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2009-12-10 22:36:08
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2009-12-08 [Eternal Sunshine]: ?

2009-12-08 [ShanelleRenee]: nothing.

2009-12-08 [Eternal Sunshine]: this wiki is boring now.
it's lame and pointless.
i love the friends i have, but... this wiki has caused nothing but troubles lately... for not just me... but for others.
anyone who stays in here... by all means, message me. I love it... just...
shay... take me off the list. i really don't want to be on the list anymore.

2009-12-08 [ShanelleRenee]: okayy :'''(

2009-12-08 [Quo Vadis]: I with Rei on this. Could you take me off too?

2009-12-08 [Eternal Sunshine]: didn't have to ditch me as a friend shay...
but whatever... your loss.

2009-12-08 [ShanelleRenee]: Well i thought u wouldnt want to talk to me anymore so ..
since how this wiki is lame too .. so whatever.

2009-12-08 [Eternal Sunshine]: i never said that shay...
it's just... sittin' at a wiki where no one talks, nothing fun happens... everyone just argues all the time...
if you had contests... or good discussion topics or crap like that... might have been better.
never said you were lame. holy fuck... why do people always ALWAYS take things I say the wrong way!
Holy fuck Shay, I never EVER said you were lame! -.-

2009-12-08 [ShanelleRenee]: well i kno you didnt ..
i was calling myself lame..i mean someone as lame as me,, came up with this Lame...WIKI. So therefore im lame idk idc anymore im done with just guna keep to myself now.

2009-12-08 [Eternal Sunshine]: take it how you want shayy...
don't come crying when your attitude gets you in trouble. *officially gone*

2009-12-08 [ShanelleRenee]: whatever im not good enough as a friend anymore anyways..idgaf about me anymore..not even my loosing all my friends..idc fuck life. fuck everything.

2009-12-09 [ℭℎℯℓℓℯ ☠]: Ummm.

okay, just because the wiki is lame, doesn't make you lame. There is a completely difference. Honest to fucking god, I'm not trying to be a bitch, I'm just really sick of people's bullshit.

2009-12-12 [Ultimate Silentwarrior]: xD

2009-12-12 [ShanelleRenee]: idc anymore

2009-12-13 [Ultimate Silentwarrior]: xD

2010-01-03 [my nose]: can i talk in this wiki?

2010-01-05 [Mr. smiley bastard]: hello

2010-01-07 [ShanelleRenee]: Its not a wiki anymore.

2010-01-07 [Ultimate Silentwarrior]: it is.....just blank.....what did I say about young girls using word "sexy"?

Supposed to mean sexually attractive, however recently it has become a word of ambiguous
meaning that morons use when unable to think of a better adjective for something they like.

oh yeah that....

2010-04-21 [BARKS HAS BITE]: wow this wikki was still running last time i was on here how long ago was that!

2010-04-22 [Mr. smiley bastard]: hello

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