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2007-07-21 04:55:45
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*Dance and Be Mine*'s Pictures

This is at the Huntington Library. It's so beautiful there.
I LOVE this statue. It's so elegant and graceful. Why can't people create things like that anymore?
My little cousin, Samuel. He's got chocolate on his face, haha. He's addicted to music now.
My cousin, Hannah. Poor thing, a cup of glass fell on her face and split her cheek right open. Blood was gushing out of her, it was pretty scary, but she's ok now, thank the Lord.
And this is my handsome Eli. He was the culpret for what happened to Hannah. Warning to all: Do not juggle glass!!!
Samuel hiding from the camera, surprisingly enough. He loves posing, hahaha. I bet a $1,000,000 that he's going to be a model when he grows up. That is if his wierd parents let him.
Sam being cute as always.
Me and Wendy at our Christmas banquet. 
This is Trent. He's so goofy!!!
My Beatle's obsessed friend, Marcos. Haha, you can tell by just looking at him that he should have been born 30 years ago.
Wendy and her crappy date. What a jerk.
My beautiful sister, Lindsay. Love you!!!
I love this picture of Jordan. She's so cute!!!!!
Kitty pretending to be asleep, haha.
Charlie, my fat, sweet dog. Everyone loves Charlie. He's just so irrestistable!!!!!!
And this is my psycho cat, Skittles. She's gross, but I love her, haha.

/ [*Dance and Be Mine*]

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2006-08-06 [BC boy]: cool :)

2006-08-06 [*Dance and Be Mine*]: Hehe, thank you!!

2006-08-07 [Evil lima-bean]: your dog is tooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!XD

2006-08-08 [*Dance and Be Mine*]: Hahaha, thank you!! Haha, he's sooo fat!!!

2007-02-07 [Mejaris]: i like the fluffy cat, he looks like my bro after he wakes up, with all that wild hair

2007-02-18 [*Dance and Be Mine*]: Haha, yeah, my cat can look pretty mangy.

2007-02-23 [CYewNextTues.]: kitty kitty kitty^^


2007-07-22 [Dr Optimist]: Nice pictures... you take most yourself?

and can you tell me how to make a picture page please!!! i need one so badly lols

2007-08-11 [pimpdaddypaul]: man i am gonna have to say it again... your gorgeous...

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