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Welcome, Elfpacker, to the Giffie-Pet store!
We have fuzzy-wuzzies and creepy-crawlies galore--
Pets that crawl and some that soar!
This is a special place filled with magic and lore,
All bets are off when you walk through our door!
So come on in and have a look around,
You can even adopt from our Giffie-Pet Pound.
Just keep in mind that you can only choose one!
Make your choice wisely and when you're all done,
You'll have a special friend to show off to everyone!

Custom Poetry by [Deg]! Thanks to her!



This is the place to get your very own Giffie-Pet. You need to choose carefully as you can only have one to begin with! Think about the name you want to give it as it can't be changed without a Name Change Token from the Tog Shop.

If you don't see any here that you like, you might want to check the Giffie-Pet Pound as well, or wait for the next batch of pets to come from the Normal Pet Storehouse.

When you have chosen the pet you want, edit this page using the 'ADV EDIT' button to add your username link (your username in the [] tags) below the pet you'd like to adopt. Don't forget to add the name you want to give it.

Do not edit anything else! If a pet isn't in stock, you can't request it. If you are unsure about editing the wiki, make your request in the comment box.



Himalayan Cat

Siamese Cat

Basset Hound

Cute Red Fox
1) [lulu dinobot] Todd.
2) [AdamTheChespin] Tommy.

Grey Rat

Leopard Gecko

Milk Snake

Green Parakeet




Round Hermit Crab

Monarch Butterfly
1)[Hollylocks] ChickenPie


Killer Rabbit



Please be sure you have read Owning a Giffie-Pet before asking how to do something! If you still need help join the forum at <joinforum:195:pets> (Giffie-Pet Chat and Question Area)

The Giffie-Pet Staff are willing to answer your questions in the comments or forum if you need to know something that isn't covered in the wiki.



Store Update!

We're back open for business! Enjoy.


Giffie-Pet StoreGiffie-Pet PoundUnique Giffie-PetsOwning A Giffie-PetGiffie-Pet StaffGiffie Help

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2014-02-03 [I'm gone.]: Lol

2014-02-03 [lulu dinobot]: Guys. I name down to get a fox after i won the Halloween contest (additional giffie-pet was included with togs)

just wondering if im gonna get him :)

2014-02-03 [I'm gone.]: Well.. did u give her a name?

2014-02-03 [lulu dinobot]: Yes. Its under the "cute red fox"

2014-02-03 [I'm gone.]: Oh ok I didn't see that well hopefully u will get it soon and btw I don't work here and I want a giffie pet actually I have wanted 1 for months and I have been deciding which 1 to pick and what to name my pet

2014-02-03 [lulu dinobot]: I know you dont. Thats why i was hoping someone who could, could tell me what was happening.

I adopted first.

2014-02-03 [lulu dinobot]: Who does*

Too late at night!! Lol

2014-02-03 [I'm gone.]: Ya I see that apparently I mean like I would get a giffie pet but I am afraid that I will ruin the wiki by accident cause how u Need to put in ur user and the pet name

2014-02-03 [lulu dinobot]: Its not hard, just adv edit and put.your name and the name of the pet you want under it and save edit.

Its 11:38pm here but ive been up since 5:10am boking and running after a toddler. Pregnancy and a toddler are not a fun combo.

2014-02-03 [lulu dinobot]: Well toddlers in bed but i cant get comfy. The joys.

Hope ya get your giffie pet sorted :)

2014-02-05 [lulu dinobot]: Yahhh you made a choice :)

2014-02-06 [sammie h!]: [Stephen] or [kittykittykitty] do you want me to do the pets that are wanted? x

2014-02-06 [sammie h!]: If it was my choice I'd of done it as lulu knows, but I have to wait for confirmation first x

2014-02-07 [kittykittykitty]: Sure, go ahead sammie!

[I'm gone.] you added yourself to the list then removed yourself! :o Do you still want to adopt the cat? (if so, re-add yourself :D)

2014-02-07 [lulu dinobot]: Am i geting my fox :D

yahhh Todd.

2014-02-07 [sammie h!]: The Store will not be getting re - stocked until further notice.

2015-01-13 [Larova]: give me all the petses

2015-01-13 [Larova]: i own the petses

2015-12-27 [Enneigard Rebirth]: I'm not exactly sure how I got my Blue Gron. I think finding a secret link

2017-07-25 [Larova]: i owns all the petses

2017-07-25 [Larova]: gives me them

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