridden in a fire truck: yup
12) Come close to dying: um...yea sorta three times...
13) burned yourself: well yea on a oven and at work...
14) Given someone a piggy back/shoulder ride: yeah my lill sis...
15) Eaten a worm/mud pie: no....
16) Stayed up till four on the phone: yes
17) Tipped over a port-a-potty:
18) Fell asleep while eating: No maybe ones!? :/
19) Met someone famous: Yes more then ones yay go mee!!!
20) Been in a school play: yes more then ones
21) Cried in public: yes ihave ones i think
22) Seen someone die:no..but if u don count animals or pets!!!
23) been in a fist fight: yes with my best friend...he is the one that I used to know lol weird huh!!
24) given someone a bruise: um yea sorta HELL YEA ;)
25) gotten a bruise: Lots of them!!! ;)
26) knocked somone out: No
27) been knocked out: nope well for cuting my slef on a knife...(oO,)
28) flipped any vehicles: no
29) cut someone: No
30) been cut: yeah..My own dum mistake
31) burnt any buildings down: NO
32) sex in public: Hmmm let me think....YUP YUP YUP
33) mooned someone: No
34) acted kidnapped in a car: No
35) flashed someone:NO well ok yea!!!
36) kissed an ass: NO! ;) OH YES I have!
37) blew something up: No
38) caught your yard on fire: nope
39) threw a firecracker at someone: NO
40) been in any wars: No...exept if u not count past life??
41) stayed up all night: yeah
42) slept all day: yeah
43) watched the sunrise: yeah
44) rode a motorcycle: Yea ones
45) driven a car: No
46) wrecked a car: no
47) gotten a tity twister: yes
48) given a tity twister: yes
49) posed for a nude pic: yes
50) been suspended: no
51) been expelled: no
52) been arrested: Nope
53) Been in jail: Nope
54) Watched the sun set: yes
55) Had Sex: Yea..lots

[1.Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. When and how did we meet?
4. Do you have a crush on me?
5. Would you kiss me?
6. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
7. Describe me in one word.
8. What was your first impression?
9. Do you still think that way about me now?
10. What reminds you of me?
11. If you could give me anything what would it be?
12. How well do you know me?
13. When's the last time you saw me?
14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
15. Did you message me just because of how i look?
16. If i had something stuck in my teeth would you tell me?
17. Do you cyber?
18. Do you smoke?
19. Could you keep a secret?
20. What's your fav color?
21. Would You ever date me?
22. would you ever fuck me?
23. Do you think im hott?
24. Are you going to put this on your house and see what I say about you?

~~~~~What Vampire Clan Do I Belong To~~~~

Aloof and animalistic, you belong to the Gangrel Clan. Closely associated with werewolves, you are the shapeshifting vampire. You prefer nature than to live in the city and prefer the company of animals than of humans. You are more known to keep to yourself then to help others. You are the lone wolf of the decendents of Caine.

~~~~~~~~~~The Gangrel~~~~~~~~~~

The Gangrel
Of all vampires, the Gangrel are perhaps closest to their inner nature. These nomadic loners spurn the constraints of society, preferring the comfort of the wilderness. How they avoid the wrath of the werewolves is unknown; perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the Gangrel are themselves shapeshifters. When a mortal speaks of a vampire changing into a wolf or a bat, she is probably speaking of a Gangrel. Like the Brujah, Gangrel are fierce warriors; unlike the Brujah, Gangrel ferocity does not stem from anarchic rage, but from animalistic instinct. Gangrel have a keen understanding of the Beast in their souls, and prefer to spend their nights in communion with the animals whom they so emulate.

