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Dornhal Dragon (Such a childish place...)

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Name: Dornhal


Rune Dragon



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Anthropomorph(ic)/ anthro:

Anthropomorphism, a form of personification (applying human or animal qualities to inanimate objects) and similar to prosopopoeia (adopting the persona of another person), is the attribution of human characteristics and qualities to non-human beings, objects, or natural phenomena. Animals, forces of nature, and unseen or unknown authors of chance are frequent subjects of anthropomorphosis. The term comes from two Greek words, ανθρωπος (anthrōpos), meaning "human", and μορφη (morphē), meaning "shape" or "form". The suffix '-ism' originates from the morpheme '-isma' in the Greek language.

***For those that do not know***
I have a split personality, Dornhal and Grendel, both have been with me for a very long time.

Dornhal is my romantic wise side that most of you know.

Grendel is my twisted violent side that almost none of you know.

“You do not understand maggot, we are the superior species. We were one of the first species to ever come into existence, here when it all began. We belittle your kind in everything; A nose more sensitive then a wolf, eyes keener then an eagles, speed like a jungle cat, armor harder then steel, bodies with more strength then a dire bear, flames hotter then a blast furnace we can call upon at will, teeth like stiletto’s, claws like scimitars, a tail like a battering ram, and wings that carry us far past the clouds. We can live for hundreds of your flicker lives, see in total darkness, and sense your presence by merely being within a couple hundred feet. We are smarter, much more verile, and our wisdom makes your best and brightest look even more like the bastard spawn they are. And all that is not even magical...” –Dornhal; just before ending another paladins life.


Introduce yourself, I am very understanding, no difference in race, gender, sexual preferences, will make me dislike you. I judge people for who they are, not for things they cannot change.

  ~~Due to popular interest~~
  ****[Sexual preferences]****
All my sexual interests stem from my Draconic nature. Dragons, being the very sexual creatures they are, have so many more reasons to mate then human or many other creature do. These main reasons are:
1. No STD's
2. Ability to regulate birth cycles
3. Intellect
4. The vast majority are very attractive, even to non-Draconic species
5. Live for thousands of years, so you can have hundreds or thousands of mates in a lifetime.

These things all combined make for a very sexual creature. Species I have had experience with and enjoy mating with are:
Dragons or Half-Dragons
Various Serpents
Demons (Depends but most are good *wink wink*)
Anthro Unicorn
Some human females (Though I need to be very attracted to your personality first)

I am more then willing to try other species, but I will have to get to know them first.

 ******More about me********
If you haven't guessed, i'm absolutely fanatical about Dragons, and don't go 1 hour without thinking about them. But be warned, I am extremely touchy about them, and any images or descriptions of unavenged (as in they don't get revenge 10 fold) pain or death about them, makes me extremely angry, more then anything else in this world...

I have found that my fanaticism have made me act Draconic. I growl when angry or annoyed(seriously, I actually growl, and I get the same reaction from people every time;
"Did you just growl?!?!"
When I find something extremely attractive, I make an odd thrumming snarl, and clench my claws.

I can tolerate just about anything else though, Dornhal keeps a deadbolt on my anger, and have bestowed me with much more emotional control then most.

I love to laugh, and am a good natured person at heart, even though I wear all black and red(my favorite colors) I am very respectful, especially to the females, but most are to freaked out or afraid of me, I guess because I act so much like I do here in reality.

I am very understanding, and am a very good diplomat when helping people get over their problems, especially when the problem is with another person.


My scales are very soft and smooth, and also very warm. The are colored red(neon) and black(jet/pitch) and are...shiny for lack of a better word, with more red then black. For the most part, I am all black in the, "front" with red runes running down the top of my head and down the back of my neck, running all the way to my tail. The runes themselves are no more then a pattern of bloody lines, only a little thicker then blood vessels. The membrane of my wings is also red, with black bone structure. My size changes accordingly. I have a slim body, and move much like a cat, usually walking on 4 legs, and holding a certain elegance, (for lack of a more manly word). I also have alarmingly deep silver teeth and claws, both very metallic. Each paw has 4 fingers and a thumb that helps to keep my balance and give me the ability to grip things. My eyes are a shining emerald, showing deep wisdom, yet playfulness at the same time.
I am extremely skinny almost to the point of my ribs showing. The remaining mass is dense muscle.

I have ears, like a donkeys except relative to my body size,(whatever I want it to be)
Now most people think thats weird on a Dragon, but they are perfect on me, and show a wide range of emotions.

The only thing I wear in the way of clothing is a loin cloth, worthy of royalty, that goes down to my knees. It is adorned with Draconic symbols and runes. It is held on by a belt, the buckle of which is very large weighing about 5 pounds, and made out of Adamantine.

