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StephlerDude (My hair has been pissing me off recently...)

Member #52017 created: 2008-05-28 05:36:18Simple URL:   

Name: Sean


I am not conceited, self centered or big headed. I just know my worth, and I refuse to waste time in life. No games, no problems.


So, ladies. Who wants to play Army? We can take turns.

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Crazy kid

Alright world. I'm back. Go on, nothing to see here. But since you're here, send a message. I know my ass ain't -that- ugly. And if you disagree, I want your mirror, you stuck up arrogant pricks.

Oh, and have a lovely day. Ass.

Addendum: Yes, if I know you go ahead and put me on your Yahoo list. If we've engaged in conversation before why the hell wouldn't I talk with you again? No be shy, people.

Addendum+: Yes. I have a webcam. Same rules as above apply.

Just so everyone knows, cool points aren't shit. Probably one of the dumbest things I have ever seen to either belittle or boost the ego of someone. Get a damn life.

Alright, You guys win. I doubt people even read this crap but here goes.

Title: Specialist Sean Maloney
Job: 2nd Platoon Senior Scout for A Troop 1-73 Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, United States Army.
Location: Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Official MOS: 19D1P - Airborne Cavalry Scout
Job Assignments: Tasked with standard duties of being a 19D, along with the required knowledge of firearms and vehicles, their maintenance and usage; train the FNGs.

Personal Statistics

Height/Weight: 5'8"/140 lbs
Hair/Eyes: Brown/Brown-Green
Frame: Small
Build: Fit
Piercings: 4 (taken out regularly)
Tattoos: 4
Marital Status: Divorced
Skin Tone/Tan Rating: Olive/Deep Medium
Ethnicity: Italian/Black Irish
Citizen: USA
Motto: Shyness is overrated.

"I just sent that bitch a smiley face. Bitches love smiley faces."
"I don't understand why someone would take 15 minutes to type some shit that they could say to someone in five seconds over the phone." - Ed Wuncsler and Gin Rummy; The Boondocks.

To clarify to those who message/get messaged by me. People ask me often why I say "love" when I speak to women. It's simple.For females it is "love" and for males it is "bro" or "brother". It implies a sense of comfort I have with the person. When I don't say it usually means I am pissed or I don't like you. It also implies respect toward the person. I don't think saying "bitch" to a woman you don't know, or that you respect for that matter, shows proper courtesy. I usually reserve the term "bitch" to these situations: Punk asses, ignorant people (to include women in some cases) or those acting like a bitch.
Unless you're a close friend and don't mind playing the insult game. It can be fun at times. Then it's gloves off. :D

Here's my belief on war, to those that are either for or against. The true reality is that when your way of life is threatened, and negotiating just can't seem to bring peace, defending yourself is the only option. I understand war is a tragedy of epic proportions, but until humanity evolves past their differences fighting for your beliefs is the only way to uphold them. And it doesn't fall on us. It falls on the others that disapprove of the way we choose to live and threaten those I care most dearly for. I have lost many comrades and close friends in war, they gave their lives so that I could continue to fight to keep their beliefs intact and see to it that people who hate war and stay as far from it as possible can continue to hate it (As they should) and not have to see the ugliness it truely is. I don't downplay your feelings on war, they aren't right, they aren't wrong, they are yours and I'll give my life to keep it that way. Just give a little consideration to those of us who fought and died to do so, please.
Here is a list of those friends we lost during OIF 4-6. As soon as I get a chance I'll be uploading the plaque we had made to commemorate their sacrifices so the rest of you don't have to worry about being hurt here on our home soil. Just take a moment to veiw and give a quiet prayer to the fallen and those that still fight.
We all want to come home too and the war to end, but if coming home means those we love get hurt, I would fight forever. For each of you.
SFC Keith A. Callahan
Arab Jabour

SPC Donovan D. Witham - Donny, We all miss you. Matt and Darren especially. It never should have gone down like that. We got them, brother.
Arab Jabour

SSG Sandy R. Britt
Arab Jabour

CPT Erick M. Foster - Still missing you, sir. Even from the dead you saved my ass.

SSG Andrew P. Nelson

CPL Ryan A. Woodward - I remember when your goofy ass came to the troop, you and Cam. You never stopped smiling. I miss you, Woody.

SGT Ricardo X. Rodriguez

SGT Bryan J. Tutten - Never did I meet a man who was so upbeat about a bad situation. You taught me much. I pray for your son and daughter, and I hope they are as proud of you as we are.

CPL Christopher J. West

CPL Miguel A. Baez

SGT John C. Osmolski

Rest in peace, brothers.
(The ones with comments next to them are the friends I had a close relationship with. The lack of comments on the others are no indication their sacrifices are any less important or painful.)

And [super beth 88] you are by far one of the greatest people I've ever met. I look forward to see what the future shows of you.

Age: 24Year of birth: 1985Month of birth: 8Day of birth: 30

Gender: male

What do you do?: Working

Place of living: USA-North Carolina

Exact place of living: Fort Bragg

Known languages

gothgrungeheavy metal
hip hopprogressive metalpunk

Other interests
card gamescarschasing the preferred sex

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: fit

Height: 179

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