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An official Elfpack Page.

Harbringers are the Elfpack members that, in one way or another, contribute to the existence of the EP Independent. They're listed on this page, along with what they do.

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Lead Staff

The Obsessed [Orestez] - The Leader and Organizer of the Independent. He makes sure all the Harbringers are doing their assigned duties, appoints new Harbringers and retires those who are inactive or not working correctly.

Damned [Stephen] - Assistant Editor

Submission Review Staff

OPEN - Editorials Reviewer
OPEN - Artists Reviewer


If you have any questions, please message [Orestez] or ask in the comment box.


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2011-08-24 [Stephen]: Yay! Comic me! :)

2011-09-09 [EPI Newsroom]: <.<         >.>

2011-09-09 [Stephen]: Either Della is on EPI, or Glen is on it. o3o

2011-09-09 [EPI Newsroom]: I don't know what you mean Stephen. My name is EPI and I am the Elfpack Newsroom. I felt someone moving in my pages, it woke me up.

2011-09-09 [Stephen]: x)

Kaaay. What does the newsroom do? xD

2011-09-09 [De'ladrei]: Uho. You guys remember when we ordered a cake for the office party? Turns out Aperture Bakery was a lie...cake was delicious but uh...seems we got more than we bargained for when we left the cake in the Newsroom O_O

2011-09-09 [EPI Newsroom]: Why, I make the news of course. At least I assume that is what this hammer is for...

2011-09-09 [Stephen]: o3o

Cake? x)

Hammer! Smash things! -throws hammer at Della-

2011-09-09 [De'ladrei]: Wah! *ducks behind handily placed chest height wall* Okay who left the set from Gears of War in here?!

2011-09-09 [Stephen]: Damn, no fair! -snaps fingers- <img:an.gif>

2011-09-09 [EPI Newsroom]: Sorry, my bad. In your collective absence I began amusing myself by setting up the Newsroom as a testing area.

Be careful of that last step out of the area, it's a bit loose. And by loose I mean apt to plunge you twenty feet down to a fiery death. I've been busy you see, and lonely. So lonely.


2011-09-09 [Stephen]: o3o

Scary. *pats the poor neglected newsroom*

2011-11-25 [sammie h!]: OPEN - Editorials Reviewer
OPEN - Artists Reviewer

Oh.... never mind, don't want any trouble :)

2011-11-25 [sammie h!]: Not editable

2011-11-25 [sammie h!]: *[Stephen]

2011-11-26 [kittykittykitty]: You can edit comments, instead of posting 3 in 1 minute :P

2011-11-26 [Stephen]: The EPI is one of the restricted parts of Elfpack. =]

Talk to [Orestez] if you think this should be cult-edit, he's the boss here. ;-)

2011-11-26 [Orestez]: @stephen, leave it be, I'll get to this soon enough. More important things at the moment.

@sammie, if you can give me tangible reasoning and evidence why your opinion should be of value to me as a reviewer than I may consider granting your request. Fair warning though, my standards are high.

2012-01-30 [sammie h!]: I already no your standerds are high lol, so are mine

2012-01-30 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Raises hand. "Can I join?"

2012-01-31 [sammie h!]: lol

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