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lex!!~land (;;love is a verb <3)

Member #48377 created: 2007-06-11 01:24:13Simple URL:   


~ <3


cuz i like to sparkle ;D and no. not in the gay edward cullen way. -_-

~ <3

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I won second place in Elfpack’s Miss World Contest.

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Crazy kid

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I survived December 21st, 2012!  


This is my pet: Cooks, The Black Cat
Giffie-Pet Store

I won 2nd in the Artist Award, Sept. 2011 and 2nd Best Friend Award December 2011.

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I have green eyes and black hair
and i stand at 5'4".

My hobbies consist of

drawing, dancing, singing, writing



i have a passion for art and a creative spark. my personality is not one of the dull fashion, for i have a very humorous and outgoing tomboy personality. i see nothing wrong in people (unless they cross me) and i dont take kindly to liars and assholes

["its not the hand that makes art, but the emotion that inspires it."]
~Alexis Danielle Miller

i'm currently involved and also recovering from a past relationship so think twice before flirting. i wont hesitate to knock you on your ass.


to most, i'm a laid back, calm and collected girl. to my REAL friends, i'm random, outgoing and spontaneous.


i'm my own person, not a fake. i'm not a soup can so dont ladle me. people say i'm down to earth, and i'd like to agree with that. i dont have a particular religion cuz i only have my own certain thoughts.
i hate fakes,
i hate back stabbers,


friends are denton, max, jordan, julie, brittany, devan, and selby, and sheldon, and last but not least, james. :)

I'm a religion unknown because i have my own beliefs and my own opinions.

 i am my on person. rather you like 
me or not, i dont care. i a bird 
as free as any other and i cant
 be held down. though i seem weak,
 you are mistake. i'm strong. i'm
 unbreakable. i'm Alexandra.


Bless the fall, blink182 bullet for
my valentine, coldplay, disturbed,
skillet, a skylit drive, Hikaru utada,
never shout never, flyleaf, paramore
korn, kiss, bon jovi, elvis, jerry lee
lewis, crash test dummies, pogo, avange
sevenfold, andy sixx, linkin park, slim
shady, drowning pool, saliva, eiko,
eminem, enya, enigma, evanescence,
flow rida, flowbots, foo fighters,
gorillas, green day, threedaysgrace

i like LONG COMMITTED relationships and hate liars. i only believe in love and nothing more :)
if i dont see a future in relationships, i move on. if its heading the wrong way, i turn it around.
nor do i use others or lead them on.
i'm straight forward and truthful so if you dont like the things i say, i'm sorry. :) [check out this site if you really wanna know me.]!count

i love everybody (doesnt mean i like them.
i'm a HUGE art fan
and i LOVE twislers :D

i'm currently in a relationship so please respect my [space bubble.] :)
i'm a very sweet person and, as my friends say, a good friend. i also love to help others the best way i can. i'm a seeker of a greater future so dont get in my way of my goals :D

i'm a daddys girls, clear as day. even if he screws up alot and has lost alot of my respect, hes still my daddy and i love him dearly. so keep your comments about my father to yourself unless your someone of importance to me :)
my momma is key inspiration. shes my drive in the art career. when i've fulfilled my goal, i'm going to make sure she gets a big house close to me with a view. she deserves nothing less then the best. :

heres another photo of my with my cross. for the record, [αℓℯϰḯ﹩~♥] is also me. and all the photos here are MINE not anyone elses. not fakes.


[hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]
i made a spot just for you because your my one true and longest best friend ever. Over the years and the tears, we've become the best of friends. practically sisters. your soooo special to me, dude. like.. out of everyone in this world, you've saved me from myself so many times and have really influence my life just as i have influenced yours. i can almost always count on you and though we've sorta lost contact, your still my number 1. you know EVERYTHING ABOUT ME.
so it would REEEALLY suck if we became enemies cuz like.. you've got some serious dirt on me XD
lol. but seriously.. i love you dude. your my best friend and i just want you to know that your beautiful. dont let anyone tell you any different.
guess what...?



"I am the author of my life. Unfortunately I'm writing in pen and I can't erase my mistakes..." - Alexis Miller

"Art doesnt come from the hands, but from the emotions." - Alexis Miller

"Keep a voldemort on hand when dealing with Unicorns." - Max Traylor

"I wont lie to you.. its not gonna be alright until your willing to MAKE it alright." - Alexis Miller.

"LEXXXXIIIII!" - Brittany Kendall

" mean my blood?"- me
" make things so complicated" - travis

you scared?

i love my friends;;

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Age: 18Year of birth: 1994Month of birth: 4Day of birth: 15

Gender: female

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: USA-Arkansas

Exact place of living: lexi-land

Known languages

Elfpack crew wannabe: Yes

housenew agepop

Other interests
dancingpoetryrole playing

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

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