Vampire the Masquerade is �2003 White Wolf Publishing Inc. All Rights Reserved

~~~~~What Vapire Caln Do You Belong To~~~~~

Kissing Language (yup, it's a language)
if a kiss is the Language of Love,
then we have a lot to talk about it...
methods of Love....

+kiss on the ear------"i'm horny"
+kiss on the cheek----"we're friends"
+kiss on the hand-----"i adore you"
+kiss on the neck------"we belong together"

+kiss on the shoulder-----"i want you"
+kiss on the lips------------"i love you" or "i want you"
+holding hands--------"we can learn to love each other"

+a wink-------------------"Let's get it on"
+slap on the butt----"thats mine"
+playing with the ear----"i can't live without you"

+holding on tight----"don't let go"
+looking into each other's eyes-----"let's get romantic"

+pulling hair on head----"tell me you love me"
+arms around the waist---"i love you too much to let go"


Hi to ya all...

Well I like to tell ya all a bit about my self...
Well I am a girl from Sweden tat is going my last year at upper secondary school so soon I am gona graduate and it is gona be bloody awesome!!!

Well now to the rest of my world and life...
As you all can se here on my site I am an big fan of the Buffy and Angel series!!!
Okiii I am a big fan of SPIKE to SPIKE SPIKE SPIKE!!!!


A song by ghost of the robot and James Marsters

you can find it here and listen to it!


I don't think you know my name
I think you'd leave me standing in the rain
You're a pretty little girl, got a thing for me
But you'd cut me open and let me bleed
But I'll be lookin' at you
With your long brown hair
Pretty little feet
Sparkling everywhere

You look so good
When you come my way
But I have to look down
When you talk to me

'Cause you're dangerous
And you don't even know it

One baby, two, maybe three more years
You'll be a full hot baby, have all your curves
And here's a little taste of irony
You'll be a too-hot baby, too good for me

But I'll be looking at you
With your long brown hair
Pretty little feet
Sparkling everywhere

You look so good
When you come my way
But I have to look down
When you talk to me

'Cause you're dangerous

And you don't even know it

So little baby, you better stay set
Play with fire when you get too wet
So set me down and leave me be
You'll get a devil when you unchain me

But I'll be looking at you
With your long brown hair
Pretty little feet
Sparkling everywhere

You look so good
When you come my way
But I have to look down
When you talk to me

'Cause you're dangerous
And you don't even know it

And more of my life!!!

And I am a fan of Green Day...
Hum what els is fun to know about me...
Well I love to travel meet new friens and be with my family and friends!!!
and shoping is one of my favrit things to do!! and see new movies,theater & musical´s...

that was a bit of my life!!!
wont to be my friend just say hi!!!

love to ya all kisses Frida AKA: Selina...

well as a extra fact
The name selina I made up for my own fantasy figure and she´s a real hero of mine!!

I´m graduated 15/6-06 yay!!!

If eny one thinks some of this things about me tell me!!!

Thanks [Monster Master]!


~Bide the Wiccan Law ye must,

In perfect love, in perfect trust.
Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill:

An harm none, do as thou will.
And ever mind the Rule of Three:

What ye send out comes back to thee.
Follow this with mind and heart,

And merry ye meet,
merry ye part,
and merry ye meet again.~

[.......... Du har en...............plats i mitt
.........hjärta, en plats.......fylld med både
.... glädje å smärta. Den delen kan du aldrig
.....ta ifrån mig, inte ens om någon annan
.....skulle få dig. Nej, dig kommer jag aldrig
........att glömma. I mitt hjärta ska jag dig
.........gömma. I ett hörn kommer du alltid
...........att finnas. För du är en människa
..............jag vill minnas. Tro det eller
..................ej, jag kommer alltid
............................att älska

♥ Kyss på handen - jag gillar dig..
♥ Kyss på kinden - jag vill vara mer än en vän..
♥ Kyss på halsen - jag vill ha dig..
♥ Kyss på läpparna - jag älskar dig..
♥ Kyss på öronen - jag leker bara..
♥ Kyss på ett annat ställe - kör hårt..
♥ Ser dig i ögonen - kyss mig..
♥ Leker med ditt hår - jag vill inte lämna dig..
♥ Har händerna runt din midja - jag älskar dig för mycket för att låta dig gå..

[.......... you are...................a aprt in my
.........heart,a place.........filled with bouth and pain that.....part can you never
......take away from me, not even if some one els
.......Would get you. NO, cus I will never forget for ever In my heart I shall ceep you
...........and hide you. In a corner you will
............alway stay. Becaus you are a human
.............I want to remeber. Belive it or not
.................I will always and forever mather what you


Age: 29Year of birth: 1986Month of birth: 7Day of birth: 20

Gender: female

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: Sweden-Småland

Exact place of living: Shibuya my fantesy land

Known languages

Elfpack crew wannabe: No

adult popalternativeblues
classicalcountryfolk music
gothheavy metalhouse
new ageoperapop
progressive metalpunkreggae

Other interests
boardgamesbookscard games
chasing the preferred sexcookingcrime stories
poetryrole playingsinging
snow scootersshoppingtheatre

Civil status: strange

Sexual preference: both sexes

Body shape: normal

Height: 167

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