  [My lair]

Unlike the stereotypical cave most people imagine a Dragon to have, I live in an old Asian cultured abode. It is mostly polished wood, with rice paper walls and sliding doors. It is decorated throughout with statues and fountains, with exotic plants spread about. It is lit with enchanted lamps, which float near the ceiling, giving off a soft tannish light. In the middle is a large garden, brimming with vegetation that maintains itself. My bedroom is cozy and welcoming, with a large waterfall taking up an entire wall, and running into a shallow pool, which drains out by way of tiny rivers. These little rivers, only an inch or two across, run throughout the house, always making it smell crisp and fresh, and the sound of gentle running water is generous... The bed is nothing but a huge red velvet cushion, with plenty of room for 3-4. It has plenty of room for several creatures to stay, and their is no charge, as I just like the company, so come, and I shall let you choose your room.

This is the description of my room, if you get in to it, its taken directly from my story:

Oil lamps cast soft yellow light on the polished hardwood floors. The smell of the cherry blossoms was even strong here, intermingled with the smells of earth and wood and rain, it smelled like nature. He walked slowly inside, the door closed behind him with a soft click. He turned slowly around with wide eyes, marveling at everything laid out before him. Even with such intense planning, paper and ink never amounted to this, it was more then he dreamed of. Tears welled in his deep emerald eyes as he passed dreamily from room to room. He slid a rice paper door aside and immediately fell in love with his room. A natural waterfall from a nearby stream flowed and pattered on one side, taking up the entire wall. Huge crystal windows gave a disturbingly revealing look out onto the pond completely surrounded by cherry blossoms in full bloom. In the middle of the outlook of glass was a massive red velvet cushion, adorned with romantic draconic artistry. His claws softly clicked against the wood as he walked slowly toward it, kneeling to examine the pictures portrayed on his bed. Dragons flew and dived and curled around each other, some kissing passionately, their tongues and bodies gracefully entwined. Others were making what appeared to be very pleasurable love together.

   ------------------*[Dornhal Dragon]*-----------------

I suppose that Dornhal is my better side, he is my honor, my strategist, my protector, my ally, my friend, my tactition, my logic, my faith, my pain, my pleasure, my warmth, and my hatred.

He is also who I channel my feelings through, and my physical needs...

He is the embodiment of nearly everything good about me, except for maybe his lust, which he keeps under control, unless he is invoked to unleash it...
*evil grin*

****[Creatures that have touched my heart or otherwise]****

I see enemies as childish now, I use words to work out my problems

Dragons Harem


"To the Nice Guys"
To every guy that regrets hurting or losing her.
To every guy who knows which girl he wants.

To every guy that's said, "Sex can wait."

To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful." (instead of Damn ur hot!)

To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town (or across the state) to see her.

To every guy that gives flowers and a card when she is sick.

To every guy who has given her flowers just because.

To every guy that said he would die for her.

To every guy that really would.

To every guy that did what she wanted to do.

To every guy that cried in front of her.

To every guy that she cried in front of.

To every guy that holds hands with her.

To every guy that kisses her with meaning.

To every guy that hugs her when she's sad.

To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all.

To every guy who would give their jacket up for her.

To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe.

To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes.

To every guy that would give his seat up.

To every guy that just wants to cuddle.

To every guy that reassured her that she was beautiful no matter what.

To every guy who told his secrets to her.

To every guy that tried to show how much he cared through every word and every breath.

To every guy that thought maybe this could be the one.

To every guy that believed in her dreams.

To every guy that would have done anything so she could achieve them.

To every guy that never laughed at her when she told him her dreams.

To every guy that walked her to her car.

To every guy that wasn't just trying to get laid.

To every guy that gave his heart.

To every guy who prays that she is happy even if you are not with her.

Not many girls appreciate nice guys anymore... And because of this, there are not many left out there...

"Hello little one" -Dornhal

"At least I can take comfort in knowing that you were not the fattest maggot in the stagnant, festering gene pool of humanity." -Dornhal

"If you must contradict in the face of true wisdom, you have not thought about it long enough yet." -Dornhal

"Respect is earned not given" -unknown

"For Ponies!" -Richard

"And there was much rejoicing" -Monty Python

Upon his deathbed, Voltaire was asked by a priest to renounce Satan, he responded:
"Now now, this is not the time to be making enemies" -Voltaire

"O ya! Cuz, cuz, my dad could beat up your dad!" -Candycanes

This is the only poem I have ever written.


Machine has risen, your soul it will bind, it takes the form of things far worse then the nightmares in your mind.

It has no mercy and feels no pain, it follows no one, an eternal black flame.

If you scream as it rips into the flesh that it found, it will neither speed up, nor will it slow down.

Everyone will ignore your pitiful cry, the darkness is coming, its your time to die.

You were told to obey, but your mistake is done, your fate has been sealed, Machines will begun.

It cant be hurt and has no fear, it only grows stronger when you shed a tear.

It can never be stopped, its zeal for blood can’t be quenched, it will tear you open, your heart will be wrenched.

Its heart is a furnace, the eternal black flame, its claws will always dig deeper, the great Draconic reaper.

You should have listened, you should have cared, but you unleashed a Dragon with its fangs bared.

Your day has come, and end to your fun, a sickening death, Machines will be done.

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Civil status: single

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Body shape: very thin

Height: 189

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